Chapter 1140: Xiaobao Fighting for Favor, Tricky Yan Xiaosi! (3)

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Prince Yan said indifferently, “Then it can only be that the Crown Princess

Consort discovered their secret and they want to kill her to silence her.”

Shadow Thirteen suddenly sneered. “It seems that the Crown Princess Consort is much more reliable than Yan Huaijing…” Whether it was intentional or not, she was already more reliable than Yan Huaijing.

“Hiss…” Shadow Six scratched his head. “There’s still one thing I don’t understand. Why is the Holy Soul Pearl in Dabao’s hands?”

Prince Yan picked up the bead in his hand. “I’m afraid we’ll have to ask Ah Wan about this.”

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Dabao did not know the ins and outs of the matter. He had picked it up from the ground, but that captive had all confessed. The Holy Soul Pearl was in the hands of the Regent Consort. They had captured Yan Xiaosi in order to get the Holy Soul Pearl back, but in the end, they had captured Dabao by a freak combination of factors.

The information this captive knew was limited. Prince Yan did not ask about the background of the expert back then, but this did not stop him from finding out the truth. He took the Holy Soul Pearl and went to Yu Wan.

Yu Wan was in confinement and was already worried about Yan Jiuchao. Prince Yan did not want her to worry about anything else, so he had not told her about what happened last night for the time being.

“By the way, Ah Wan, is this bead yours?” Prince Yan asked.

“That’s right.” When her daughter was still in her mother’s womb, Yu Wan realized that she liked this bead. As soon as the bead lit up, she danced around in her stomach. After she was born, she gave the bead to her.

The new children were wrapped in swaddling and would not bring anything to their mouths, so Yu Wan was not worried that she would choke.

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“Father, why are you suddenly asking about this bead? Is there something wrong with it?” Although this bead was very strange and shone when it was fed blood, Yu Wan did not think that it was different from other Night-Luminescent Pearls.

Prince Yan smiled and said, “It’s not that it’s inappropriate. I just think it looks quite good. Where did you buy it? I’ll buy another one and make a bracelet for


Yan’er was the nickname Prince Yan had given the little fellow, but every time Yu Wan called her that, she ignored her. Yu Wan seriously suspected that the little fellow did not like this name.

Yu Wan said regretfully, “I’m afraid you can’t buy this. Mom gave it to me when

I got married.”

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Yu Wan nodded. “Yes! My grandmother should have given it to my Mom! It’s been passed down for decades, so it’s very difficult to buy identical ones!”

The corners of Prince Yan’s mouth twitched. Consort Yun probably didn’t give Jiang Batian this. However, he had finally found the expert who caused a ruckus in the Sacred Clan back then. It was probably impossible not to be Jiang Batian.

However, Prince Yan seriously suspected that Jiang Batian did not know the effect of this bead at all. She just thought that it looked good and stole it.

Prince Yan held his forehead. Suddenly, he didn’t know what to say! After coming out from Yu Wan’s side, Prince Yan took a few deep breaths before he could stabilize his messy emotions.

He comforted himself that it was fine if his in-laws liked to cause trouble. Ah Wan was an obedient person. Ah Wan did not know martial arts, so she would not cause much trouble even if she really caused trouble. As for his obedient granddaughter, although she was born as the Little Saint King, he had carefully educated her and instilled in her gentle and virtuous virtue since she was young. She would definitely grow into the most ladylike woman in the world.

Prince Yan came to Yan Xiaosi’s room. Yan Xiaosi woke up and played alone in the cradle. She seemed to be having fun. Prince Yan walked over and gently hugged her. “What are you playing? You’re so happy.”

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Yan Xiaosi blinked at him.

Prince Yan said dotingly, “Our Yan’er is so obedient and never cries or makes a fuss. One look and one can tell that you’re a quiet and obedient little girl. You definitely won’t cause trouble for Grandpa when you grow up, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang. Prince Yan’s roof was collapsed by the power of a certain “quiet and obedient little girl”.

Prince Yan : “…”

Yan Xiaosi : “…”

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