TSBFL Chapter 57: 

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Chapter 57.1: 打脸 [Faceslapping]


The man frowned as he looked at the arrogant Gu Lang in front of him, his face was a bit unsightly, a small restaurant only, actually dared to talk to him like this? 


Gu Lang looked as if he didn’t see the man’s darkened face, looking at him with a calm expression, and softly said, “I wonder what this Gongzi wants to say?”


The man’s face became ugly again, narrowed his eyes, gripped the fan in his hand tightly, and brought a bit of anger in his tone, “You don’t know who I am?”


Gu Lang raised an eyebrow, that pale face revealed just the exactly puzzled look. His tone also brought a few points of puzzlement, “Do I need to know who you are?”


“You!” The man was enraged by his glib tone, stretching out his folding fan to point at him, and said angrily, “You don’t know who I am, and you actually dare to argue with me here?!”

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Gu Lang looked at him with a calm expression and asked softly, “So, sir, who are you?”



The man seemed to be infuriated by Gu Lang’s ignorance, but he couldn’t find a way to discipline him, so he directly told him his name, “My name is Liao Hui.”


As soon as his words came out, someone in the crowd around him suddenly exclaimed, as if he finally remembered who the unreasonable person in front of him was.


“Isn’t he the nephew of the current county magistrate?”


“Yes, you recognized him too.”

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“This small boss is going to have bad luck.”


“He’s not a good person to mess with.”


“That’s right, this shopkeeper is also tough. Isn’t it nothing serious? He’s just looking for trouble, and now he’s really in trouble.”


Gu Lang slightly inclined his head, as if he didn’t hear those people’s arguments, just looked at Liao Hui in front of him and softly answered, “Oh, I know.”


After reporting his name, Liao Hui, who was waiting for Gu Lang to come to flatter himself after hearing his name, looked at Gu Lang’s face and not only did he not have a bit of fear, but his face didn’t even change. Liao Hui, who was still holding his chin up high and feeling smug, immediately felt that the gas in his chest was even worse.

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Liao Hui pointed at Gu Lang in front of him and said angrily, “You know who I am, and you still dare to treat me with this attitude!”


Gu Lang looked at his angry appearance and seemed to somewhat not quite understand why he was angry. His face still had that ‘the clouds are pale and a light breeze is blowing’ look, “If you entered the door of our restaurant, you would naturally be a guest of our restaurant. Just this gentleman not only did not enter the door, but even here to mess around, so in my opinion, naturally it’s not important characters. Not being an important figure, so there is no need for me to know who you really are.”


After Gu Lang finished this sentence, as if he felt that it wasn’t graphic enough, he pondered for two seconds and continued, “Oh yeah, just like the random cats and dogs passing by on this road, do I need to care about their names?”


“You fucking even compared me to a dog!” Liao Hui let out a roar of anger, not caring about decency anymore. He rolled up his sleeves and wanted to come up to argue with Gu Lang.


“Liao Hui, what are you going to do?” The girl standing next to Liao Hui watched his movements and quickly reached out to pull him back, not wanting him to make any impulsive moves.

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Liao Hui, however, shook off the girl’s hand and said with an impatient face, “What am I doing? I must teach this ungrateful thing a lesson. Let him know why this flower is so red!”


After Liao Hui finished speaking, he ignored the girl’s obstruction and aggressively went over in Gu Lang’s direction.


The commotion they made here caused many people to gather around, even Qiu Jiu, who was running the hall inside, went out and looked at his family’s young master with concern, nervously asking, “Gongzi, do you need help?”



Gu Lang, however, looked at Liao Hui who was only a few steps away from him, gently shook his head, and faintly said, “No need, he can’t do anything to me.”



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