Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3606: 3606

Chapter 3606 Blocking With Her body

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Feng Jiu felt sorry to see Mo Chen hurt again. If not for aiding them, he wouldn’t have been so seriously injured and his true energy severely depleted.

She turned to look at the Black Lotus, which was releasing a powerful dark aura that was spreading through the air. Not only was it affecting their immediate vicinity, but it was also spreading to a farther distance. She became anxious. If the Black Lotus’ aura started spreading again, it would hurt those who came to help them. However, before she could act, she heard the Master of the Black Lotus sneer as his gaze swept across Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face. The next moment, he came charging at them fiercely.

Powerful air currents swirled and the black aura swept over the sky as fast as a cyclone. When she saw an eerie smile on the face of the Master of the Black Lotus, Feng Jiu felt a sudden jolt of alarm. She saw the Master of the Black Lotus reach into the air and a blade of whirling wind whizzed down at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. Instinctively, she looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and noticed his expression didn’t seem right; sweat was seeping on his forehead, and his lips were the wrong colour. It seemed like he was fighting to suppress his discomfort.

When she realised that he was gripping the sword hard with quivering hands and staring directly at the attack without making any move to avoid it, she felt a surge of hot blood race through her head and lounge towards him as if in a frenzy. “Move! Get out of the way!”

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Damn it! Why didn’t she notice that something was wrong with him earlier? Why was she careless and thought he was fine? It was clear that he didn’t have the strength to dodge; his condition was very bad!

What alarmed her even more was that the Master of the Black Lotus seemed to have noticed this too. The attack that was first meant for her suddenly changed its target to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He was trying to kill Xuanyuan Mo Ze, intending to take his life!

No! She would not allow anyone to hurt him. Whoever dared to take his life, she would send them to eternal damnation!

“Ah Jiu, don’t come!”

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s body was trembling. The surge of spirit energy in his body and flowing true energy caused the black lotus energy that he had suppressed to run rampant. It was already out of control and was flowing through every meridian in his body. He felt as if he were plunging into an icy abyss, sapping him of all his strength.

He wanted to move out of the way but didn’t have the strength to dodge the fatal blow coming his way. However, he didn’t want Feng Jiu to get hurt because of him.

He forced himself to circulate his vital energy, which caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood. His face turned even paler, and his body swayed before finally collapsing to the ground. However, the Master of the Black Lotus’ attack didn’t miss. It followed him down, gaining additional force.


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Feng Jiu let out a heart-wrenching scream. When she saw the palm strike directed at Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s head, she sped up even more. Initially, she couldn’t have reached him before the palm strike, but she moved so fast that she appeared like a flash of light. The speed was so incredible that Mo Chen and Xuanyuan Mo Ze failed to see her, and even the Master of the Black Lotus couldn’t catch her movement.


A force pushed Xuanyuan Mo Ze away with a heavy blow, and that sound seemed to ring clear right next to their ears…

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