TSBFL Chapter 57.2: 

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Chapter 57.2: 打脸 [Faceslapping]


Qiu Jiu glanced at his own young master, whose face hadn’t changed, and then looked at the man who had already come closer, he hesitated for a while whether to retreat or not. Since his family’s young master had said it like that, he believed that his young master must have a solution.


Liao Hui very angrily came to Gu Lang’s front, pulled his collar and arrogantly said, “You look very arrogant ah!”


The crowd that had been spectating at this moment watched his actions and sucked in a breath of cool air, muttering nonstop:


“I told you, he definitely won’t have a good ending after messing with this little bully!”


“That’s right, look at the beating he’s about to receive!”

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“Oh my god, I can’t even bear to watch.”



“What the hell is he thinking? Can’t he just give in?”


Gu Lang, who was in the center of the storm, was not as flustered as the onlookers imagined. His face didn’t even change a bit as he looked at the man who grabbed his collar, and seemed to be a bit puzzled as he asked, “What is this Gongzi trying to do?”


Liao Hui looked at the calmness on Gu Lang’s face and gritted his teeth to the point of cackling. If just now, he grabbed his collar, it was only because he was too angry and wanted to scare him. Then, he was really trying to hit him now when he looked at Gu Lang who was staring at him as if he was mocking him.


Gu Lang’s collar was gripped by him, the expression on his face didn’t change in any way. His line of sight descended downward onto Liao Hui’s clenched fists and he asked lightly, “You want to beat me up?”

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Liao Hui swung his fist, like he was about to follow through on Gu Lang’s words.


Gu Lang, however, was not afraid, and his face, which had been devoid of much emotion, finally revealed a sarcastic arc as he said in a low voice, “Does your uncle know about all the things you’ve been doing outside?”


Liao Hui’s face changed, his anger receding a little.


Gu Lang looked at him. The coldness at the corner of his mouth deepened a few points, “You’re just relying on the fact that your uncle is too busy with his official duties and has time to care about you, so you’re acting up outside under his false pretense.”


Liao Hui’s grip on his collar loosened a few points, but he still braced himself and said,”If you talk any more nonsense, do you believe that I’ll get you killed?!”

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The mockery in Gu Lang’s eyes intensified as he looked at him and continued, “Do you know what my status is?”


Liao Hui, who was already a bit flustered, heard his words and immediately interjected, “What is your status?”


“I am ‘jǔ rén’.” After Gu Lang finished speaking, in Liao Hui’s incredulous eyes, he continued, “If you dare to touch one of my fingers today, I will definitely go to the Yamen and report to the court. Let’s see if your uncle will help you or me, then.”


As soon as Gu Lang’s words left his mouth, Liao Hui’s grip on his hand completely loosened.


The new emperor of this dynasty emphasized literature over martial arts [Zhòng wén qīng wǔ /重文轻武: to value letters and belittle arms (idiom); to stress civil matters and neglect the military / to prefer the pen to the sword]. His time on the throne was still short, and he was in desperate need of people with real skills to help build the country. Therefore, the examination process is also more stricter than ever, even tóng shēng level also selected from thousand, not to mention a higher level than tóng shēng [童生: a candidate who has not yet passed the county level imperial exam], that is further up the walk will be able to become an official.

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If he let his uncle know that he was not only bullying people outside, but also bullying ‘jǔ rén’, Liao Hui simply couldn’t dare to imagine what punishment he would receive.


Gu Lang swept a glance at the surrounding crowd. They wondered why he was not beaten. Gu Lang looked at Liao Hui who was panicking in front of him with a calm demeanor and said softly, “If you want to eat something from this store, please come earlier tomorrow.”


Liao Hui heard Gu Lang say this,  a ‘jǔ rén’


[举人: graduate / successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination] actually worked here as a cashier. He held back again and again, finally could not help it again but said towards him, “Simply sick!” After saying that, he ran away as if there was a dog chasing after him, pulling that girl and left. 


Qiu Jiu stood next to Gu Lang, looking at Liao Hui’s back as he ran away, somewhat unable to understand what his young master was up to.



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