Demon’s Diary

Chapter 1432: 1432

Chapter 1432: Blood Lion Legion

“If Sir Demon Emperor really agrees to this marriage, it will be very detrimental to Your Highness.” Huangfu Zhantian said.

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Huangfu Jiangu was startled when he heard this, then his face darkened.

“Having said that, Liu Ming was able to activate the Void Demonic Cauldron. He must have the blood of the Huangfu Family. It is very likely that he is the blood of a prince from the previous generation who was living outside. Once he marries Princess Ying, he will be regarded as the son-in-law of the Huangfu Family. Although Sir Demon Emperor declared the selection invalid, there is no guarantee that he will not be cultivated in the future, and…” Huangfu Zhantian’s white eyebrows moved slightly as he analyzed with a solemn expression.

“Go on.” Huangfu Jiangu touched his chin while pacing, but there was a little more impetuousness in his steps.

“And on the day of the election, Void Demonic Cauldron seemed to be quite interested in Princess Ying. Although I don’t know why it gave up later, this woman is also Your Highness’s enemy. Lord Demon Emperor loves Princess Ying very much, as you know.” Huangfu Zhantian continued.

Huangfu Jiangu suddenly stopped, and his eyes filled with coldness. He said, “Elder Zhantian, where is Liu Ming now?”

For Zhao Qianying, Huangfu Jiangu couldn’t do anything for the time being. This girl was deeply loved by Huangfu Yupo and Lord Demon Emperor, and the Huangfu Family strictly prohibited infighting among the heirs. Violators would be severely punished.

“I just received news that Liu Ming has come out of the Inner Void Realm. Sir Demon Emperor has arranged for him to join the Imperial Army to suppress the rebellion to atone for his sins for ruining the crown prince selection.” Huangfu Zhantian got closer to Huangfu Jiangu and whispered.

Huangfu Jiangu pondered for a moment after hearing the words. He sneered faintly with sinister light in his eyes as if he thought of a plan.

At this moment, in Han State which was hundreds of thousands of miles away.

The large frozen canyon where the entrance to Demon Abyss was located was shrouded in a large white mist. Even the nearby mountains were covered in it.

Although the trip to Demon Abyss more than 10 years ago was secretive and the major families tried their best to keep it secret, the strange phenomena in the canyon still attracted the attention of some local people.

The white mist covering the canyon persisted for a long time, and some brave demons wanted to explore it. As a result, most of the demons who entered were vanished from the world.

Therefore, no one in the local area dared to approach this place.

Deep in the canyon at this moment, Liu Huifeng was standing on a boulder. Behind him stood a gray-robed man and a gray-robed woman. The man looked to be in his thirties and had a rather ugly appearance. The woman looked quite beautiful with a silver hoop on her head. They were the 2 Mystic Comprehending State demons who had appeared together outside You Rong City.

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The white mist in front of them actually had rows of tall demon corpses standing there. The number was as high as five thousand.

These demon corpses were all powerful beings at the Celestial State, but at this moment, each of them looked dull as if they had been suppressed by the enchantment that suppressed their limited intelligence.

The powerful corpse aura emitted from these demon corpses condensed into gray-red clouds. If it weren’t for the enchantment above the canyon, these corpse aura would have shot straight into the sky.

In the midair behind Liu Huifeng and the others, a gray space tunnel was slightly emitting crystal light. It seemed to be closing up. However, in the space tunnel, a green whip was supporting the space tunnel.

“Fortunately, we have the Demon Destroy Whip… By the way, how much blood turnip is left to summon the demon corpse?” Liu Huifeng asked with a slight flash in his eyes.

“Family Master, we’ve almost used up all of it.” The gray-robed man behind Liu Huifeng said in a low voice.

Liu Huifeng’s face turned grim, then he sighed and said: “Forget it, being able to summon more than five thousand demon corpses is enough to surprise Huangfu Yong. Let’s continue summoning after the blood turnip is replenished.”

“Yes! Family Master, with these five thousand Celestial State demon corpses, the Huangfu Family is no longer our opponent.” The gray-robed man said with excitement.

“If there is only the Huangfu family, there is nothing to be afraid of. But I just got the news that Huangfu Yong used this tribute ritual to convince the other 3 great families to form an alliance. It is estimated that they will attack soon.” Liu Huifeng said faintly.

“What!” When the gray-robed man and gray-robed woman heard this, they blurted out in shock.

Although the 3 great families were slightly weaker than the Liu Family and the Huangfu Family, the 3 great families had at least existed for countless years. Now that they formed an alliance with the Huangfu Family, the Liu Family’s situation became extremely dire.

“You don’t need to panic. Although the 3 great families have formed an alliance with the Huangfu Family, they will definitely not use their full force. According to my estimation, they will use at most 40% of their forces. I’m afraid that there are still people among them who want to benefit from it.” Liu Huifeng said with a faint smile.

The gray-robed man and woman looked relieved after hearing this.

“By the way, Ancestor Yao still hasn’t responded?” The gray-robed woman behind Liu Huifeng asked suddenly.

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When Liu Huifeng heard this, he sighed and said, “Ancestor Yao will not care about the Liu Family’s affairs anymore as he is pursuing the path to eternal life. I’m afraid he won’t help this time.”

The gray-robed man and woman looked disappointed.

“Even without Ancestor Yao’s help, we may not necessarily lose. Send the first batch of demon corpses to the front line and pass my order to the second elder. Before the Huangfu Family makes a move, we must strike first.” Liu Huifeng said in a deep voice and a cold face.

“Yes!” The gray-robed man and woman responded at the same time.

The Liu Family’s actions were all carried out secretly. The Huangfu Family and the other 3 great families did not notice anything strange.

However, the Huangfu Family and the 3 great families were not idle either. They were now deploying their troops. The Family Alliance was also recruiting and forming in an orderly manner.

More than half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

At the entrance of a large market in Central Imperial City, Liu Ming walked out with a slight smile.

In the past few days, Liu Ming sensed the Huangfu Family’s military mobilization in the Imperial City. Judging from the Demon Emperor’s actions and determination this time, he seemed to be determined to completely eliminate the Liu Family’s rebellion in one fell swoop.

The Liu Family was one of the 4 great families and had a profound background from the previous dynasty. This confrontation must be a fierce battle that he had never encountered before. Many Celestial State and even Mystic Comprehending State powerful demons would fall in this war.

Moreover, Liu Ming always felt that the Liu Family must have something to rely on for them to rebel under the name of the former dynasty. The war would be more complicated and difficult than anyone imagined. Any accidents might happen at any time.

So during this period of time, Liu Ming had been running around Imperial City to make preparations as much as possible.

Yu State was the most prosperous state among the 33 states and counties in the Thousands Demons Continent. The Central Imperial City was the most essential part of Yu State. With the tribute ceremony being held, the transactions in various markets were unprecedentedly hot, and supplies were unprecedentedly abundant. Some rare treasures could often be seen on the market.

In the few days before the ceremony, Liu Ming only took a quick look. Now in order to prepare for the upcoming intense battle, he invested almost all his time in the market and various trade fairs in order to have more opportunities to protect himself.

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During this month, he went to various markets, trade fairs, and even the underground black markets 6 times, spending tons of demonic crystal stones.

However, his harvest was also bountiful. He purchased a large number of precious talismans and elixirs.

He just participated in a big auction and bought 3 yuan bone sarira with 30 million demonic crystal stones. This item was also an excellent material for condensing the demonic body. Together with the blood rot wood and other materials purchased previously, Mo Tian’s demonic body should be more refined. The completion should reach 75%.

After passing through the Void Demonic Hall, Liu Ming knew that his fate was intertwined with Mo Tian’s and needed to face the behemoth Central Dynasty together.

In this situation, he couldn’t care about the intrigue with Mo Tian. At the moment, he tried to enhance Mo Tian’s strength as much as possible, that was, to increase his survival rate.

Central Imperial was affected by the war, so the number of people on the streets was much less. Liu Ming did not stay on the streets for long and quickly returned to the Genix Garden.

However, when he stepped into the small courtyard, he was startled and saw a white-robed veiled woman standing in the small courtyard. It was Huangfu Yupo.

“Greetings to Elder Yupo.” Liu Ming quickly calmed down and cupped his fist to greet, feeling shock in his mind.

Huangfu Yupo came to him personally. It seemed that the Huangfu Family was finally ready and the army was about to set off.

“Family Master Liu, I think you already know the purpose of my coming. In this war, you have been assigned to my Blood Lion Legion. The legion will set off soon. I’m here to take you there today. How is your preparation in the past few days?” Huangfu Yupo said with a solemn expression.

“I’m ready. Then I’ll trouble Elder Huangfu to bring me there.” Liu Ming nodded and said.

“Then let’s go.”

Huangfu Yupo didn’t say any more polite words. She wrapped them with a purple light and flew away outside the imperial city.

After a quarter of an hour later, they came to a hidden valley near Imperial City.

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Liu Ming glanced around, and he was shocked.

A huge fortress was suddenly built in the valley. There were hundreds of tall towers surrounding the fortress. Groups of Huangfu Family’s soldiers were patrolling back and forth in the fortress. An absolute icy atmosphere filled the fortress.

A large purple flag was flapping above the fortress, and a blood lion was depicted on the flag.

The number of soldiers in the fortress was almost more than 100,000 as far as he could see at this moment, and their cultivation levels were not low. The weakest ones were at least the Condensation Period. There were also many Crystallization Period and Real Pellet State.

Liu Ming’s Divine Thought found out that there were dozens of Celestial State demons.

The Huangfu Family declared that they had 6 legions. If their strength was similar, not to mention other low-tier demons, the Celestial State demons alone had hundreds of demons. Such a force was more than a hundred times that of the Qing Family.

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