Chapter 106: Ignoring Her Daughter’s Life

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With a crunch, they ate a melon seed, but no one noticed anything different.

Feng Fei, on the other hand, had sharp eyes. She got down from the chair and walked to Fu Xin’s side, looking for something on the ground. Everyone looked at this little fellow curiously, and then they heard Feng Fei shout, “The melon seeds fell to the ground.” She was afraid that no one would be able to find them, so she picked up the melon seeds and showed them to everyone.

Then, Fu Xin took out another melon seed and started munching on it. This time, everyone saw it clearly. The melon seed kernels fell to the ground, and the melon seed skin fell into Fu Xin’s palm.

[Haha… How could this be? She doesn’t even know how to eat melon seeds.]

[Is this a living handicapped? It’s ridiculous that she doesn’t know how to munch on melon seeds.]

[Oh my god! Isn’t she too cute? A beauty actually doesn’t know how to munch on melon seeds.]

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[Is she cute? She’s clearly a handicapped person, okay?]

[It’s cute. I think it’s cute. It’s super cute.]

[What is Little Xinyuan doing?]

Jiang Xinyuan did not do anything. He was just pondering. No wonder his mother and Aunt Zhang ate melon seeds differently. It turned out that they did not know how to munch!

After Fu Xin finished her performance, she returned to her seat. Jiang Xinyuan leaned in front of her and said softly, “Mom, give me the melon seeds!”

Fu Xin thought that Jiang Xinyuan wanted to eat it, so she took out the melon seeds from her pocket and gave them to Jiang Xinyuan. “But you can’t eat them now. You have to eat the meal first, or the food will be gone.”

“Okay!” Jiang Xinyuan agreed obediently. Then, like Fu Xin, he placed the melon seeds into his cute little pocket.

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[It’s really rare to see such an obedient child! I won’t eat it if Mommy doesn’t allow me to.]

[Little Xinyuan has always been so obedient. I really like it.]

[But the reason Fu Xin gave is so heartbreaking! Otherwise, the food would have disappeared? What kind of godly reason is this?]

[I thought she wanted to say that he was not allowed to eat snacks before dinner! But she actually said that the food would disappear? Funny, funny…] [She’s not a mother in the traditional sense. She has a lot of godly tricks!]

“Why don’t you listen to me? Didn’t I ask you to play with Jiang Xinyuan and the others?” Bai Ruirui did not dare to look up. She was praying that her mother would not blame her, but her wish had failed.

She did not complete the mission her mother had given her. She felt that she had failed. She looked at Chen Xiaomei silently. At this moment, she was cursing her useless daughter in her heart.

Everyone was guessing the reason why Fu Xin didn’t succeed in munching on melon seeds. Only she was talking to Bai Ruirui, so the camera naturally paid attention to everyone. Hence, they weren’t filming Chen Xiaomei, so they naturally didn’t notice what she was doing.

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She hid her hand under the table and was about to pinch Bai Ruirui when she met Huo Ran’s gaze. Bai Ruirui thought that her mother was going to pinch her and shrank her neck. However, in the end, the bone-piercing pain did not come.

Her mother didn’t pinch her. She didn’t know why her mother didn’t, but in the end, her mother said, “Eat quickly.”

Then, she picked up a prawn and placed it in her bowl. Her mother knew that she hated prawns the most. In the past, when she wanted to eat prawns, she would cut them into small pieces and mix them into her favorite dishes.

Even so, she would still be angry when she saw the prawns. In order to balance the nutrition, her mother had no choice but to make them more broken and less. She would put them in her favorite dishes so that she could eat a little.

She even secretly swore that she would not eat a single prawn when she grew up. She would not eat even when people forced her.

But now…

Her mother would no longer work hard just to make her eat another mouthful of shrimp. Instead, she placed a large piece of shrimp in her bowl. If she could go back to the past, she would definitely hug her mother tightly and promise her that she would eat anything in the future.

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Thinking of this, her eyes couldn’t help but tear up. In order not to let everyone discover that she was crying, she lowered her head and ate silently.

Perhaps after eating the prawns, her mother would return to the past? At the thought of this, she couldn’t help but eat in big mouthfuls. As she ate, she felt darkness in front of her eyes. Then, she heard everyone exclaim.

[F*ck, is there a mistake? Is she hiding?]

[Yes, I saw it too. When Bai Ruirui fell, Chen Xiaomei was actually hiding. How did she become a mother?]

[Is this a black-hearted mother? She doesn’t even care about her daughter’s life?]

[Isn’t this too cruel? Is this her biological mother?]

[I can’t bear to continue watching. It’s really unlucky to have such a mother.]

[I suddenly feel so lucky. My mother has been very good to me since I was young..]

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