Chapter 776: 776

Chapter 776: Beginning Of The End

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Ming Guangruo and the grand elder were secretly sent by Yang Xi, except for the few people who participated and Yang Xi, no outsiders knew about it.

According to Yang Xi’s plan, if Yang Chen is found by the people he sent, there will only be one end, he will die on the spot. However, Yang Chen stood in front of him. From the general logic, this can only mean that Yang Chen did not meet Elder Ming and the others.

But, if he hadn’t met Elder Ming, how would Yang Chen know about them? This can only show that things have changed, and it is still in the direction that Yang Xi least expects.

One grand elder, plus four or five Dacheng stage elders, if such power is compromised, not to mention that Yang Xi is just a lackey, even his master, Young Sect Master Li Liheng, can’t afford such a big responsibility.

You know, Yang Xi sent Ming Guangruo and the others, but secretly, he did not inform Li Liheng, let alone the sect. It can be said that Ming Guangruo and the others came out for him at Yang Xi’s request, they had a private job.

If this matter is successful, it will be fine, failure will also damage the manpower, not to mention the current attitude of the sect towards Yang Chen, the loss of these masters alone is enough for the people in the punishment hall to crush Yang Xi.

What Yang Xi wants to do most now is not to show off his sense of superiority in front of Yang Chen, but to rush to the natal tablet hall immediately to see if Elder Ming and the others natal tablet are still there. Although the natal tablets of the grand elders have already been withdrawn, and the result cannot be known, but as long as the life and death of Elder Ming are known, the seriousness of the matter can be known.

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Looking at Yang Xi who left in a hurry, Yang Chen also had a playful smile on his face. Yang Xi’s appearance directly gave Yang Chen the opportunity to quietly bury a big bomb inside the Greatest Heaven Sect.

After Yang Chen sold the Demon Sealing Formation, all major sects basically set up this large formation in the mountain gate. Although everyone’s main purpose is to block the tribulation, the excellent protective ability of the demon sealing formation still makes cultivators talk about it.

If he wants to destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect, he must consider the Demon Sealing Formation. Obtaining the Demon Sealing Formation at that time was completely an accident. If Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace were to monopolize it, they would inevitably be suppressed by many big sects, so they could only sell the Demon Sealing Formation along the way.

But now the Demon Sealing Formation has become a protective umbrella of the Greatest Heaven Sect, if there is no other way, Yang Chen will break open the Demon Sealing Formation secretly when he has time. But no matter how secretive it is, there are always signs to follow, and people will know that Yang Chen is behind it, so there will be fewer opportunities to plot behind the scenes.

Yang Chen is not invincible, Yang Chen has a clear understanding of this. Against the number one faction of the dao sects with one person’s power, Yang Chen is still powerless. Even in the mortal world, it might be possible to have a happy relationship once, but what about after ascension? One must know that the biggest reliance of the Greatest Heaven Sect is still the Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Court, and Yang Chen’s ultimate goal is also that guy, so it is unwise to be exposed now.

It’s different with Yang Xi, especially when he knows that he can’t go out casually to survive the tribulation, Yang Xi will do everything possible to make the tribulation come. Yang Chen said long ago that the best way to deal with the Demon Sealing Formation is to break through from within, and Yang Xi fully possesses such conditions.

For Yang Xi, using the eyes of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation is an opportunity, but it is also a danger. If it is used well, Yang Xi can be said to be a test product for his young sect master, so that even after ascension, he can still eat and drink in the Profound Heaven Sect of the spiritual world. But if it is not used well, it is equivalent to directly betraying the sect and he will be chased and killed by the Profound Heaven Sect.

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Therefore, in order to avoid the worst result, Yang Xi will do everything possible to break the blockade of the demon sealing formation. Regarding this point, Yang Chen never doubted it. In his previous life, Yang Xi had always played with the Greatest Heaven Sect up and down with great enjoyment.

This is simply Yang Chen’s natural assistant, and it will attract all the attention and bear all the responsibility for the destruction of the demon sealing formation. Yang Chen could even help him secretly. Presumably the Greatest Heaven Sect will be very beautiful at that time.

The trip to the Greatest Heaven Sect was successfully completed, and Yang Chen left satisfied and rushed back to the Pure Yang Palace. At this time, Yang Xi has already rushed to natal tablet hall.

“Director Yang? Why are you free to come over today?” Seeing Yang Xi’s hurried figure, the rotating disciples of the hall greeted him with nodding and bowing graciously.

“Find Elder Ming Guang’s natal tablet for me right away!” Yang Xi commanded with a calm face, not caring about being entangled with an ordinary disciple.

“Ok! Manager Yang, wait a minute!” Seeing Yang Xi’s unkind expression, the disciples on duty didn’t dare to say anything more, so they hurriedly agreed, and then quickly found Ming Guangruo’s one among the thousands of natal tablets.

Looking at the natal tablet of Elder Ming intact, Yang Xi let out a long breath, and the heart hanging in his throat fell back into his stomach. Fortunately, Elder Ming is fine. That guy Yang Chen was bluffing, thinking how powerful he really is, he was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat.

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Now that the rain is over and the sky is clear, if Elder Ming is fine, then Yang Chen will be the one who has something to do next. It is estimated that Tao Junqi met Elder Ming and the others, and she was about to ascend so Elder Ming, Elder Liu, and the others were too embarrassed to fight against her.

After trying to understand this truth, that bright smile appeared on Yang Xi’s face again. Yang Xi’s smile reassured the rotating disciples who were watching. It seems that this is another small flattery to Steward Yang. As long as Director Yang is always in a good mood, the benefits will definitely be indispensable if the young sect master takes over the sect in the future.

After giving the rotating disciples a look of satisfaction, Yang Xi left the hall slowly, completely different from her hurried appearance before.

However, Yang Xi, who seemed to be calm, had already started another uproar in his heart. Yang Chen is right, if he doesn’t break the demon sealing formation, what would he do?

Using that special formation eye will definitely cause serious consequences. Although he can use the excuse that he was conducting experiments for the young sect master, the premise is that the young sect master has no way to refute, that is to say, at that time, Li Liheng will have to die.

Even if Yang Xi wants to explain, he can only go to the spiritual world to explain. Otherwise, inside the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would be killed on the spot by the furious elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Therefore, it is impossible for Yang Xi to ask the sect to let him pass the tribulation quietly and ascend.

For the present plan, it seems that the only way to solve it is to find a way to break the demon sealing formation. It seems that Yang Chen said that if he wanted to break the demon sealing formation, he had no other way but to attack from both inside.

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