Chapter 774: 774

Chapter 774: Meeting Yang Xi

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Within the domain of the Greatest Heaven Sect, especially within this core area, the concentration of spiritual power was simply beyond imagination.

This level of spiritual power cannot be concealed even by the Greatest Heaven Sect. For this, the Greatest Heaven Sect can only use a secret spiritual power compression formation of the sect to explain it.

At the time when the grand Elders began to cultivate crazily and needed a lot of spiritual power, although the major sects were not yet stretched, they took good care of the grand Elders of their respective sects, and they all did their best efforts to meet their needs, a variety of methods emerged endlessly. It is not unacceptable for the Greatest Heaven Sect to use this statement to cover up.

For Yang Chen, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s current attitude is to win him over as much as possible. With Tao Junqi’s relationship, Yang Chen took the opportunity to cooperate with them, and the two sides maintained a state of friendship.

Yang Chen’s hatred for the Greatest Heaven Sect has never been revealed externally, and the Greatest Heaven Sect seem to have forgotten the various quarrels between the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect when they attacked Yang Chen in the past. From the Greatest Heaven Sect’s point of view, this is Yang Chen’s understanding of current affairs.

Since Yang Chen is so self-conscious about current affairs, the Greatest Heaven Sect will not take the initiative to bring up those unpleasant things. The two sides tacitly formed a situation of letting go of the past, seeking common ground while reserving minor differences, and aiming at a higher level together. After all, life still has to go on, right?

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After the grand reception, Yang Chen was also allowed to go to Tao Junqi’s original Immortal cave, give some benefits to the servants who had been serving Tao Junqi, and dismiss them. Tao Junqi has already ascended, so it is naturally impossible to take them with her. Yang Chen’s move can be considered as a solution for his woman’s worries.

In addition to arranging for the servants, Tao Junqi’s personal belongings left in the sect can also be taken away by Yang Chen in a legitimate manner, and no one has any objections. In addition, Yang Chen didn’t forget to visit some of Tao Junqi’s sect friends, and by the way, sent them a second grade Inner sensing pill as a gift. Yang Chen’s generosity also attracted the praise of these people.

These things were not aboveboard, except for a disciple who is responsible for guiding and following the whole process, no one else payed attention. Of course, Yang Chen doesn’t care how many people are watching secretly, he has to go around the inside of the Greatest Heaven Sect now, in order to be able to investigate more about the situation of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation. 

After several days of mopping up after Tao Junqi, no one from the Greatest Heaven Sect suspected it. After a few days, it was enough for Yang Chen to have a good understanding of the situation of the formation.

Yang Chen taught Li Liheng the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation, and no one knows it better than Yang Chen. For a long time, Yang Chen gave people the impression of a great master of alchemy, the only fifth-grade alchemist in the mortal world, others never knew that Yang Chen was also a master of formations.

Yang Chen has never shown his talent in formations in front of outsiders. Even if formations were used to break formations in the Stairway Illusion, those advanced formations only used one of the ten golden formations. His master was stumped, and they had never seen the follow-up things at all. Even Gongsun Ling only knew that Yang Chen had entered several complex formations, but did not know Yang Chen’s attainments in formations.

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  Even if he is not particularly specialized in formation, Yang Chen Great Lou Golden Immortals’s knowledge is more than enough for everyone to act as a formation expert in the mortal world and the spiritual world. The Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation was originally a formation in the spiritual world, and Yang Chen even saw the formation in the spiritual world with his own eyes, so Yang Chen knew the current state of the formation.

The Greatest Heaven Sect definitely spent a lot of resources. He don’t know where they arranged the scope of the formation. Anyway, according to Yang Chen’s estimate, it is absolutely impossible for the Dao sect’s territory to make the spiritual power so strong. It is very likely that the Greatest Heaven Sect has already included the scope of the formation on the territory of the monster race and the Demon Sect, and may even expand it to overseas.

For Yang Chen, the bigger the scope of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s formation, the more satisfied Yang Chen would be. This also means that the more people the Greatest Heaven Sect  will offend in the future, the more enemies there will be.

The current Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation has reached the point where it is fully formed. Fully formed not only includes the complete layout of the formation, but also indicates that the absorption of spiritual power has reached a sufficient level to activate the special formation eye. It’s just that no one has started it yet.

The Greatest Heaven Sect really did a solid job. From the moment Yang Chen handed over the formation to Li Liheng, basically no time was wasted, and it completely met Yang Chen’s expectations. Next, he will wait for a certain fuse to be ignited, and then the Greatest Heaven Sect will become the target of public criticism.

Yang Chen looked at all this with great satisfaction, and then left the Greatest Heaven Sect with alacrity. Before leaving, Yang Chen showed enough respect for the Greatest Heaven Sect. He walked from Tao Junqi’s Immortal cave where he lived to the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

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This action made the core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect nod their heads frequently. In their minds, Yang Chen must have been influenced by Tao Junqi, and he also knew the hidden strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, so he made such a performance that seemed to bow his head.

Little did they know that Yang Chen’s act beyond politeness and respect was just a silent mourning for the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect. When Yang Chen was acting as the executioner himself, he had to say once before beheading the murderer that he was wronged and the debtor was right. Later, when he killed someone, it became a habit. The current ones are nothing but mantras that have changed their taste. Death is the most important thing for people, so what’s the point of giving them a little more respect before dying?

During the days when Yang Chen lingered in the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen never saw Li Liheng. He once pretended to inadvertently ask one of Tao Junqi’s servants, and the news he got was that the young sect master hadn’t shown up for a long time, and it was said that he had been concentrating on cultivation.

Yang Chen was very satisfied with Li Liheng’s diligent cultivation, because Li Liheng’s assiduous cultivation was not his spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, but the Free Demon Heart Sutra. The mentality of the Demon Sect is by no means so easy to get rid of, the more you cultivate, the more you will become addicted, Yang Chen knows it clearly.

Having never met Li Liheng, Yang Chen naturally had no chance to meet Yang Xi. Based on Yang Chen’s understanding of Yang Xi, this former village partner and current life-and-death enemy must also be working hard to accompany the young sect master in his cultivation, quietly waiting for his opportunity to come.

Just when Yang Chen thought that he would not see Yang Xi during his trip to the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Xi himself appeared in front of Yang Chen. Just when Yang Chen was about to reach the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen saw Yang Xi’s figure.

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The current Yang Xi doesn’t have the same decadence as before, he was full of high-spirited appearance, facing the wind with a jade tree, a feather fan and a scarf, standing quietly on the road that Yang Chen was going to pass, waiting for Yang Chen with a smile.


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