Chapter 2376: Sister Nian: I’m Going to Get Something

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Guan Yan still did not want her to take such a risk.

Although she didn’t know what clues Qiao Nian had obtained from the Morse code left behind by Ji Qing, this thing was a matter of risking her life!

“I just don’t want them to get involved. That’s why I didn’t give them all the

Morse code translated previously…’

Guan Yan hesitated. “But you can’t take the risk alone.”

Qiao Nian stuffed her hands into her pockets and looked at her with no change in her expression. “I’m just going to get something. I have to get that thing.” Guan Yan could not do anything to her. Coincidentally, her cell phone rang.

She unhappily took it out and looked down. It was actually a WeChat call from Qin Si. She curled her lips, a little surprised. She turned around and showed her phone to Qiao Nian. “This person is quite useful. He knew that he couldn’t find you, so he looked for me.”

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Qiao Nian hung up for her and walked back. “Let’s get to work!”

In the villa.

“She hung up.”

Ye Wangchuan had already rushed back.

Qin Si basically confirmed who Qiao Nian had gone out with. “Sister Qiao should have gone out with Guan Yan.”

This time, Ye Wangchuan even brought the people from the Hacker Alliance along. He asked Qin Si to take a screenshot of Guan Yan’s WeChat and said to them, “Check.”

The Hacker Alliance had just entered Guan Yan’s WeChat number into the search bar and started searching. At first, it was fine. But halfway through the progress bar, the signal was suddenly cut off.

They looked at each other. Only the calm man opposite them said, “The other party should be a computer expert. She blocked the signal herself.’

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Qin Si clicked his tongue and thought to himself, Of course, Guan Yan is an expert. She’s one of the main members of the Red Alliance. How can she not be awesome?

Ye Wangchuan had already turned to look at him. “Continue sending her messages asking where they are.”

Qin Si bitterly agreed and continued to send messages to Guan Yan.

Usually, when he interacted with Guan Yan, he was the one who took the initiative. Guan Yan was more like playing.

Both of them were experts. At the very least, they could barely be considered to have been in contact.

However, this time, Qin Si estimated that if he exploded with the news, his image would be ruined even if he was not blacklisted by Guan Yan.

However, compared to Qiao Nian’s safety, he couldn’t care less about this.


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At the same time, all the signals in the Ji family were suddenly cut off by an external force.

This was no small matter. The Ji family quickly became vigilant and immediately found someone to restore the signal system of the old residence.

However, the few retainers who had always been very capable in this aspect hit a wall one after another. They could not resolve the problem.

However, it was not that they did not have a solution.

When He Lin asked, the few of them discussed for a while and came to a conclusion. “It seems that someone has hacked into the old residence’s security system. We need some time to resolve the virus set up by the other party.”

He Lin asked on Ji Lingfeng’s behalf. Upon hearing that someone was bold enough to hack into their system, he was slightly stunned before solemnly asking, “How long do you need?”

“Two to three hours,” someone answered in a low voice.

He Lin frowned. “That long?”

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The Ji family’s old residence could not use the Internet now as the signal was blocked. Two to three hours might not seem long, but it actually had a huge impact.

Just as he finished speaking, a huge explosion suddenly sounded outside. It was so loud.

Shocked, He Lin quickly walked out and sternly said, “Go outside and see what’s going on!”

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