Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2858: 2858

Chapter 2858 Ling Shu opens Domain

"I understand" he understood, he immediately sent the best people he had to start arresting Ye Chen.

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"boom" a few moments after he issued the order, there were several big explosions, there were so many explosions going off around and it made quite a big mess.

"what happened?" Kong Qamon asked about what happened, he wanted to know what was happening right now.

"This is so bad beyond scary things happening" someone came and reported what happened.

"What really happened? Tell me more clearly" Kong Qamon asked, he wanted to know what happened, he needed information about what was currently happening.

"We were attacked by several mysterious people, and one of them was a man with a mask" he told what happened, he telling them that they were being attacked by Ye Chen.

"So that person has found us, it seems we no longer need to look for him" Kong Qamon said that they no longer needed to look for Ye Chen.

That was because Ye Chen had already come to their place and they didn't need to spend time looking for Ye Chen's whereabouts anymore.

"You, quickly lead everyone and destroy that person, I want him to be defeated quickly" Kong Qamon gave orders to the person behind him.

"Got it" with that he immediately left, he immediately went to fight Ye Chen who was outside.

Ye Chen and Ling Shu started to move forward without any problems, meanwhile Feng Rue and everyone under Ling Shu immediately moved to immobilize everyone present.

"You have quite competent people" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, he could see that they were quite competent.

"Thank you very much, they are really great people" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu also admitted that they were such great people.

They did their job so well and so reliably, they defeated the enemies who tried to get close to Ye Chen and Ling Shu.

They destroyed the guards mercilessly, the guards couldn't fight them because they were so strong.

"it's coming" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, he told them that they have come.

"finally it came" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

"You can't leave this place" he said to Ling Shu and Ye Chen.

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"why can't we go, we just want to meet your boss" said Ling Shu.

"We won't let you meet him, you two are inappropriate" they told her that they wouldn't let Ling Shu do that.

Honestly, he didn't expect that he would see Ling Shu together.

Apart from having a connection with Chen Xing, Ye Chen still had a connection with a troublesome woman.

"So according to you, we are not worthy" Ling Shu looked angry when she heard this matter, she wanted to destroy them all quickly.

"I will destroy them all, you just go ahead and beat that person" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

All the strong people were here, so Ye Chen could battle against Kong Qamon.

Ling Shu was quite confident in Ye Chen's abilities, so she let Ye Chen fight with Kong Qamon.

As long as Ling Shu faced these people, then Ye Chen would be fine.

"I understand, I will leave this matter to you" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she would hand this matter over to Ye Chen.

"I will face that person, so please be careful" said Ye Chen.

"of course, I will be careful, I will not let them win" Ling Shu said.

With that Ye Chen left, he advanced towards Kong Qamon's place.

"Where are you going, don't ignore me?" they blocked Ye Chen's path, they didn't let Ye Chen pass.

"Very troublesome people" Ye Chen saw that they were troublesome people.

"Your opponent is me,Boom. . . ."

Ling Shu stopped those who intended to block Ye Chen's path, she created a super large fire dome to block everyone.

"Ling Shu, why are you helping someone like that, does helping that person benefit you?" the man in the robe asked Ling Shu.

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"Do I need a reason to help him, to be honest I don't like you guys" Ling Shu said that she didn't like them.

As for what Ling Shu told them, she had no intention of telling these people about her problems with Ye Chen.

"so you refuse to tell you" they said to Ling Shu.

"Enough of your pleasantries, come fight me" Ling Shu said to them, this was the time to see her strength.

"no need to hold back and kill her, she is such a strong and terrible opponent" the man in the cloak told to kill Ling Shu, otherwise they would be killed.

They couldn't underestimate Ling Shu, if they underestimated Ling Shu, then they would be in trouble themselves, so it was better not to underestimate Ling Shu and fight with all their strength.

"attack" they came forward and directly attacked Ling Shu, they raised their weapons and launched several attacks towards Ling Shu.

Fire, earth, lightning, air and ice were launched towards Ling Shu, they were all serious about fighting Ling Shu.

"Boom. ." Ling Shu's body was covered in a beautiful purple flame, this is full of power that wipes out all of the opponent's attacks.

"It was impossible" that the attack they launched was completely stopped by Ling Shu, Ling Shu showed them such great strength.

"I thought you guys were so great, it turns out it wasn't like that, then this is the time for you to receive my attack" Ling Shu started to attack, the flames on her body spread and enveloped the whole person.

Right now everyone was inside Ling Shu's domain.

"Purple Flame Domain" with that she burned all the people in her domain.

Everyone inside Ling Shu's domain started to burn rapidly, their bodies turning to ashes little by little.

"Get out of here, we will be destroyed" they tried to get out of Ling Shu's Domain.

Ling Shu's domain covered thousands of miles from her, so there was no chance for them to escape.

Before they could leave, they were already reduced to ashes.

Everyone was destroyed by Ling Shu in just a matter of seconds, now there is only one person left, that is the man in the cloak, he was able to survive well in Ling Shu's Domain, it seems that it was because of his cloak.

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"Is that an immortal salamander robe?" Ling Shu finally realized what this man was wearing, a robe with quite high fire resistance.

A robe made from immortal salamander skin that is resistant to various fire tigers.

Even though it was strong, it didn't mean it was completely invulnerable, it was quite clear that it was starting to wear thin when faced with Ling Shu's far superior strength.

"I have to get out immediately, if I stay here, I will only be destroyed by this woman" he decided to get out of this place.

With that he tried to escape from Ling Shu's Domain.

"want to run away, then I will chase you" Ling Shu will chase Ye Chen, she won't let that person run away easily.

Ling Shu started to chase, meanwhile the man in the robe ran away quickly.

They started to travel across various places and Ling Shu became closer and closer.

"He uses all kinds of strange things." Ling Shu saw that the person in front of him was using all kinds of strange and unreasonable things, which was why he was able to stall for quite a long time.

"What do you really want by stalling for time?" Ling Shu asked, why was this person stalling for time.

"it was to prevent you from helping him" he said to Ling Shu.

"My master is a strong man, he will have no chance of winning" he said to Ling Shu.

"are you sure, he is also a strong person, you don't know how strong he is right?" Ling Shu believed in Ye Chen, Ye Chen was strong enough to handle his own problems, so Ling Shu wouldn't help too much.

"I'm actually worried Kong Qamon, will he be able to survive?" Ling Shu said that he was not sure that Kong Qamon could win.

"The winner of this battle is already determined from the beginning" he said to Ling Shu.

"So that's how it is, then we have each other's trust, let's finish this quickly" Ling Shu said to finish the battle quickly.

"Boom. . ." With that, the two began to fight and use all the abilities they had to destroy each other.


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The temptation Ye Chen.

Ye Chen has now met Kong Qamon, in fact Kong Qamon has attacked Ye Chen using a katana.

"Very interesting" Ye Chen blocked Kong Qamon's attack using his bare hands, it was quite easy to block the attack using bare hands.

"such that expected withstand such attacks using bare hands, very such a horrible person" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen.

"Aren't you just as terrible, how many victims have you made using your method?" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon

"I admit it, but they are worthy, they are worthy of being a stepping stone to make me the best" he said to Ye Chen.

"as I expected from you, you are quite crazy" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon.

"You won't be able to become a ruler if you don't think crazy, and that's the answer I've gotten all this time.

"So that's your answer, it really doesn't make sense, it's really something that goes against principles" said Ye Chen.

"Don't talk about principles, you won't be able to become a winner by relying on principles, this world is very cruel, the weak will eaten "by the strong, that is a rule that you must understand," said Kong Qamon.

Kong Qamon attacked Ye Chen again, this time he used more profound energy which was much greater and much more terrifying compared to with before.

A power that was so terrible and so strong was released by Kong Qamon.

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