Chapter 1139: Xiaobao Fighting for Favor, Tricky Yan Xiaosi! (2)

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That disdainful gaze seemed to be saying that it was not as big as Dabao. It was obvious that he did not have any milk!

Xiaobao, who had been shot ten thousand times in the heart: “…

On the other side, Prince Yan, who had interrogated the captive for half the night, finally obtained what he wanted. This group of experts from the Sacred Clan had all undergone strict training. Even Gu worms could not make them speak easily, but Prince Yan did it.

When Prince Yan walked out of the secret room, the captive was kneeling on the ground, crying bitterly, as if he was repenting for the sins of the first half of his life.

Shadow Six was a little dumbfounded. How did the Prince do it? In half a night, this expert from the Sacred Clan had put down his butcher’s knife and become a Buddha?

“Your Highness, this expert…”

Shadow Six was about to ask if he had let him go or kept him for himself since he had sincerely changed his mind when he heard Prince Yan say without changing his expression, “Kill him.”

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Shadow Six : ‘

The corners of Shadow Six’s mouth twitched. Who did Young Master take after? Now, he had finally found the source.

Shadow Thirteen was the one who dealt with the expert. Then, Shadow Thirteen went to the study to report to Prince Yan. Shadow Six was also there.

“Your Highness, who is the other party?” Shadow Thirteen asked.

“From the Sacred Clan,” Prince Yan said.

This answer coincided with their previous guess. However, the two of them could not figure out why the Sacred Clan would come to the Great Zhou and even have a grudge against the Young Master Manor. What grudge did they have? Why did they have to kidnap the two children of the Young Master Manor?

This did not seem like something a hidden clan would do.

“We’re not enemies. They’re looking for the Holy Soul Pearl,” Prince Yan said.

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“What’s a Holy Soul Pearl?” Shadow Six asked. He and Shadow Thirteen had never heard of such a thing, but they still felt that it was impressive.

Prince Yan slowly said, “The Holy Soul Pearl is a treasure of the Sacred Clan. It can also be understood as a holy artifact of the Sacred Clan. The Holy Soul Pearl contains a huge aura of the Sacred Clan and can increase the strength of the Sacred Clan. It’s said that it can also help the Sacred Clan nurture descendants with stronger bloodlines.”

“It’s so magical?” Shadow Six widened his eyes.

Prince Yan looked in the direction of Yan Xiaosi’s room. “I didn’t believe it at first, but now, I think there are some clues.”

The two of them did not understand the meaning behind Prince Yan’s words for a moment. Shadow Thirteen asked strangely, “But what does this have to do with the Sacred Clan’s night attack on the Young Master Manor? Could it be that they suspect that we stole their treasure?”

Prince Yan said, “It’s said that many years ago, an unknown expert came to the Sacred Clan and stole their Holy Soul Pearl. I don’t know who that expert is, but the Holy Soul Pearl is indeed in the Young Master Manor.” “Huh?” The two of them were stunned.

Prince Yan took out a bead. “Dabao gave this to me.”

The night Dabao was captured, he had actually hidden the bead in his sister’s swaddling. This was also why the two guards did not find anything after searching his clothes and mouth. When Dabao returned, he gave the bead to

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Prince Yan.

“And they didn’t come to the capital just to find the Holy Soul Pearl. The resources in the Sacred Clan’s habitat are exhausted now, and holy energy is scarce. It’s not suitable for their clansmen to survive. It’s said that there’s also a holy land left behind by their ancestors, and the entrance is underground in the Capital. This also involves another matter.”

The two of them looked at Prince Yan in shock.

Prince Yan paused and said, “Didn’t Xiao Zhenting say that a few powerful advisors came to the Crown Prince Manor?”

“Could it be… the Sacred Clan?” Shadow Six asked.

Prince Yan nodded. “It’s them because the entrance to the holy land is in the Capital. However, they don’t know where it is exactly, and they don’t dare to spread it around, afraid that they will be plundered and hunted by the Great Zhou.’

The entrance was in the Capital, so the holy land must be nearby. If the Sacred Clan wanted to occupy the holy land, the Great Zhou would definitely not allow it. After all, this was the Great Zhou’s territory. If the Sacred Clan took it away just like that, where would the dignity of the Great Zhou Dynasty go?

Moreover, the Sacred Clan did not want to take a small town, but the Imperial City of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Which Emperor could tolerate this?

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Shadow Thirteen frowned and said, “So they thought of a way to assist Yan Huaijing. First, they will help Yan Huaijing ascend the throne and hold the power of the Great Zhou in their hands. That way, they can do whatever they want in the Capital. I wonder if Yan Huaijing knows about this?”

Although Yan Huaijing’s character in some aspects could not be agreed with, there was one thing that he had to admit. He would not be anyone’s puppet.

“In that case, the Gu worms in Xianglian we encountered last time also came from this group of Sacred Clan.” The Sacred Clan were good at Gu worms. Back then, the Saintess of the Nether Capital also had many Gu worms. At the mention of this, Shadow Thirteen suddenly thought of something else. “A few days ago, the Crown Princess Consort, Madam Han, was poisoned by Gu. I’m afraid it was also done by this group of people. The outside world said that the culprit wanted to harm the Crown Prince, but he accidentally injured the Crown Princess Consort. But Yan Huaijing was useful to them. They have no reason to frame Yan Huaijing..”

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