Chapter 923 Battle at the Selnes Country: Devour

"Isolated Formation God..." The woman furrowed her brow at the deity's name. She had long green hair and eyes. She inquired, "Does anyone know his actual name?"

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The man shook his head and replied, "No, not even the other gods were privy to his true name. He had been known as the Isolated Formation God from the very beginning. There's scarce information about his origin."

"That's precisely why we're here. We need to uncover his discoveries and the actual events in the Hall Plains," the other woman chimed in. She had shoulder-length brown hair and a pair of bunny ears atop her head.

"Indeed, since most of the experts have congregated here, we should be able to explore the territories of the Five Master Clans," the man suggested.

"Let's commence with the Darkna Clan. I initially wanted to visit the Windi Clan, but a major battle is currently underway there," the green-haired woman proposed.

"This is our sole opportunity to access the Five Master Clans' estates. We couldn't have done it earlier without causing complications. It's fortuitous that the Deadly Sins have diverted their attention," the man emphasized.

The brown-haired woman fixed her gaze on the falling realities above. She slowly spoke, "Some of these spaces could be classified as boundaries and outworlds, complete universes unto themselves, especially these outworlds."

"Outworlds... I wonder where they unearthed these outworlds. Even after years of exploring the space gap, it's exceedingly rare to come across them. They're scarcer than high-level planets within our space. A single outworld can house numerous boundaries, yet here we have dozens," the man pondered.

"It's fragmented, so there's no need to concern ourselves with it. There are likely few survivors in those outworlds," the green-haired woman reassured.

"Agreed, then let's proceed," the man declared before he turned and vanished.

The two women exchanged glances before they also disappeared.

On the other side of the battlefield...

Alice gazed at the descending realities with a solemn expression on her face.

"Is this the end...?" she murmured to herself. Glancing to the side, she saw Eilish lying on the ground, exhausted from pushing herself to the limit. Leilus, Paolo, and Sekmet had also collapsed. Drami remained alive but in critical condition. As for Marcus, he had perished after destroying the device that held the Cancelling Rune. His sacrifice would be remembered by countless warriors.

Alice no longer had the strength to protect them, and the enemy forces were still pushing back. It was yet another issue to contend with.


She took a deep breath, her expression turning resolute. Even if this was the end, she was prepared to face it head-on.

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They had foes on the ground, and fragmented realities above that could slice their bodies apart.

Alice raised her head slightly. Even Edilon and Fremi, the Four Shackles expert of the Sixth Grain War, continued to battle despite their bodies being marred by deep wounds. They faced opponents of equal caliber, and they were one of the reasons why none of the Four Shackles of the Deadly Sins obstructed Alice and the others' path.

The voices of the warriors resounded in the midst of the despairing situation.

"Warriors!! We'll fight till the end!!"

"Let's take down more enemies before we meet our end!!"

"Battle Angels! Strike them down!"



"Our god will guide us to the afterlife!!"

The battle cries of the warriors reverberated through the area. They hailed from different factions, yet they united against a common enemy. Not a single one showed fear in the face of impending death.

In Zone 1...

The surviving civilians could only watch in dread as the glass-like objects rained down from the sky. Despair gripped their hearts, and tears welled up in the corners of their eyes.

The elderly clasped their children tightly, offering comfort as the young ones cried out in fear. Everyone was gripped by the fear of impending death. They were ordinary people, different from the warriors engaged in frontline combat.

"Mama! I don't want to die!"

"Don't worry, Mama is here. I'll keep you safe."

"Sob... Sob..."

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"I'll join you soon, my son."

"I only hope it's painless."

"So many things I still wanted to do, and now death is upon us!"

"I'm so scared!"


The survivors wept as they clung to their loved ones. Some had already come to terms with their impending demise.

Outside the All Filter Barrier Formation...

Admunda, the Hero-rank Battle Angel, peered at the barrier with a deepening frown on his face.

"What is transpiring within?" he mumbled to himself.

Even Prandel, the Hero-rank of the Deadly Sins, appeared slightly perplexed by the energy fluctuations within the barrier.

Admunda glanced at Prandel, and his frown deepened further upon seeing Prandel's expression. It appeared that Prandel, too, was uncertain about what was occurring inside.

A minute ago, the barrier had briefly shifted. During that moment, it had become fragile, and Admunda could have entered. However, it promptly returned to its robust state. Admunda had just stopped Prandel from entering the barrier at that moment.

"Furthermore, no one is leaving the barrier... Something significant is undeniably transpiring. I clearly sensed that fragility for a brief period, during which anyone could have entered," Admunda pondered.

Admunda wished to understand what was transpiring, but his senses were regrettably thwarted by the resilient barrier.

"I can only entrust the situation to the warriors within," he murmured inwardly.

Prandel turned to Admunda and said, "Hey, Battle Angel! Why don't you die? I would have entered the country if not for your interference before!"

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"Prandel, leader of a merchant group called Red Fang Corporation. You really sided with Gluttony. You shouldn't have sided with them. You will only kill yourself in the process." Admunda said in a cold voice. 

"Shut up! You can't understand it! You guys will die in the end!" Prandel raised his voice. He bent his knees and launched himself towards Admunda.


The two Hero-rank warriors battled in the high altitude above Selnes Country, nearer to outer space than the ground itself. Admunda had deliberately chosen this remote location to avoid harming other warriors during their fight, recognizing the vast disparity in power between Hero-rank and lower-ranked individuals. It was akin to transitioning from the third to the fourth shackles.

In the household of the Flaem Clan...

Erkigal and Hono stood before the tomb.

"Are we really going to do it?" Hono inquired, her uncertainty evident.

"Yes, we need to act swiftly once it is revealed. This is necessary to ensure the survival of our people," Erkigal affirmed.

"I understand..." Hono nodded. She raised her hand and made a small cut on her palm with a knife, allowing her blood to drip onto the tomb.

"I, Hono Flaem, release this restraint. Our world needs your guidance, our people need your power, and our people will rise through the calamity. Oh, our god above, please show us your blessing."

A crimson sphere materialized above the tomb, representing the core of the Flaem Clan. Similar to the core that Edmar had bestowed upon the Deadly Sins from the Windi Clan, it was intricately connected to the All Filter Barrier Formation.


A mysterious symbol appeared on the tomb, and an immense surge of energy erupted from it. The ground quaked, and rifts formed in the very air.

In the next instant, this release of energy expanded at a rapid pace, engulfing everything in its path.

Franklin, Eztein, and Vashno, who were on the surface, felt the eruption of energy. Before they could comprehend what was happening, an expansive, starry phenomenon expanded, shrouding everything in its vicinity zone by zone.

In Zone 4...

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Souta, Genzu, and the other top experts halted their battles, their attention drawn to a peculiar sight. It was as though a starry quilt was gradually covering everything, zone by zone.

"What is that space?!" Genzu exclaimed, his voice reflecting his astonishment.

Souta narrowed his eyes, studying the phenomenon, but chose to remain silent.

"The energy it contains is incredibly dense..." Naruse noted quietly.

"It's coming!" Adel shouted, releasing an energy beam in an attempt to push back the encroaching space. However, the beam simply vanished within the mysterious phenomenon.


Despite their efforts to resist, they found themselves helpless against this enigmatic force. It engulfed them along with the entire country, leaving no corner of the All Filter Barrier Formation untouched. Even the fragmented realities were not spared. Every last remnant within the barrier was meticulously erased, leaving nothing behind.

The force then condensed everything into a small marble at the former site of the Flaem Clan's household. The entire area now appeared desolate, devoid of air and light. Even the ground had vanished, revealing the true nature of the All Filter Barrier Formation, which was a spherical structure, explaining why no one could dig beneath it to access the country.

This suspended marble then emitted a range of colors before suddenly expanding, enveloping the entire space within the barrier.


In a matter of moments, a new world materialized within the All Filter Barrier Formation. Everything had been rearranged in the blink of an eye.

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