The Bloodline System

Chapter 1347: 1347

Chapter 1347 Meal With Emperor Dhios

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

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As the greenish mist in the vicinity cleared from the collision, thousands of arm sized bat like creatures rained from the air with blood. 

Pat! Pit! Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat!

Their lifeless bodies splattered across the ground changing its color while the massive serpentine creature tried to contend with the invisible barrier before it to no avail.

The humanoid figure in the midst of this chaos was untouched despite the number of creatures and blood raining from the air.


The serpentine structured sky scrapper sized beast roared once more, causing the vicinity to quake intensely. However, this time, an icy blue light could be spotted gathering in its mouth.

"Nuh uh…" The humanoid figure with adult facial features muttered before stretching his right hand forward. 


A blue silvery glow coated his entire palm as he proceeded to clench his fingers into a fist.

A powerful telekinetic energy surged forth and the creature before him began trembling intensely. It felt an unfathomable energy rummaging through its insides. 

It let out another roar in pain as its entire being got lifted off the ground and the light gathering initially got snuffed out.


The humanoid figure proceeded to yank his arm backwards like he was pulling something.

A flesh ripping sound rang out in the next instant. A massive organ was pulled out of place from its insides and got ripped out of its mouth. 

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Blood jetted out of its mouth like a waterfall as this massive meaty organ which was the size of a house, travelled across the air and landed before the humanoid figure.

Splat~ Badump! Bad… dump~

The organ jiggled and let out two loud beats before finally going silent after letting out the third one.

The creature stared at this organ that had come out of it in disbelief as it fell from the air. It remained in place for a few moments, growing weaker by the second before its eyes finally turned listless.

The humanoid figure stepped forward casually and reached out to touch the murky looking organ which had all sorts of liquids spilling from it. 


The building sized organ emitted a silvery blue glow in the next moment and vanished.

"Seven targurtan hearts harvested… one more to go," Endric muttered as he resumed his steps forward like he hadn't just murdered a creature that cause great havoc were it to be released on the earth.

"I should probably take my time since big brother will be arriving later than planned," He thought out loud as he came to a stop.

He turned back around to stare at the massive corpse of the creature he had just slaughtered. 

"Do you think that would taste good?" Endric questioned.

-"I think you need a fresh cut more than you need to eat," 

Endric's forehead emitted a green glow as an elderly masculine voice responded to his earlier question.

"Huh? Why?" Endric asked with a look of bafflement.

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A mirror appeared before Endric and he proceeded to stare at his reflection in it.

-"You're only a teenager. You're not supposed to look like a father of six children," Husarius pointed out.

"Do fathers of six children even exist?" Endric muttered cluelessly as he stared at the facial hair that had covered half his face.

-"You're seventeen… how can you be looking older than your nearly twenty one year old brother?" Husarius voiced with a tone of concern.

"It doesn't matter," Endric said while moving past the mirror.

"Speaking of big brother… I probably should have asked him for cooking lessons. How do I turn this into an edible meal?" He questioned with a lost look after arriving before the corpse of the massive serpentine beast.


        ~Planet Abruikis~

A day had gone by since Gustav's arrival here and in the last twenty four hours he had been entertained and visited by important delegates within this planet.

When he left to visit Matilda the other day, someone had come visiting and since the guards were aware that Barron Diov was with his daughter, they came knocking on Sersi's door.

Fortunately, Sersi didn't answer any of them and proceeded to remain in the room till they left. However, there was this one person who knocked twice and voiced some strange words. After that person left, she sensed that a package was dropped at the door.

After she picked up what was left at the door which was disguised as a gift, she went on to shut it back so as not to arouse any suspicion.

Sersi didn't understand what was inscribed in the package so the moment Gustav returned she gave him a breakdown of everything that happened and handed the package over to him.

"That's one of the moles. He was to deliver the location of Matilda to me," Gustav had explained this to her at the time.

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They didn't expect Gustav to figure out Matilda's location and head there himself just by scanning the entire planet. 

After the brief meeting with Matilda, Gustav understood that they had moles everywhere. Within the official troops of guards who were like the police force. 

Within kingdom royal maids.

Within political offices and even within the higher ups.

Apparently, some of these people in places of authority were still loyal to the crown and not the rebel who took over. The only problem was, if they had tried to free Dahria or fight against the injustices they would have met their end.

The opposition wasn't someone who they could face on their own. However, now that they had a little bit of help, they could finally try to fight back.

'Emperor Dhios… He is as powerful as a peak beta ranked Mixedblood. Almost an alpha but that's the peak level of strength on this planet,' Gustav analyzed as he sat within a dining area.

In this large dinning area, sitting across from him was a nine feet tall blue skinned male with a one inch horn protruding out of his chin. He exuded a domineering aura as he sat in place while throwing a strong gaze at the being sitting from across him.

On the left was, Sersi who dug into the exotic dishes arranged on the dinning table made of a precious green rock.

Opposite Sersi was a young but mature looking purple skinned female. She had a pair of pear-shaped golden eyes and silky black hair. She was extremely beautiful with her massive chest brushing against the side of the dinning as she sat in place.

The Emperor finally lowered his gaze to stare at the dishes before reaching to grab a large piece of meat. He proceeded to take a huge bite out of it whilst maintaining a poker face.

It was at this same moment that the others finally decided to eat as well. Emperor Dhios watched as the ten feet tall being on the far end of the table dig into the food just like he did. They were almost mirroring each other and both radiated with a certain pressure that put fear on the faces of the maids serving them.

The young Abruikis female opposite them also ate slowly without as much as an expression on her face. She almost seemed like a puppet. Sersi seemed to be the only one here eating without a care in the world.

"Investigator Barron Diov, I trust you have been enjoying your stay here." Emperor Dhios questioned after gulping down another large piece of meat.

The silence was finally broken due to this question.

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"Indeed Emperor Dhios… My stay here has been quite splendid. It almost feels like a vacation," Gustav who was still in the form of Barron Diov answered with a tone of satisfaction.

"That is wonderful news," Emperor Dhios replied.

"The food is good. The hospitality is truly delightful but I still have a lot of places to inspect in person," Gustav pointed out before gulping down a mouthful of what would be considered wine on this planet.

'This is terrible… I would barf it out if I didn't have to play the role of Diov,' Gustav internalized his disgust.

Emperor Dhios hand paused the drink close to his lips after he heard Gustav's last statement.

"Investigator Barron, I have some gifts for you," Emperor Dhios stated.

"How wonderful…" Gustav spoke with a delighted tone but internally, 'This must be where the bribery comes in,'

In the next instant a bunch of people stepped into the living room and dropped items in large packaging beside Gustav. 

"Grey ore stones… thousands of them. As you are well aware, very valuable," Emperor Dhios stated.

"Much appreciated Emperor. Really mouth watering gifts," Gustav said with a tone of appreciation.

"I am indeed glad you like them. I hope this gift implores Investigator Barron to send a good report back to the alliance," Emperor Dhios voiced out exactly as Gustav had predicted.

"Emperor you needn't say anymore. This planet is no doubt in good condition and in good hands," Gustav said while letting out a low chuckle.

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