Chapter 775: 775

Chapter 775: Reminder To Yang Xi

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“Grandmaster Yang, I hope you came here without any problems!” After hundreds of years of not seeing each other, Yang Xi looked more and more happy, but no matter how you listen to this greeting, it seems that he said it with his back molars gritted.

“Thanks to Young master Yang, I’ve been doing well these years.” Yang Chen replied with a smile, as if he didn’t feel the hatred in Yang Xi’s tone at all.

“It’s good, if you’re not in good condition when I want to attack one day, I won’t be able to feel the taste carefully.” Yang Xi kept that kind of smile on his face, chatting with Yang Chen like a close friend with the same expression, if you don’t listen to what he said, from a distance, this was definitely like two friends chatting intimately.

“It seems that your reward outside is a little low.” How could Yang Chen show weakness verbally, his eyes became more crooked with a smile, and he replied casually “Well, I will add ten third grade questioning inner heart pills when I turn around, let’s see if there anyone interested? If you don’t want to die, just hide in your doghouse honestly and never come out.”

This reward directly shocked Yang Xi, even though Yang Xi is now proud of himself and is the number one dog beside the Young sect master, almost everyone in the Greatest Heaven Sect will call him Director Yang, but Yang Chen’s reward still terrified him.

The second grade questioning inner heart pills has already attracted a lot of Dacheng stage masters, so the third grade questioning inner heart pills doesn’t need to be asked. Not to mention outsiders, even if they are inside the Greatest Heaven Sect, there will definitely be countless people who are tempted.

Between a young sect master’s dog and ten third grade questioning inner heart pills, those masters at the Dacheng stage would definitely choose the questioning inner heart pills without hesitation. A junior in Yuanying stage, who is not a genius disciple who reached this level by sending his sister to the young sect master in exchange for the opportunity. If this kind of person dies, who would care?

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Not to mention these Dacheng stage masters, even Li Liheng would never care. In the past, Yang Xi was used by him to manage the cauldrons of the Free Demon Heart Sutra, but now he has enough cauldrons for the Free Demon Heart Sutra, and has a sufficient foundation for his cultivation. There is really no difference whether Yang Xi is there or not. 

If Li Liheng knew that Yang Chen was offering a reward of ten third grade questioning inner heart pills. Maybe he would directly kill Yang Xi himself to receive the reward.

Yang Chen only used one sentence, which made Yang Xi break out in cold sweat. Over the years, Yang Chen has continuously increased his rewards. Although no one dared to provoke him in the sect, Yang Xi never dared to go out easily when he was alone. Even if they went out, they would be accompanied by a large number of experts, he was trapped to death by Yang Chen.

Especially in the past two hundred years. The Greatest Heaven Sect’s attitude towards Yang Chen has changed from resisting the assassination to attracting cooperation. Apart from secretly attacking, it is impossible for Yang Xi to deal with Yang Chen openly. This feeling made Yang Xi feel even more uncomfortable. Whenever he thought of Yang Chen, he would always grit his teeth.

Now Yang Chen used such a method to threaten Yang Xi again, if it was tolerable, what can’t be tolerated? Yang Xi has endured it for hundreds of years, and he doesn’t want to bear it anymore. The Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation has been fully opened. As long as he find a good opportunity, he can easily break through the Dacheng stage and ascend. Where will there be something about Yang Chen?

Yang Xi calculated very well, he will wait until then. Yang Chen will definitely become his scapegoat for killing Li Liheng. When Yang Chen was hunted down by people all over the mortal world, Yang Xi will take his sister to the spiritual world while countless people were stunned. 

What he is most proud of is this, Yang Xi knows the news from Li Liheng’s mouth, no one knows about the special formation eye, he can enjoy it in the sect without any risk.

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“When I ascend one day, I will definitely offer you a stick of incense when I reach the spiritual world.” Thinking of this, Yang Xi’s back also straightened up. If he doesn’t go out, is there really someone who dares to rush into the Greatest Heaven Sect to attack him? Even if there is, can these guys still break through the demon sealing formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect?

“Thanks to Grandmaster Yang, the Greatest Heaven Sect bought a demon sealing formation.” Yang Xi said triumphantly, “Even if someone wants to do something, as long as I don’t go out, who can do anything to me?”

Yang Xi had no choice but to have the Demon Sealing Formation, and everything would be fine, especially since Yang Chen sold the Demon Sealing Formation, which made the conversation between the two of them look like a cycle of karmic retribution.

Of course, Yang Xi’s self-confidence cannot last for a long time, perhaps, the arrangement to kill Li Liheng must be implemented in advance. Every time he meets Yang Chen, nothing good happens, and even his own arrangements are interrupted. From this point of view, it can be said that every time Yang Chen is deliberately ruining Yang Xi’s good things.

“Oh?” Yang Chen was a little surprised, as if he didn’t believe it, and at the same time, he still had a kind of joke in his mind. After looking up and down Yang Xi for a long time, he suddenly smiled and said, “You even have a sect?” You don’t even dare to come out of the demon sealing formation, do you really think that the tribulation will come to you through the demon sealing formation?”

As soon as Yang Chen’s words came out, Yang Xi, who was laughing triumphantly, felt as if his neck was suddenly strangled, and suddenly let out an “uh” sound, and couldn’t say a word anymore. Yang Xi’s plan seems to be comprehensive, but with all the secrets, he even forgot that he was unable to attract the tribulation in the demon sealing formation.

Without a tribulation, naturally there would be no ascending. Everything Yang Xi said was nothing but a mirage. No matter how miraculous the formation eyes of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation are, it is impossible for Yang Xi to ascend without surviving the tribulation.

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“A few small things, don’t worry about it!” Although he was frightened in his heart, Yang Xi didn’t show anything on his face, he just replied indifferently: “Grandmaster Yang is well, I will not send you off!”

Seeing Yang Xi’s dead duck-mouthed performance, Yang Chen almost wanted to laugh out loud. He was still worried before, how to break through the demon sealing formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and whether it is necessary to expose his weapons, but now it seems that it is completely unnecessary.

Among other things, Yang Xi alone can turn the Greatest Heaven Sect upside down for himself. Maybe, in the future, the collapse of the Greatest Heaven Sect will depend on Yang Xi’s performance. How can Yang Chen not look forward to it more and more?

“Let’s go slowly!” Yang Xi said goodbye with a cold smile, and muttered in a low voice: “You are lucky, I didn’t kill you this time.”

“Hold on!” Yang Chen also responded hypocritically, and replied in a low voice with a smile: “It’s not very lucky, otherwise, why didn’t I meet Elder Ming, Elder Liu, etc.” While talking, Yang Chen had already left here with strides, leaving behind only a series of haha.

However, the laughter stopped in Yang Xi’s ears like a death knell. How did Yang Chen know about Elder Ming and Elder Liu?


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