The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2223: 2223

Chapter 2223: Innate Divine Strength

On the second peak of the Blood Purgatory Mountain, Lin Yun was briefly walking along and knew why his senior brother lifted the seal. The second peak was really dangerous because the atmosphere was filled with an ominous aura that was left behind by the Blood Purgatory Emperor, as well as the ten times gravity. The ominous aura was like a sword whenever a gale blew against Lin Yun’s body.

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If Lin Yun was an ordinary Quasi-Saint, he would already be dead without any corpse remnants left behind. If Lin Yun didn’t have a divine physique, he might have been unable to last here for more than an hour, even when relying on his sword intent alone.

“The Blood Purgatory Emperor was a ruthless person Lin Yun muttered with a light flashing in his eyes. He confidently smiled, “But I’m not the same as I once was, either.”

Two dao flowers appeared behind him, converging the power of a thunderstorm as the pressure he felt decreased.

He traveled slowly. It wasn’t because he couldn’t increase his speed but that he was trying to adapt to the surrounding environment. Half a day had already passed by the time he reached the summit. When he saw the Serene Dust Great Saint, he smiled, “Greetings, Mistress.”

The Serene Dust Great Saint looked at Lin Yun with surprise and heartache reflected in her eyes. She said with a gentle smile, “You must’ve suffered a lot, right?”

“Everything is fine now that I see the mistress,” Lin Yun smiled.

The Sereen Dust Great Saint smiled, “You really have a sweet mouth, but I’ll tell you beforehand that I won’t go easy on you.”

“No need to go easy on me. Just go ahead and guide me,” Lin Yun said.

He was relaxed because he preferred the Serene Dust Great Saint to the aloof Heavenly Jade Sword Saint and unreliable Senior Brother.

“Have you been practicing the Sovereign Dragon Seal as instructed?” The Serene Dust Great Saint asked. The Serene Dust Great Saint might’ve passed the complete version of the Sovereign Dragon Fist to Lin Yun, but she told him to practice the Sovereign Dragon Seal, so he wasn’t in a rush with the fist technique. The complete and incomplete versions of the fist technique were great, and Lin Yun had listened to the Serene Dust Great Saint’s instructions.

He only cultivated the first fist of the Sovereign Dragon Fist, the Soaring Divine Dragon, and nothing else.

“That’s right.” The Serene Dust Great Saint nodded, then she said, “Perform the Sovereign Dragon Seal and show me.”

Lin Yun did as he was told, forming the seven divine dragon seals before the seals combined to form the Sovereign Dragon Seal with seven colors shining brightly. At the same time, a powerful dragon aura swept out from Lin Yun. Now that he had mastered the Sovereign Dragon Seal, his dragon aura was comparable to a Saint Lord at the first stage.

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Nodding her head, the Serene Dust Great Saint said, “Not bad, but it’s not enough. You possess a divine physique, but the aura of a sovereign should be more overbearing. If you’re not overbearing, how will you fight the Imperial Dragon Fist and Heavenly Dao Fist?”

Lin Yun thought deeply and said, “Mistress, please guide me.”

The Sovereign Dragon Fist and Imperial Dragon Fist are the two most overbearing fist techniques in the world. They’re evenly matched, while the Heavenly Dao Fist is above them. But that doesn’t mean that the two fist techniques can’t confront the Heavenly Dao Fist just because the latter has a higher potential,” the Serene Dust Great Saint explained. “Since you have the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, you should fully use it and surpass the two fist techniques.”

After hearing what the Serene Dust Great Saint said, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts.

Seeing this, the Serene Dust Great Saint asked, “What’s the objective of you practicing the Sovereign Dragon Fist?”

“Uhh Lin Yun was speechless because he never thought of that question before. If he had to find one, it would be having another trump card. He replied, “Having another trump card is not bad.”

The Serene Dust Great Saint said, “That won’t do. If you can’t fall in love with it like you are with sword techniques, it’ll be hard for you to even enter the threshold of this first technique. If you can’t enter the threshold, you can only use it to deal with pawns.”

Lin Yun thought about it and found it reasonable.

“Let’s not think about that now. We will spar to temper your movement technique and let you fully unleash the power of the divine physique and sword intent,” the Serene Dust Great Saint said after a brief hesitation. “I will also restrict my cultivation to the same level as you.”

“Okay.” Lin Yun nodded straightforwardly.

“Do your best to defend and see if you can withstand my punches,” the Serene Dust Great Saint said.

“Sure.” Lin Yun smiled. He now transformed his blood and bones into the Dragon’s Blood and Dragon’s Bone, so he was pretty confident in his physique. If the Serene Dust Great Saint was restricting her cultivation to the same level as him, he was confident that he didn’t even have to use his sword intent or saint aura to block it.

The Serene Dust Great Saint briefly hesitated before she threw her punch forth. She might be a Great Saint, but she didn’t have a tall structure, and her fist looked small, especially when facing Lin Yun’s physique which contained great pressure after transforming. This made the Serene Dust Great Saint’s punch look small.

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But when the punch landed on Lin Yun’s chest, a muffled sound was produced, but Lin Yun stood there unmoving. He smiled because he could tell the mistress cared about him and restrained herself. He smiled, “Mistress, you don’t have to worry about me and use your full strength.”

“Are you sure about that?” The Serene Dust Great Saint hesitated.

“Sure,” Lin Yun smiled confidently.

“Okay. I won’t suppress my bloodline power, then,” the Serene Dust Great Saint said as she decided.n((1n

Bloodline power? Lin Yun pondered and figured it might be the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so it should probably be fine.

But before he could respond, a golden radiance shone out from the Serene Dust Great Saint with a Golden Dragon’s aura sweeping out. The Serene Dust Great Saint looked small, but she gave off a powerful dragon aura followed by an overbearing aura.

Seeing that something was wrong, Lin Yun’s facial expression became grave. The Serene Dust Great Saint appeared with a flash and a golden dragon coiled around her fist.

Before Lin Yun could even take a better look at it, he threw out a mouthful of blood and slammed against the cliff. When he fell to the ground, there was a crater on his chest with his ribs shattered. His face was pale, he fell to one knee as he clutched his chest.

“Are you alright? I don’t know how to control my strength well, fearing I might injure others. Back then… Radiant wanted to compete with me in fist techniques and was bedridden for a few days. Are you alright?” The Serene Dust Great Saint came to her senses as she became so anxious that she nearly teared up.

“I’m fine. I’m really fine.” Lin Yun quickly stood up and squeezed out a smile.

Seeing this, the Serene Dust Great Saint finally heaved a sigh of relief, and she smiled, “You nearly scared me to death.”

Lin Yun asked, “Mistress, how much power did you use earlier?”

“Twenty percent. This is only the starting stance of the Imperial Dragon Fist, and I haven’t used the Imperial Dragon Fist yet,” the Serene Dust Great Saint replied honestly.

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Lin Yun widened his mouth in surprise, and his face became even paler. T-Twenty percent?!

“How much strength did you use when you fought my master back then?” Lin Yun probed.

“Full strength The Serene Dust Great Saint looked embarrassed.

“Full strength, and he’s only bedridden for three days. My master is really strong Lin Yun smiled bitterly. If he was struck with full force, he would probably be dead, and the Firmament Saint Cloth might be unable to protect him in time.

“Do you want me to hold back more?” The Serene Dust Great Saint asked embarrassedly.

“There’s no need, no need. Just go on. I can hold on,” Lin Yun refused. If the Serene Dust Great Saint held back any more, it wouldn’t have any tempering effect.

“Let’s begin. You have to use your saint aura and sword intent as well. You can’t just rely on your divine physique. Also, use your movement technique,” the Serene Dust Great Saint said.

“Okay.” Lin Yun agreed.

The Serene Dust Great Saint gently stepped on the air, which looked like a bow was being pulled, and she shot forth with a speed that even shocked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun quickly executed the Divine Sunchasing Art.

But the Serene Dust Great Saint’s punch fell onto Lin Yun’s shoulder, and she said, “Too slow.”

As Lin Yun used his saint aura and sword intent this time, he suffered no injuries. Even so, he was still sent flying away.

The Serene Dust Great Saint was like a storm that flew over with each punch, looking like a golden meteorite. She was so fast that Lin Yun couldn’t catch her with his naked eyes, and he could only retaliate with his sword intent by instinct, aside from using his movement technique.

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But all his of attempts were futile since Lin Yun couldn’t respond fast enough, even if he had sensed danger. This immediately increased the pressure he felt, and it didn’t take long for Lin Yun to be covered in sweat.

The Serene Dust Great Saint was too fast while emitting a golden radiance with dragon aura spreading out, and each of her punches felt as though a golden dragon was letting out a roar. Just the dragon’s roar alone was capable of bringing great pressure onto Lin Yun, and it was fortunate that Lin Yun had grasped the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent, or he wouldn’t have been able to last.

Whenever the Serene Dust Great Saint moved, it felt like an invisible bow was being stretched, and she would unleash explosive power whenever she moved.

Lin Yun was baffled at how the Serene Dust Great Saint was so fast, and the difference in their speed shouldn’t have been that great when they were at the same cultivation level. After all, Divine Sunchasing Art had already reached complete mastery.

“When speed reaches a certain height, one will face the restriction of space, and you have to learn how to sense the existence of space. Even without grasping Space Dao, you know its boundaries and existence for your movement technique to take a step further. If you want to fight Saints, you have to accomplish that. Come, attack me, and I’ll also be using the Divine Sunchasing Art,” the Serene Dust Great Saint said.

As Lin Yun circulated the Divine Sunchasing Art, he tried to chase the Serene Dust Great Saint, but he couldn’t catch up with the latter no matter how he tried. As for Lin Yun, he would be sent flying away by the Serene Dust Great Saint the moment they came in contact.

Far away, everyone could only see a golden figure while Lin Yun was being used as a sandbag, being sent flying everywhere.

“The Serene Dust Great Saint was born with an innate divine strength, which allowed her to kill a demonic beast with her bare hands at the age of three. Even Radiant couldn’t take a punch from her back then; but this is only the beginning,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said indifferently from afar.

“How miserable.” Ye Guhan smiled as he chewed on the Divine Dragon Fruit in his hand. “The one that dotes you more tends to be the harshest.”

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