Chapter 117: Great Dao Green Lotus; World Opening (1)

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“I saw that you’ve already reached the peak of Qi Refinement and Body Refinement. Have you prepared your Foundation Establishment Dao Seed?” Yuan Dao stroked his white beard.

“I’ve indeed reached the peak. I originally planned to continue nurturing for three years and build a stronger foundation before building my foundation. But now that I have this Foundation Building Flower, I don’t have to spend time nurturing anymore. ”

This was the nurturing method that his master, Jiang Qingyan, had told him.

When one reached the peak of Qi Refinement, using the nurturing method could make one’s foundation stronger, stabilize the foundation, and increase the success rate of entering the Foundation Establishment Realm.

His foundation had already been nurtured for more than a year.

“Nurturing method… It seems that your master treats you quite well.” Yuan Dao nodded.

“As for the Dao Seed, I’ve already prepared it. If you have a more suitable one, that would be for the best.”

“Hehe… What a sly little fox. I do have a few here.”

A bolt of lightning appeared in Yuan Dao’s palm.

The seven-colored lightning kept jumping like a stream of light. It flickered with a strange light and was quite eye-catching.

Natural Strange Thunder—Seven-Colored Flowing Light Thunder!

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There were many strange things in the world. They could only be formed under certain conditions.

He Qingge’s eyes lit up. His master was really good at dealing with people. If he asked for benefits, his master would really give them.

They had just become master and disciple, yet he had already obtained two treasures.

He was certain of his master.

Yuan Dao looked at He Qingge with satisfaction. The Seven-Colored Flowing Light Thunder in his hand condensed into a ball and entered the transparent glass ball.

He threw it to He Qingge.

“Come with me and I’ll bring you to a place.”

Yuan Dao flicked his sleeves and left.

As the world spun, He Qingge felt his body being dragged out. He looked around and found that he was already 10,000 meters above the ground.

Fortunately, he had the protection of his magic power. Otherwise, just flying at high speed would cause him to feel the pressure of the external airflow.

Even when looking down at the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace from the sky, he was still unable to see its full appearance.

There was a hazy immortal energy floating everywhere, which could effectively block the detection of others.

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Was this one of the top sects of the human race?

They arrived at the center of a formation. He Qingge could easily tell that this formation was a Spirit Gathering Formation.

However, it wasn’t the usual small Spirit Gathering Formation, but a large Spirit Gathering Formation. He Qingge could not determine the exact level of the array, but judging from its complexity, he could guess that it was very strong.

“Building your foundation requires a quiet and good place. You build your foundation in the middle, and Lil Ke will guard you.”

The woman rolled her eyes helplessly but did not say anything.

“Thank you, Master, Senior.” He Qingge was grateful.

The woman formed a seal with her fingers. The Tai Chi and Eight Trigrams on the ground began to spin.

The spiritual energy of the entire mountain peak was gathered here. There was also a spiritual vein in the mountain peak. In a short period of time, the array was already filled with the dense spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

He Qingge calmed himself down and sat cross-legged on the ground, adjusting his condition to the best.

Then, he took out the Immortal Flower and swallowed it. In an instant, a powerful force penetrated his entire body.

A numb feeling spread from his scalp to every part of his body, including his skin, muscles, blood, meridians, bones, and spinal cord…

His essence, Qi, and spirit were fused as one, and his entire body had reached the most perfect state.

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Foundation Establishment required one to condense one’s essence, Qi, and spirit into one, fusing the Dao Seed, essence, Qi, and spirit to establish the Dao foundation.

The method was very simple, but there were less than one in a hundred cultivators at the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm who could successfully build their foundation.

They had to control their essence, Qi, and spirit to the extreme.

The degree of explosion caused by the fusion of the Dao Seed and essence, Qi, and spirit was unimaginable.

It was very difficult for a body at the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm to withstand such a powerful pressure.

Thus, they needed a Foundation Building Pill to maintain the balance.

Cultivators without Foundation Establishment Pills only had one chance to reach the Foundation Establishment. Once they failed, the Dao Seed and the essence, Qi, and spirit in their bodies would collide violently. They would not be able to withstand it.

The worst result was near death, and the better result was heavy injuries. They would suffer from a Dao injury that could not be recovered in a short period of time.

They would also lose the chance to build their foundation again.

The effect of Foundation Establishment Pills was very strong. They mainly maintained the balance in the cultivator’s body and stabilized the body. They formed a strong protective film in all aspects of the body.

At that time, even if they failed, their body would not suffer serious injuries.

This was the main effect of Foundation Establishment Pills.

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For those who did not use Dao Seeds to establish their foundation, it was not so easy to do it.

First, their foundation had to be firm. Their essence, Qi, and spirit had to be at the Primordial Chaos level.

Their control over their own body had to reach its peak.

It sounded simple, but how many people could actually do this?

Even if they could do this, the success rate was less than 50%.

He Qingge swallowed a high-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

He Qingge’s expression was a little twisted. His handsome face had been completely ruined.

He had already controlled his body to the extreme.

He could not control his essence, Qi, and spirit with his heart. The originally gentle essence, Qi, and spirit had become like three blades at this moment.

No one gave in to the other, and it was very difficult to gather them together.

When the three powers fused together, they would create a powerful force that would continuously wreak havoc in the body.

It was difficult to achieve a balance.

He Qingge finally understood why the success rate of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment was so low..

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