Chapter 2375: Sister Nian Wants to Barge Into the Ji Family’s Old Residence

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It turned out that Qin Si was quite observant this time.

In a speeding sports car.

Guan Yan was in charge of driving. Qiao Nian sat in the front passenger seat with her notebook on her lap.

Her fair fingers tapped on the keyboard, and she saw that the various Eye In The Sky systems in the independent continent had already blocked the information about Guan Yan’s sports car.

As Guan Yan drove, she glanced at Qiao Nian’s progress from the corner of her eye. Seeing the girl’s hands leave the keyboard, she raised her eyebrows and asked, “Boss, you’re done?”


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Qiao Nian rolled down the window, took out her cell phone, and switched it to flight mode. She also turned off the GPS to prevent anyone from finding her.

After she was done, Guan Yan curled her red lips and smiled. “10 minutes and 36 seconds. Boss, you’re even faster than last time. However, you didn’t tell them this time and came alone. When they find out later, how do you plan to explain it to them?”

“There’s nothing to explain.”

Qiao Nian’s cold and fair hand pulled down the zipper of her collar. Her eyes were cold, as if a sleeping lion was hidden in them, and it could wake up at any time.

“The place I’m going to this time is too dangerous. If they follow me, they will only take the risk with me. There’s no need!”

Guan Yan’s heart was instantly pierced. “…Why didn’t you also leave me out for such a dangerous matter?”

Qiao Nian glanced at her as if she had seen through her. “You won’t put yourself in danger, so it’s fine.”

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Guan Yan lowered his eyes and thought about it. She couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s true.”

She didn’t have any other abilities, but she ran away quickly when she was in danger.

The red sports car quickly drove through the winding mountain road like a bolt of lightning and arrived at a relatively hidden place with many trees on the mountainside.

Guan Yan steadily stopped the car and got out first.

Qiao Nian followed closely behind.

Pointing at a magnificent manor building below and pouting, Guan Yan said,

“The Ji family’s old residence is below.”

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Qiao Nian had already seen the full view of the Ji family’s old residence. It had to be said that the place was awesome. This was halfway up the mountain, so they would not be discovered by the nearby surveillance cameras. At the same time, they could look down at the entire old residence from above.

Guan Yan took out a telescope from the car and threw it to the girl. “Boss, you can see it clearly with this.”

Qiao Nian caught the binoculars and adjusted the magnification before her eyes.

Guan Yan pointed to the approximate location of their target this time. Then, she looked at the girl looking down at the Ji family’s old residence expressionlessly through the binoculars. Her fiery red lips pursed, and a rare trace of worry appeared on her bright face. “Boss, are you really going to barge into the Ji family’s Punishment Hall?”

“I want to find something.” Qiao Nian quickly memorized the map of the Ji family’s old residence.

Guan Yan looked at her deeply and then retracted her gaze. “I know. You’re looking for the clues your mother left for you.”

Qiao Nian returned the binoculars to her.

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Guan Yan looked at her again and persuaded, “Actually, you can ask that person from the Ye family to help you or ask the Dean of the First Research Institute for help. If you barge into the Ji family alone… To be honest, the risk is too high! I’m worried that something will happen to you. That fool Slim Waist Control will scold me again later.”

Was the Ji family’s old residence a place to barge in just like that?

She was usually arrogant enough.

To be honest, compared to Qiao Nian, Guan Yan felt that her small fights in the past were not enough! It was fine if Qiao Nian did act, but once she did, she wanted to barge into the Ji family’s old residence!

The difficulty was comparable to breaking into Buckingham Palace..

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