Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3607: 3607

Chapter 3607 To Protect with One’s Life

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“Feng Jiu!” “Ah Jiu!”

Almost simultaneously, Mo Chen’s shout and Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s incredulous voice rang out. Both of them saw a red figure fly out like a kite with its string cut, spilling a mouthful of blood that traced an arc in mid-air before falling down. Feng Jiu’s figure also fell, disappearing into the clouds, and falling towards the bottom.

Just then, a flash of light appeared, and Old White shot out from the space. Its dragon-like body swung down to catch the falling Feng Jiu.

“Master, Master!”

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Old White called out anxiously. It felt a surge of fear and panic when it turned back and saw Feng Jiu’s pale face and the blood on her lips. However, when it raised its head, it saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was also falling down. It quickly flew out to catch him.

“Hell’s Lord, how did you get injured like this? How are you? How is my Master?” It suppressed the other few contracted beasts in space. After all, this was an aerial battle. The contracted beasts in space would be useless since they didn’t have the ability to fly.

It knew its master was up against a formidable opponent this time, but it didn’t anticipate that she would be seriously injured.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face was pale as he held Feng Jiu’s hand. When he saw that she had passed out, his voice trembled as he called out, “Ah Jiu? Ah Jiu, wake up…”

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Feng Jiu who had fainted from the blow, faintly heard Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s voice. Forcing her heavy eyelids open, she saw his face and pulled the corners of her mouth into a relieved smile.

“I’m relieved that you’re alright.”

Her soft and feeble voice struck Xuanyuan Moze hard, and he felt a tightness in his chest. He hugged her tightly, his deep voice filled with affection and concern, “Fool, in my heart, your life is more important than mine. If you live, my life has meaning.”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled happily. She wanted him to know that he was also more important than her life, and she would not hesitate to sacrifice herself for him. However, the attack left her with serious wounds, making it difficult for her to speak. Her internal organs were severely injured and even the slightest movement would tear the injuries, making her face even paler. “Hahaha! Feng Jiu, I never expected you two to be such a pair of lovesick fools! You would risk your lives for each other. Excellent, excellent indeed, hahaha!”

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The Master of the Black Lotus’ maniacal laughter spread throughout the sky, shaking the air. His laughter abruptly stopped and his sinister eyes filled with murderous intent fixed on Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze, revealing a strange gleam.

“Killing you directly would not be enough to extinguish the anger in my heart, but I can make you feel the pain of being alive but not dead, the pain of tearing your heart out!”

He paused, he looked viciously at the pale Feng Jiu with a grim smile. “Right now, you’re like lambs waiting for the slaughter. I can kill you with a flick of my finger. In that case, how about you watch as I kill the man you love right in front of you?”

His voice was filled with savage ferocity and a tinge of manic excitement. As he spoke, his palm began to condense terrifying dark air currents…

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