The Last King of Darkness

Chapter 204: Platform of light

Rode did not go back. Dalin asked him to stay in the military war department for a few days to familiarize himself with the legion and war affairs in advance.

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Although it was not explicitly stated, the meaning in the words was very clear - he was about to take on a certain level of position in the royal city.

This was also Theodore's arrangement.

The king fulfilled his promise.

Rode was inexplicably excited in his heart. He finally took this step.

"I will light you up."

Rode thought silently.

Just like you light me up.

The cold-faced female dispatcher Molly arranged a room for him and gave him a short-range spiritual communication crystal whistle, telling him that he could find her at any time if he had any needs.

After a simple wash, Rode went to bed.

This time, he did not make any gestures, but meditated according to the method taught to him by Theodore, entering the dream in the dream.

Darkness engulfed his spirit, and absolute silence oppressed his eardrums.

After an unknown period of time, Rode suddenly felt that he could open his eyes.

So, he once again saw the dream shrouded in the thin mist of silence.

Everything in it was gray, like ashes after burning, and the concept of color faded from everything.

Except for the obelisk, it was the only thing in the dream with strong colors.

The obelisk was now more than ten yards high, located in the center of the dream, with a huge starry square below, surrounded by huts and altars, and a distant white jade square, with Theodore's statue standing on it.

No matter how many times he saw it, Rode couldn't help but marvel at its magic. It was like a creation that gathered all miracles, bringing him a new life and endless possibilities, as well as death and crisis.

But what exactly it was, Rode still didn't know, only knowing that the dream actually had boundaries, and it was floating in the eternal river of the spirit world.

And the crisis he was currently facing required him to leave the eternal river of the spirit world.

However, he still didn't know how to leave, thinking that he would be able to obtain dream fragments in this mission, but in reality, he didn't.

Did I guess wrong? Did the Dean actually not think that far?

But when Rode walked into the hut, he immediately found something new in the hut, a silver long table, at the bottom of the room, facing the stone platform at the front.

A silver misty sphere suspended on the silver long table. When Rode touched it, he immediately received its information in his mind.

The Tower of Light.

Rode's eyes widened instantly. Wasn't this the tool that the Book of Knowledge said could manipulate dreams?

When did I get the fragment?

Rode carefully recalled, but found no opportunity to obtain the fragment.

The dream fragment had a strong attraction to him, and it was impossible not to notice it.

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The only possibility was the gap in death and resurrection.

But unless there was a fragment at the location of his resurrection, it was hard to imagine how it was done.


Rode thought for a while and couldn't figure it out, so he let it go.

As long as the Dean is powerful, it's fine.

What needs to be done now is to quickly manipulate the dream to leave the eternal river of the spirit world and get rid of the invasion of the ancient god Hraegatos.

But how to operate it?

Rode tried to manipulate the Tower of Light, but there was no response.

He went to ask the Book of Knowledge, but the guy had not recovered from the last rage and refused to open its pages.

When at a loss, Rode suddenly remembered that the book had angrily told him not to touch its back last time.

Hmm, maybe I can try.

So Rode went crazy touching the back of the book, and sure enough, with a bang, the book opened, and the pages fluttered, seeming very angry, but not writing a word.

It seemed that it couldn't answer unless I asked.

Rode thought, asking, "How do I operate the Tower of Light?"

A large amount of garbled text suddenly appeared on the Book of Knowledge, and its speed was so fast, as if a programmer was madly smashing the keyboard.

It wasn't until most of the book was filled with garbled text that normal dream text appeared.

"You shameless scoundrel! Villain! Demon!"

Each word occupied an entire page, in bold and bold.

Rode smiled, "Answer my question, or I will touch you every day, touch you during the day, touch you at night, touch you when I sleep, not just the back of the book, the front of the book, the seams under the pages, I will touch them all."

The Book of Knowledge looked like it was about to go crazy, all the pages were trembling, making a cracking sound, as if it wanted to jump up and slap him to death.

Rode smiled, "I'll ask again, how do I operate the Tower of Light? You don't have to answer."

In the end, the Book of Knowledge calmed down, and a line of scribbled text appeared on the page.

"The Book of Knowledge must answer the master's questions, but I can fill them with invalid answers. You must promise to feed me one hundred portions of spirituality every day, otherwise I will not yield."

Rode smiled, "Okay, I promise." He took out a hundred portions of spirituality from the storage under the stone platform and fed it to the book.

The Book of Knowledge swallowed the spirituality with the mouth formed by the patterns on the cover, and it looked much calmer. When Rode asked the question again, it answered.

"Infuse your spirituality into the silver core of the Tower of Light."

"My spirituality? Is it dangerous?"

"Spirituality is the blood of the soul, responsible for transmitting the power of the soul and the will of the spirit. As long as it is not used excessively, there is no danger."

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"How do I get my spirituality out?"

"Pierce the soul with the thorn of the spirit." The Book of Knowledge detailed the method of separating one's own spirituality.

The method was not difficult, and Rode quickly mastered it.

Looking at the semi-transparent viscous substance oozing from his fingertips, he felt genuinely amazed.

"So it can be done like this. In that case, spiritual items, spiritual materials, all have souls?""No, they just have similar properties and can transmit the will of the spirit or soul. But fundamentally, the formation of spiritual matter is somewhat similar to the soul."

Rode patted the book's back and smiled, "I understand, thank you, Book of Knowledge."

The Book of Knowledge wrote a word: "Hmph!" and then slammed shut.

Rode put the Book of Knowledge back on the shelf and came to the platform of light.

Following the method he had just learned, he pierced the soul and wiped his spiritual essence on the silver sphere.

The silver ball emitted a misty light, and Rode felt a strong attraction pulling at his soul.

His vision darkened, as if he had fallen into a black hole.

When his sight recovered, Rode found himself shuttling through the boundless sky.

Smoke, thin clouds, and various colored light clusters flashed past him rapidly.

Beneath the boundless clouds and mist, there was an incredibly massive river, spanning the sky, with one end invisible and the other end unseen, countless gray water vapor rushing in the river, with countless skeletons, spirits, and bodies struggling in the water vapor.

Rode instantly realized that this was the River of Eternal Death! The ancient god Hraegatos was silent in the depths of the death river!

Looking around, everything was shrouded in mist, and the smoke covered the sky and the earth.

This was different from the spirit world he had seen before, with no chaotic color blocks, no intense colored light bands, the smoke was so light that he could see very far.

"Heaven Descends"

Is this the upper level of the spirit world?

Rode looked down at himself, and a semi-transparent spherical bubble was flying forward, with rolling chaotic mist inside, its color was dim and gray, as if it had lost its color, but it was also thick and condensed, and the depths were not visible.

Is this a dream?

Is it just a bubble shuttling through the boundless upper level of the spirit world?

Rode tried to manipulate it, and the bubble did change direction, causing a disturbance in the surrounding smoke and clouds, spreading outwards.

In the depths of the boundless death river, a huge shadow flashed by.

Rode's heart chilled, as if something indescribable was staring at it. Thinking of the many anomalies in the dream, and the invasion like a festering sore, he was afraid that the existence of the dream was not tolerated by this world.

He quickly changed the direction of the bubble, thinking to himself, "I must be careful to conceal myself, not to cause too much disturbance, so as not to be targeted by some unknown existence."

However, the upper level of the spirit world was boundless, and he was floating in the nebula of the universe, with the death river below spanning the interstellar space, with no end in sight, and no depth.

It was vague all around, and he couldn't find a direction.

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However, Rode quickly realized that the dream had come from the "Abyss of Darkness" to the "River of Eternal Death."

So, just follow the direction back, and he could leave the "River of Eternal Death," right?

But was there enough time?

Just as he hesitated, Rode suddenly saw a faint trail left where the bubble had flown, and the farther away it went, the larger the trail became.

Uh... does this mean that as long as I fly forward, this effect will become larger and larger?

Rode decisively turned the bubble around and flew back along the trail.

Then, he was surprised to find that the bubble's speed was getting faster and faster, as if it was gliding on a smooth track.

In just a moment, its speed was at least ten times faster than before.

Rode frowned.

The phenomena of the upper level of the spirit world and the dream had far exceeded his knowledge system.

I need to find time to go to the Grand Library that the President mentioned and look up some information.

Maybe it will be helpful.

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Rode watched the dream fly for a moment, confirmed that there was nothing unusual, and then retracted it.

Rode returned to the cabin, feeling nothing special. The platform of light stopped glowing after he moved his finger away, but he could still see the scene of the bubble flying on the silver core.

Until he left, the dream was still accelerating.

In this way, there was definitely enough time. In a few days, he would leave the "River of Eternal Death" and return to the "Abyss of Darkness."

Rode temporarily put his mind at ease, finally getting rid of the crisis caused by "Quantification."

Then, he inspected the various parts of the dream.

The newly added items on the stone platform, such as "Flesh Puppet," "Flesh Armor," "Soul Defense," "Kales Twin Temperature Cannon," and "Pioneer of Destruction," all needed to be made, and these could become his trump cards.

The inventory in the storage room was still sufficient, but the consumption of spiritual energy was a bit high, so he needed to replenish it.

Six stars shone in the obelisk, and the "Dark Devourer" after "Quantification" had become the brightest star in the night sky, with a dark red light fixed in the center of the starry sky, like a huge eye looking at him.

I wonder if it's an illusion, but Rode felt that its light was gradually increasing.

The other three stars had also reached the state of "Eternal Fire." If he could find the "Ashes of the Ancient God," "Divine Bloodstone," and "Core of the Spirit World," "Chilling Blue," "Righteous Execution," and "Spirit Boat" could also be "Quantified."

But this was not something he could do now.

The other two stars, "Requiem of the Spirit" and "Divine Sense," were still in the state of "Dim Fire."

Without "Soul Firewood," they could not be upgraded.

But making "Soul Firewood" required divinity.

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Rode frowned slightly and looked at the methods of obtaining divinity again:

"Increase the possibility of inheriting the fire of civilization, and support the civilization sliding into the dark abyss."

Didn't I complete two major tasks in a row, and didn't I lift human civilization up a bit?

Rode found it difficult to understand.

After he killed Greygrove and ended the trial, he gained a bit of divinity.

Were these two tasks not as good as killing Greygrove?Without divinity, not only is it impossible to enhance the stars, but important items like the "Stone of Resurrection" cannot be created either.

Just wait a bit longer.

Rode thought to himself.

Perhaps after the campaign ends, divinity will come.

Afterward, Rode looked at the Evil Spirit Jar, the Soul Altar, the Egg of the Wicked Spirit, and Theodore's statue; none showed any significant changes.

The only pity was that he didn't harvest many souls this time. The phantom of the headmaster didn't seem to count as his possession; the monsters it killed were unrelated to him.

Apart from a few soul fragments, there was only one [Soul of King of Thieves Mites].

Rode went back to consult the Book of Knowledge.

The book was much more compliant now. It told him that the most complete souls could be devoured, sacrificed, or incinerated.

"Incineration" would destroy the soul, allowing him to gain one of its most proficient abilities for a cycle of the stars, which is seven days.

A thought struck Rode; wasn't the King of Thieves' greatest skill theft?

Indeed, this function could be useful; he could consider it for the future.

Rode sacrificed all the fragments, adding the soul to the stars, and glanced at the numbers on the obelisk:

Soul Strength: 15515

Soul Stars: 6

Humanity: 55611

Divinity: 6

Soulless: 0

He felt somewhat satisfied but also a bit concerned.

He took a long breath, feeling that this time he had reaped a lot, had initially touched upon the essence of dreams, avoided the threat of the ancient gods' invasion, and successfully trained the Book of Knowledge.

The only problem was the scarcity of divinity; he had no trump card.

He must strive harder.

My future is definitely bright.

Rode smiled faintly, returned to his rocking chair, and entered a dreamless, blissful sleep, keeping the last sentence in his heart.

The path ahead would also be smooth.

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