Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3608: 3608

Chapter 3608 Creating A Path For You To Survive

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Mo Chen was taken aback when he saw the Master of the Black Lotus raise the surging air currents condensed in his palms and aim them at Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He yelled, “Leave! Leave now!”

When Old White came to, it was just as shocked by what it saw. It immediately thought of leaving, but just as it was about to leap forward carrying the two on its back, a sinister voice came from behind.

“Leaving? Hahaha! Who can escape from my grasp today?”

As soon as he stopped speaking, the black air currents instantly formed a black shield in the space, trapping them inside and preventing their escape.

Old White, incredulous, kept charging forward but was repelled by the powerful air currents only to be pushed back several metres before it could regain its balance. Now it was asking in a panic, “What should we do? We’re trapped!”


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Old White screamed, then realised its body was immobilized by a surge of black aura, making escape impossible.

“Hahaha!” As he directed the black air currents in his hand at Xuanyuan Mo Ze, the Master of the Black Lotus burst out laughing.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was unable to muster his strength due to the rampant Black Lotus energy inside his body. Feng Jiu was anxious, but she had been severely injured in the last attack. There was no way she could shelter them in her space, so she could only watch helplessly as this scene unfolded.


Green Dragon and Fire Phoenix rushed over from a distance, seemingly sensing their crisis. But as they tried to rush forward to save them, the powerful black barrier stopped them.


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The two figures smashed violently against the boundary barrier, yet it just caused the black air currents to surge, as if a small stone had been tossed into the water, before returning to normal.

“Humph! Even if you are ancient sacred beasts, you can’t break my Black Lotus barrier!” the Master of the Black Lotus sneered. “Just stand there and watch how your masters die by my hands!”

The Master of the Black Lotus’s gravity force tried to pull Xuanyuan Mo Ze in, but Old White’s tail strained to hold him back. Mo Chen, seeing this, gritted his teeth. Despite his severe injuries, he gathered his strength and charged at the Master of the Black Lotus, interrupting the dark force.

“With my Holy Power, break the dark array! Holy Light, purify!”

Mo Chen’s deep voice resounded through the air as he blocked the Master of the Black Lotus’s attack while using his holy power to weaken the Black Lotus’ boundary barrier, creating a path for Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze to survive. “Nuisance!”

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The Master of the Black Lotus’s voice was filled with bloodthirst. The condensed dark energy in his hand was no longer aimed at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu but at Mo Chen, who stood in front of them in his white robe.

Mo Chen’s powerful holy light had already begun to erode the Black Lotus Boundary Barrier. However, the dark aura from the Master of the Black Lotus was also gradually devouring his holy light and invading his body…

“Mo Chen!”

Feng Jiu’s voice was weak and filled with sorrow. She watched as his holy light weakened, as his body was gradually swallowed up by the black aura. His true energy was dissipating, and his body was slowly becoming transparent…

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