The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2222: 2222

Chapter 2222: Quasi-Divine Light

“Your Senior Brother is a genius.” Ye Guhan wore a bright smile at the bottom of the abyss.

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Lin Yun was initially furious, but his anger disappeared after seeing that smile. But he couldn’t help finding that face shameless and despicable for some reason.

“How do you feel?” With a gentle push, Ye Guhan left the boulder as he came over to ask Lin Yun.

“It’s too fast,” Lin Yun said truthfully. He managed to condense the Divine Light but landed on the ground before he could understand more about it, and everything in his mind dissipated.

“That’s normal. You’re only at Quasi-Divine Light right now, and you’ve just reached the threshold,” Ye Guhan said.

Lin Yun had doubts flashing in his eyes and asked, “Logically speaking, there should be an extreme stage in the Astral Sword Intent.”

Ye Guhan smiled and sighed, “You’ve already reached that a long time ago, you just didn’t realize it. If you hadn’t reached the extreme stage, how could you hold your ground against me and the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint? How could you climb up the mountain again and again? That’s ten times the gravity we’re talking about, especially when you’re knocked down the mountain. The gravity is higher than ten times, so do you know what that means?”

Lin Yun was briefly stunned, and he instantly understood what was going on. He had improved so greatly without him knowing it.

“You feel that I have been targeting you during this period. But I won’t torture you anymore since I will teach you how to use the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent,” Ye Guhan smiled.

Lin Yun felt guilty and replied, “Actually, it’s nothing.”

“Ha, what a hypocrite,” Ye Guhan smiled as he guided Lin Yun in using the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent. In just a few minutes, Lin Yun had already grasped it and successfully condensed the divine light in his eyes. The moment the divine light appeared in his eyes, his eyes glowed golden with a powerful shockwave sweeping out. Not only was the surrounding air being chopped apart, but Lin Yun could even sense the fine cracks in space.

In his eyes, space was like countless grid lines, and those grid lines were between the borders of illusion and reality. He gave it a little try, noticing that those grid lines were firm, and his sword intent couldn’t move them. When he came in contact with them, he could sense a majestic power filling this region with a powerful rebound force.

Lin Yun didn’t notice that when he tried all that, a white light began to shine on him, making him look immortal. This gave him an ethereal temperament that made him look like a Sword Immortal.

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“You want to cut space apart? You’re still far from reaching that level.” Ye Guhan chewed on the fruit, instantly knowing what Lin Yun was trying to do with a glance.

Lin Yun deactivated the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent, and asked, “That’s space?”

“That’s only the appearance, and it’s not easy for you to see. Space itself is terrifying and cannot be controlled, and those grid lines are boxes containing space. If you smash them apart, you’ll be able to see the true power of space

Lin Yun felt a headache when he heard that, and he finally realized how amazing it was for his senior brother to grasp Space Dao. His senior brother might never seem to be serious, but “genius” wasn’t enough to describe his senior brother’s talent.

“You don’t seem to have realized how powerful the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent is because you don’t look excited.” After Ye Guhan explained to Lin Yun, he couldn’t help smiling when he noticed how calm the latter was.

“It’s just the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent, so there’s nothing to be proud of,” Lin Yun smiled. Those were his genuine thoughts.

Ye Guhan resentfully glanced at Lin Yun, before he helplessly said, “It’s no wonder why I want to beat you up these days for some reason. You’re really a show-off, and don’t forget that you’re only a Quasi-Saint!”

“Is it that strong?” Lin Yun asked because he couldn’t sense it.

“Let’s not mention that you’re at the Quasi-Saint Realm. Even if you’re a Saint Lord, the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent can make you invincible,” Ye Guhan said as he pointed at Lin Yun’s forehead. When divine light bloomed within Lin Yun’s sword sea, it was like a star that exploded with sword intent flowing throughout his body.

This sword intent differed from the Astral Sword Intent because it was righteous, unyielding, and domineering. When Lin Yun exclaimed, Ye Guhan moved as he activated Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Sword Heart. When the divine light and sword heart combined, a silver radiance swept out that instantly fused into the surrounding mountains and rivers.

In the next second, Lin Yun lost control of his body as he hovered in the air, and he felt as though everything within a few hundred miles was within his grasp.

“You’ve grasped the sword heart because of the divine light, so your Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent differs from others. You can try and draw your sword,” Ye Guhan said as he left.

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Lin Yun drew out the Flower Burial Sword, and everything within a hundred miles of radius seemed to be transmitted into the Flower Burial Sword. With a single thought, the power contained within the sword made Lin Yun feel his scalp go numb, even with his saint aura restricted. He widened his eyes and exclaimed, “How is this possible?”

The power contained within the sword had far surpassed his saint aura and divine physique before they were restricted, but this was unbelievable. If the saint aura was unsealed, he couldn’t imagine how powerful it would become.

Lin Yun could feel his entire body trembling, and he was terrifyingly shocked by this power. He could see blood and corpses before him, making him feel a chill run down his spine.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun came to his senses and calmed himself down. His emotions changed from shock to excitement. When he calmed down, Lin Yun swung his sword and the mountains, rivers, and ground would transmit power to him. When he swung his sword, Lin Yun performed an ordinary sword technique, and the power was terrifying, as though it could destroy the world.

“Wait, that’s not right. It has to be more restrained so the power won’t be wasted. After all, my body can’t hold on for long.” Lin Yun’s breathing became hurried as he came to his senses. It only looked terrifying and didn’t have much use. He adjusted his rhythm, and the power in the sword didn’t decrease. Even so, the world had become quiet once it became easier for him to use the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent.

Earlier, the commotion he created was massive. It felt like all the mountains and rivers within a hundred miles were on his shoulders. The sword aura was powerful that way, but it was also exhausting for him. He squeezed out a smile and was satisfied with his control, “That’s more like it.”

“He learns really fast.” Ye Guhan said with resentment as he looked at Lin Yun, exclaiming at the latter’s talent as a swordsman. Suddenly, he noticed that Lin Yun’s rhythm was changing with the mountains and rivers trembling. But this time, its commotion was even more powerful than before.

“Resonation with the mountains and rivers!” Ye Guhan widened his mouth with disbelief and muttered, “That fellow is too much!”

“Isn’t it good that way?” The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint appeared behind Ye Guhan, and said calmly, gazing at Lin Yun. At this moment, Lin Yun’s every movement could be accompanied by lightning, gale, and various phenomena.

What was even more terrifying was that Lin Yun’s sword intent felt endless, borrowing power from mountains and rivers, along with integrating himself with them. It felt as though Lin Yun had integrated the entire Blood Purgatory Mountain into his sword.

“He’s someone that Radiant hopes to become a Sword God. Admit it, Ye Guhan. Your talent as a swordsman is inferior to him,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said.

Ye Guhan blinked and smiled, “Actually, I have already admitted it a long time ago. After all, he’s my beloved.”

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“Senior Brother, the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent is so powerful!” Lin Yun sheathed his sword with excitement on his face as he ran over to Ye Guhan. He had a smile and didn’t expect to improve so much after making a breakthrough from the Astral Sword Intent.

“Not bad,” Ye Guhan casually replied as he chewed on a Divine Dragon Fruit.

“Is that so?” Lin Yun scratched his head because he was expecting some praise from his senior brother.

When he raised his head and saw the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, he smiled, “Mistress, I have grasped the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent! It’s really powerful!”

Looking at the smile on Lin Yun’s face, the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint felt conflicted.

“I’ll teach you a sword, the Blooming Stars, which your senior brother has used earlier.” The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint shook her wrist and eighty-one sword rays bloomed. She looked like a star with divine radiance enveloping her.

Since she was purposefully teaching Lin Yun, she disassembled every detail, allowing Lin Yun to imprint them into his mind. With just one look, Lin Yun had already understood most of it.

“You haven’t grasped the Sword Dao yet so you can use your Wind and Thunder Daos as stars,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said.

“Okay, I got it.” Lin Yun nodded. He asked, “Mistress, Senior Brother told me that I don’t have to purposely try and grasp Sword Dao since I will grasp it smoothly, but I feel that it’s a little slow.”

He was concerned with Sword Dao. After all, it was a Sovereign Dao, more powerful than the Wind and Thunder Daos.n/-1n

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said, “He’s right. But it’s not the same as what you understand. The Sword Dao of others is like a river, spreading a hundred miles away. But yours is like an ocean. The current might be slow, but there’s no way the two can be compared. How can the river be compared to an ocean?”

There was a hint of a chill and arrogance in her tone, which made Lin Yun feel enlightened, as though he had woken up from a dream.

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“Thank you, Mistress,” Lin Yun cupped his hands together.

Ye Guhan moved to lift the seal on Lin Yun’s saint aura and forced out the Blood Devouring Pellet within his body. The pellet that Lin Yun spat out had changed. It was enveloped in a golden radiance with crimson flames that looked like a roaring dragon. Ye Guhan exclaimed in shock, “Holy shit, I have never seen such a perfect Azure Dragon Saint Blood Pellet.

“Keep it well protected. It might save your life in the future,” Ye Guhan gave the pellet to Lin Yun. Patting on Lin Yun’s shoulder, he continued, “Go on, the other one is waiting for you.”

Once Lin Yun’s vitality and sword intent reached the peak, he could sense that he had grown a lot stronger. He asked in shock, “I don’t need any seal this time?”

“There’s no need. The Serene Dust Great Saint is waiting for you on the second peak. That place is dangerous, and you might lose your life if we sealed your saint aura and divine physique,” Ye Guhan smiled.

“The Serene Dust Great Saint is more dangerous than the second peak itself.” Just when Lin Yun was feeling baffled, the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said something that made Lin Yun befuddled.

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