Monster Integration

Chapter 3551: 3551

Chapter 3551 Fight

"What a strength!" I exclaimed as I gripped my fists.

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I wanted to move immediately and fight against the Grimms waiting for me, but that would be a mistake. 

I need to be as calm as possible, which I am not, and also, I am not finished. There is one more thing I have to do. 

Though I could do it later, but I don't want to. If I will do it later, it will waste too much time.

A few seconds later, I closed my eyes and entered my core. The first thing, I looked at was a merge, which had increased to 2.9% from 1.4% before.

It is pretty good. I did it well above average.

There is no change in its shape or color, but it seemed to become thicker than before, and it had had.

I looked for a few seconds before I went to the place where my clones were waiting for me.

Yes. I am creating another clone; it is one of the perks of being Sovereign. I could now create three at every stage; it is the thing that makes me most happy, seeing how useful the clones are.


I started the process, and a few minutes later; I fell unconscious.

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When I woke up, there was another clone in front of me. Now, I have eight clones in my core and I could do many things with them.

"Hello, clone," I said to my clone. "Hello, Michael," it said back.

A second later, all the clones disappeared. 

The seven of them went to their previous jobs, four in the library to work on the next level of inheritance; the fifth one to artifice, the sixth one to alchemy, the seventh to second continent to work on slime, and a few other things.

The eighth one begins work on healing; it will use its time practicing culinary and healing.

These responsibilities were part of large of the seventh clone, but now the eighth clone will do them.

After sending them, I looked at other changes in my clone, like improved density of energy and quality of soil and a few other things, before stepping out.

The Grimms are still waiting, and I planned to make them wait even more.

I took out the abode and went inside and I stayed there for an hour and a half before coming out of it. I have showered and eaten.

My emotions are also in control. I am now ready to battle.

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So, I removed the formation and came face to face with Grimms. All of whom turned at me, as I moved the formation.

They grinned at me, and I grinned back, before taking the step forward out of the pod. Which seemed to surprise them; they thought I wouldn't be coming out till the pod expels me.

 "So, you have finally accepted your death human," said the Lionman with a big smile.

"You know, fighting here is dangerous. It might trigger the formations," I said to them, hearing that, the smiles on their faces become brighter.

"Don't worry, native, it won't happen," they said with a grin, while I sighed. Like the ploy I had been working for had failed.

Of course, I know they won't react.

There are seven ways where there are broken formations that don't react by any energy. 

They will only react when touched and seeing how the other two Grimms have moved to surround me triangle formation; I don't think they will let that happen.

"Well, it seemed like there was no other choice, that fight," I said with disappointment, and the spear appeared in my hand.

Lionman had frowned at a moment, as if it had sensed something, before the smile returned to its face.

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"You should surrender native; it would be painful since you had made us wait for this long, but if you made us fight, we will make it even more painful," it said, with the cruelty burning in his eyes.

"Do your worst," it said, and the aura blasted from all three Grimms and they came at me.

The Golden Fire Werewolf in front of me is High-Earth Sovereign Grimm, while the Deerman and Weaselman are Peak Earth-Sovereigns, but weaker than it.

My real target is obviously the Golden Fire Werewolf; it is the strongest energy I have ever faced, and I want its bloodline.


I came at me with an aura blazing and swung its long sword. Which is quite surprising, as a few Werewolves used the weapons other than the metallic claws.

Which are their signature weapons.

Though in all the Werewolf tribes, it is the Golden Fire Werewolf tribesmen who use the other weapons the most.

The attack coming at me was powerful; those golden flames, powered by the bloodline energy, were not easy to deal with. I had experienced it very well; how dangerous those flames could become.

It is not the only attack coming at me. The other two have launched the attack and, seeing the way they did; it is clear that these three have an experience of working together.

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I swung my sword toward the Werewolf and soon, there was less than a meter of distance remaining between us.

That's when I disappeared and appeared behind the Golden Fire Werewolf and swung my sword hard at the neck of the Grimm.

It surprised it and the other two. They had never expected me to have such speed.

Though they reacted instantly.

Powerful bloodline aura blasted out of the body of the Golden Fire Werewolf and it turned at incredible speed and brought its fiery sword against mine.


Our weapons clashed and its golden fire tried to consume the invisible fire burning in my sword, but it resisted.

Though it was still able to send the attack of bloodline energy to me. My armor accepted with all its gratefulness and refined it through the thousands of formations before sending the energy on my runes.

"What did you do inside the pod?" it asked after a moment of silence.

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