Chapter 2377: Sister Nian Is a Fighter Among Geniuses

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The Ji family’s old residence occupied a large area. It was a combination of Chinese and Western-style courtyards that occupied a few thousand square meters.

The structure was extremely complicated.

There were also many people in charge of security.

Therefore, if Qiao Nian wanted to barge into the old residence, she could not do it just by cutting off the signal.

At this moment, because the Ji family’s internal signal had been cut off, the surveillance cameras outside could not be used. Guan Yan’s arrogant red sports car was parked outside the Ji family’s outer wall.

Hearing the explosion in front of her, she pressed between her eyebrows. She could not believe that she had really accompanied Qiao Nian to barge into the Ji family’s old residence.

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“A portion has already been lured away. What should we do next?” Although Guan Yan had a headache, she did not hesitate when it was time to do something. She quickly unbuckled the seatbelt, opened the door, and turned to get out.

An extremely young girl was sitting in the front passenger seat. The girl was wearing a hoodie and her baseball cap was lowered, revealing only her snow-white chin. Her thin lips were pursed slightly in a sloppy arc as she said, “There’s no hurry. Let’s wait a little longer.”

Guan Yan looked at her deeply and wanted to ask her, Boss, aren’t you afraid? It was as if they were dancing on the edge of a knife and could be discovered at any time.

Qiao Nian raised her eyelids at her.

Guan Yan saw that she was relaxed and did not look the least bit afraid. She swallowed her words.

Just then, her cell phone vibrated again.

Guan Yan frowned and took it out. She looked down.

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The profile picture of the ‘pretty boy’ kept popping up. He had sent her a lot of WeChat messages. The notifications on the profile picture were almost 99+.

Guan Yan did not read any of them, but she could roughly guess what the other party was saying. Hence, she looked up and said to the girl, “Boss, your husband is looking for you quite urgently. Are you really not going to consider going back and discussing it with him? Must you take the risk alone?”

The girl was playing with a remote control. There were seven or eight buttons on it, and they were all used to control the explosives they had set up in various parts of the residence an hour ago. Upon hearing this, she looked up, her dark eyes extremely dark. “No need.”

Then, she tapped her fair fingertips.

Guan Yan only heard another explosion a few hundred meters to her right. She looked up and could vaguely see a shattered outer wall.

“This power…” Even Guan Yan was shocked. She muttered in a low voice, dumbfounded.

The explosives they used today were all brought out by Qiao Nian from the First Research Institute. Needless to say, Qiao Nian must have made them herself.

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The size of the explosives was extremely small, and they looked like small rocks that could be seen everywhere.

Guan Yan thought that it was a small toy when she held it in her hand. It was only when Qiao Nian told her that it was an explosive or a new kind of remote-controlled explosive with great lethality… that she put it back.

The girl did not seem to be affected by these sounds. She calmly operated the remote control.

There was another explosion.

Two places, three places…

In the next 10 minutes, no less than five explosions occurred in various parts of the residence.

Everyone in the Ji family was startled by the endless explosions and came out to check on the situation.

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Not only did Qiao Nian use explosives, but she also used a virus to invade the system and monitor the movements in the residence…

The screen was displaying the Ji family’s chaotic surveillance footage.

Almost everyone in the old residence had come out and were checking the situation at the explosion points..

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