Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Chapter 2614: 2614

Chapter 2614 Fight! Fight! Fight! II

2614 Fight! Fight! Fight! II

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This word was repeated over and over again resonantly as the Authority of Dissolution churned.

The scene astonished many as it wasn't anything they had seen before!

Amidst such clamor, the authority of the forefront Cataclysmic Megalodon rose as all the shouts instantly died down, its magnetic voice emanating out.

[You may gain passage so long as you are victorious.]


A shocking development to this new phenomenon!

The Maiden of Orientis had utilized her intuition to be the first existence to come forward as her actions allowed the millions of powerful Scions, Elders, and Hyperversal Extremities of the Seven Havens to get a glimpse of just how the Culmination Step was playing out for the Haven of Dissolution.

After hearing the words of the Cataclysmic Megalodon, the Maiden of Orientis became stern as her body erupted with tendrils of an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity.

Within it, concepts that had achieved the 16th Boundary Layer could be felt along with one that had reached at the 17th Layer!

It was the concept of Ascension.

The moment she heard the words of the Cataclysmic Megalodon, she gathered her power as her soul burned with valor, her voice ringing out!

[Domain Expansion]

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Before she could even finish her words, the Minor Apocalyptic Megalodon moved so fast that it disappeared from its current location, the next thing that the Maiden of Orientis observed being its crimson and black tail overshadowing her whole figure!


She was instantly smashed backward as her gathered authority of an Absolute Dynamis of Extremity splintered, her chest becoming caved in as she shot back like a supersonic warhead!

Her white dress became dyed crimson as her figure quickly crossed the transparent barrier of the Vein Rift, the gaze of the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Rubino becoming somber as he appeared behind her figure and held onto her injured body.


Within the Vein Rift, the Leviathan Megalodon Lineages cheered and bellowed out rhythmically once more in a grand fashion.

Shockingly, from the body of the Maiden of Orientis- a cluster of white light left her as her injured gaze became increasingly weaker- this light coming to land on the Minor Apocalyptic Megalodon termed Hughes as it entered its body and caused the aura it gave off to be even more menacing!

This reality was captured in the eyes of all.

When Extremity Rubino checked the Maiden of Orientis' body, he saw that her Soul Values were all nearly drained as they were even a fourth lower than what they used to be before!

This allowed him to know that one could step forward and fight, but there would be a price to pay if they were defeated.

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But…what if one won?


Such a thought buzzed in the minds of many.

They heard the words of the terrifying Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Cataclysmic Megalodon as it stated they may gain passage so long as they were victorious!

And the enemy chosen to face them would seemingly be a being on the same stage of power and accomplishments on the path of Extremity as the Minor Apocalyptic Megalodon that had fought the Maiden of Orientis only held the single 17th Boundary Layer of Dissolution within its body.

So long as they won against such a creature…

These were the thoughts of others.

But the vast majority knew that it would be extremely difficult as they just witnessed a prodigy like the Maiden of Orientis be overpowered before she could even call out her Domain Expansion!

At such a juncture…


A shout reverberated out as the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Rubino holding the injured Maiden bellowed out while carrying her figure with authority behind him.

He then stepped past the transparent barrier and into the Vein Rift as the resonant bellows of the Minor Apocalyptic Megalodons quieted down.

Extremity Rubino floated in grandly as his body boomed out with crackling Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Authority, the forefront Cataclysmic Megalodon who had spoken initially looking at him coldly as its deep voice rang out.

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[Vacadon, step forward.]


One of the Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities behind it came forth.

It was another Cataclysmic Megalodon, its body glistening with a fully obsidian color as the profound Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution cracked on its massive figure.

At its appearance, space also twisted and churned as in the center of the area immediately within the Vein Rift, a black singularity instantly bloomed as the voice of this entity named Vacadon thundered out.

[Step into the Temporal Field of Dissolution, and we shall battle. You may gain passage so long as you are victorious.]


Similar words were echoed as when an Apex Aeonic Lifeform had come, the only difference being the addition of the Temporal Field!

Extremity Rubino harrumphed while gazing at the portal before him.

[Temporal Field of Dissolution?]

[An isolated domain where you can unleash your Hyperversal Authority without worry of the surrounding reality. You can battle for a day, month, or a year within as only a second will pass out here.]


The eyes of the many gazing wills constricted at such words as the benefits of time dilation at their level of power were minimal, with only the most powerful beings being able to dilate time to a state that can actually help them!

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Yet these Entities within the Vein Rifts conjured what they termed the Temporal Field of Dissolution so easily!

Extremity Rubino pulsed with power as he gazed at this Temporal Field, the Titanic figure of the Cataclysmic Megalodon known as Vacadon floating and disappearing into the obsidian singularity while its eyes seemed to be gazing down towards Rubino with great disrespect.

It was a gaze that caused this Extremity from one of the Seven Clans to snort and flash into the Temporal Field of Dissolution soon after!

And all wills watched with bated breaths.

In the far distance, Noah's figure remained with the Adjudicator of Dissolution as his eyes seethed with golden light- taking in all the events occurring and analyzing them!

One may gain passage so long as they were victorious.

But…what exactly waited for them if they overpowered any of these frightening enemies?

Just what was the Culmination Step of Dissolution shaping up to be?!

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