Hold His Hand

Chapter 200: 200


Lu Yanzhou couldn’t believe what he heard.

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Xie Chengze actually asked him to call him ‘uncle’?

Doesn’t the Xie Chengze of this world like him? Otherwise, how could he make him call him uncle?

You know, although Xie Chengze is older than him, he is only twelve years older. This age difference is nothing at all!

Meeting Xie Chengze’s amiable gaze, Lu Yanzhou felt uncomfortable. He smiled dryly and said, “Mr. Xie, you are not much older than me. I’d better not call you uncle.”

Xie Chengze said: “How am I only a few years older than you? I’m almost forty, so I should be a lot older than you.”

Xie Chengze had to admit that he really liked Lu Yanzhou.

Looking at Lu Yanzhou at this moment, he felt that his whole heart was filled with sweetness.

Just being close to this person makes him feel happy.

But he doesn’t plan to fall in love with Lu Yanzhou.

He is quite old and in poor health, he doesn’t know how many years he will live…He is already like this, why bother a young man?

Previously, he pretended to faint when approaching Lu Yanzhou because he wanted to get in touch with Lu Yanzhou. From now on…he would be satisfied if he could become Lu Yanzhou’s trusted elder.


Lu Yanzhou yelled: “I’m almost thirty, we are ten years apart at most.”

Xie Chengze burst out laughing when he heard this. There are older people who wish others would think they are still young.

However, there are also some young people who like to pretend to be mature…Lu Yanzhou should be like this.

“Brother Xie!” Lu Yanzhou said, “I’ll call you Brother Xie!”

Xie Chengze agreed: “That’s okay.”

Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou started chatting. Lu Yanzhou took advantage of the situation and explained the original owner’s experience to him.

He said that he was an orphan and had a good friend Jiang Mi whom he had met in the orphanage. Jiang Mi fell in love with Tan Shaojun two years ago.

“Jiang Mi knew about your sister’s existence a few months ago, so he broke up with Tan Shaojun and lived with me. Then Tan Shaojun started resenting me. He found someone to pretend to be my client and created a flaw. He signed a contract with me, but in the end he tore up the contract and gave up the goods, causing me to owe millions in debt.” Lu Yanzhou sighed.


The original owner was miserable. After being cheated, he had no place to redress his grievances.

After all, the other party’s behavior cannot be regarded as fraud. The person didn’t swindle money from the original owner and the original owner’s boss, and had even lost the deposit instead — the person did not want the goods after ordering them.

But that batch of goods was customized according to that person’s requirements, so other people didn’t want it at all!

All in all, the original owner caused millions of losses to the boss, so it was normal for him to lose his job and be in debt.

At this time, the original owner did not know that Tan Shaojun did it, but Lu Yanzhou knew, so he did not hide anything in front of Xie Chengze.

However, the original owner liked Jiang Mi, so he didn’t say anything about being a dog-licker for Jiang Mi.

Speaking of which, the original owner never confessed to Jiang Mi that he liked Jiang Mi…So, where is the evidence?

No one can produce evidence!

“This is indeed something Tan Shaojun will do.” Said Xie Chengze.

Tan Shaojun’s father is an unscrupulous person, and so is Tan Shaojun.


“Brother Xie, Tan Shaojun is not a good person. Please tell your sister to stop getting entangled with him.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze sighed: “She didn’t listen to me.”

Even though Xie Ruanxin kept making trouble, and would come to see him from time to time, which made her seem very close to her brother. However, the truth is, Xie Ruanxin and his stepmother are very wary of him.

“Then be careful with her.” Said Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze said: “Okay.”

Lu Yanzhou chatted with Xie Chengze for a long time, so they talked about his academic qualifications and other things he knew: “I have studied programming, I am very good at it. There are also sales, which is a job I have done for several years…”

Xie Chengze listened to Lu Yanzhou carefully and asked, “Do you want to be a salesperson or a programmer?”

“I want to do something related to programming.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze said: “Xie’s business is divided into many departments, including the one that handles the internet. There’s also a department responsible for software development, but it is not easy to get into.”

“Brother Xie, give me a chance to try.” Said Lu Yanzhou.

In fact, the job that Lu Yanzhou wanted to do most was to be an assistant to Xie Chengze and accompany him every day.

However, it would be inconvenient for him to follow Xie Chengze all day long. Second…it would be quite troublesome if he met Tan Shaojun or Jiang Mi.

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Even if he could deny it, he didn’t want Xie Chengze to know all the stupid things the original owner had done for Jiang Mi.

Moreover…with his status as Xie Chengze’s assistant, who knows what others will think about Xie Chengze.

“Okay.” Xie Chengze agreed, planning to let Lu Yanzhou go to the sales department if he couldn’t get into the software development department.


“Brother Xie, I have one more thing I want to ask you for help with,” Lu Yanzhou added at this moment.

Xie Chengze asked: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Yanzhou looked embarrassed: “I owe a lot of money and can’t pay the rent now…Brother Xie, does the company have dormitories?”

Seeing Lu Yanzhou looking at him helplessly, Xie Chengze felt in his heart thumping: “The company doesn’t have a dormitory, but I have a vacant room at my house. You can stay with me.”

After Xie Chengze finished speaking, he felt a little regretful.

He and Lu Yanzhou just met today, and he already invited Lu Yanzhou to stay at his house…This is really inappropriate.

He’s afraid that Lu Yanzhou would suspect him of having evil intentions!

Xie Chengze was thinking about fixing it, planning to say that he didn’t live at home very much, when he heard Lu Yanzhou said, “Okay! Brother Xie, I can help with housework and pay you rent.”

Xie Chengze was stunned.

However, Lu Yanzhou had already asked Xie Chengze what he wanted to eat, and planned to buy food for Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze came to his senses and said, “The hospital will send food.”

“That’s good!” Lu Yanzhou smiled and chatted with Xie Chengze again.

Xie Chengze liked the young man in front of him. He deliberately tried to please him and was very accommodating when he spoke.

Lu Yanzhou can talk about anything, and he also knows what Xie Chengze likes.

The two chatted happily, and the more they talked, the more they felt like they were in love.

Lu Yanzhou was very satisfied with this situation. Although Xie Chengze asked him to call him ‘uncle’, this did not affect him courting Xie Chengze.

He believes that as long as he works harder, it won’t be long before Xie Chengze calls him ‘brother’ (ge)!

Xie Chengze was a little sad.

I was born but you were not, you were born when I became old.

If he could be ten years younger now, even if his health was not good, he would still pursue Lu Yanzhou.

But he is already thirty-eight.

His physical condition is very poor, and the doctor also said that his life span will be much shorter than ordinary people.

Putting aside that Lu Yanzhou may not like men, even if Lu Yanzhou can accept men and accept him…does he want to let Lu Yanzhou see his old side after being with Lu Yanzhou?

He was already satisfied if Lu Yanzhou could stay by his side.

Xie Chengze was being observed in the hospital for several hours, then after making sure he was fine, he returned to the company.

Lu Yanzhou did not follow him back, but exchanged contact information with him and agreed to report to Xie’s software research and development department tomorrow.

Watching Xie Chengze’s car drive away, Lu Yanzhou was very happy — he got to know Xie Chengze so quickly, he was very satisfied with the progress!

On the other side, Xie Chengze is also very satisfied with the progress.

At first, he didn’t know that Lu Yanzhou came to him specifically. Thus, he went downstairs and pretended to faint just so he could ask Lu Yanzhou to help him. Then he exchanged contact information with Lu Yanzhou, invited Lu Yanzhou to dinner, and gradually became Lu Yanzhou’s good friend.

Now, not only will Lu Yanzhou work in his company, he will also live in his home…This is something he never dared to think about before.

But he was happy.

However, when he returned to the company and finally calmed down, Xie Chengze felt that something was wrong — was everything going too smoothly?

After a chuckle, Xie Chengze felt that he was overthinking again.

Lu Yanzhou is now desperate. He has no relatives, so it is normal for him to go to the doctor for a sudden illness and agree to all his requests.

If he lives with Lu Yanzhou in the future and pays more attention to Lu Yanzhou, he might become Lu Yanzhou’s most trusted elder.

With this in mind, Xie Chengze immediately asked someone to decorate his residence.

He has always been lonely and doesn’t even have a guest room in his house.

When Xie Chengze asked someone to decorate the guest room, Lu Yanzhou approached the landlord to cancel the lease.

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Lu Yanzhou is a very good tenant. He always pays the rent in advance and keeps the house very clean. The landlord is reluctant to let him leave and is even willing to lower the rent a little.

Lu Yanzhou could only talk about the money he owed. After hearing about this, the landlord returned all the rent that Lu Yanzhou had paid in advance to Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou was also generous, saying that he would not take away some of the things the original owner had added.

In order to take better care of Jiang Mi, the original owner added a lot of things to this rental house. The bed and mattress in the room where Jiang Mi lived were all high-end goods.

These couldn’t be sold for money, so Lu Yanzhou gave them to the landlord.

As for other things…Lu Yanzhou called someone who was in the second-hand luxury goods business and asked them to come over. Then he sold all Jiang Mi’s stuff that could be sold.

The original owner always wanted to give Jiang Mi the best things. Most of the things he bought for Jiang Mi were not really luxuries. They could only be described as ‘light luxuries’, but they were also valuable. Even Jiang Mi’s old computer was packaged and sold for 30,000 yuan.

Of course, the actual purchase price of these things is at least 300,000 yuan.

After throwing away the remaining worthless things, Lu Yanzhou packed up the original owner’s belongings, packing two suitcases.

After a good night’s sleep, Lu Yanzhou went to Xie company early the next morning.

Xie Company.

Manager Zhang from the software research and development department was very happy when he received a call from Xie Chengze saying that someone was coming to apply for a job.

But when he heard that Xie Chengze asked him to bring more people to come and give the young people a chance…he felt a thump in his heart.

President Xie said this, he wants to place someone with connections into their R&D department!

Although Manager Zhang didn’t like people with connections in the past, he didn’t hate them either. Just ignore those who entered the company through the back door that could be ignored.

But in the past year, President Xie’s sister has been doing a lot of things in the company, so Manager Zhang is a little afraid of these people with connections.

Please don’t let the person who comes here be someone who doesn’t know how to work and loves to make trouble!

He heard that President Xie’s sister obviously doesn’t understand anything, but she still likes to intervene in everything and give order, always delaying other people’s work.

This time, although President Xie said that he could reject this person if he really couldn’t do it, what does ‘really can’t do it’ mean? Is it really okay for him to reject the person president Xie introduce?

Manager Zhang told several project managers below him about this matter.

“We’ve been very busy here recently, so it would be nice to have someone here.” One of these people said.

“Is he the technician hired by President Xie? I want to test his skills!” Said another person.

Manager Zhang was about to tell these people that this person was here because of his connections and he might not have much ability, when Lu Yanzhou came.

Lu Yanzhou was wearing an expensive suit that the original owner used to put on a wealthy facade.

Manager Zhang looked at his clothing, his face, and his thick hair…He immediately felt that this person was not good.

This is a man whose appearance is completely opposite to his capable programmers!

Seeing Lu Yanzhou like this, the project managers were also worried. After all, the person in front of them didn’t look like a programmer at all.

But since it was introduced by President Xie, he must have real skills!

Without waiting for Manager Zhang to stop him, these people started asking Lu Yanzhou some questions.

Lu Yanzhou easily solved the problems they raised.

In his long life, he had learned a lot of computer technology.

For him who had been in the interstellar, programming in this era is very simple.

The several project managers became more and more interested in talking with Lu Yanzhou, and then they quickly brought up the problems they had recently encountered. Lu Yanzhou did not hesitate and quickly helped them solve the problem.

Manager Zhang was stunned.

President Xie repeated over and over again, as if the person who was coming didn’t understand anything, but in fact…

This person was obviously very capable!

No, this guy is a genius!

No wonder he has thick hair. He is so smart. He can easily solve problems that others need to think hard to solve!

He just says, President Xie is not the kind of person who takes advantage of the company! President Xie’s sistermessing around in the company can’t be blamed on president Xie entirely — President Xie’s sister is a shareholder of the company. If she wants to come, no one can stop her!

Manager Zhang happily accepted Lu Yanzhou, and then asked Lu Yanzhou for various information.

Lu Yanzhou took out his somewhat unimpressive resume.

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Manager Zhang: “…” What? From adult education?

The man in front of him looked like he was from a wealthy family, but how could such a young master study adult education?

No matter what, he should have a diploma from an unknown foreign university.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I am an orphan. I was anxious to make money, so I didn’t go to college.”

So that’s it! If this is the case, then the person in front of him is not the young master he imagined, but the real deal!

President Xie said that…he may just be modest.

Manager Zhang completely changed his view on Lu Yanzhou and even accompanied Lu Yanzhou to join the company.

Lu Yanzhou followed Manager Zhang to learn about his work place, then sent messages to Xie Chengze from time to time.

“Brother Xie, your company is really big and impressive!”

“Brother Xie, everyone in your company is very nice to me!”

“Brother Xie, the salary is really high!”

Anyway, what happened during the whole process Lu Yanzhou told Xie Chengze everything.

Xie Chengze originally wanted to ask Manager Zhang about Lu Yanzhou’s situation, but seeing that everything went well with Lu Yanzhou, he stopped asking.

He knew Lu Yanzhou’s academic qualifications, but he didn’t think Lu Yanzhou’s ability could surpass the top students recruited from 985 by their company.

Now that Manager Zhang is willing to keep Lu Yanzhou and Lu Yanzhou is happy. This is the best result.

“If you run into trouble, you can come to me.” Xie Chengze replied.

“Brother Xie, I’m running into some trouble right now…Brother Xie, I’ve already vacated the house. When I get off work, can you help me move in with you?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

Xie Chengze immediately replied “Okay”.

Lu Yanzhou stood at the elevator entrance of Xie company’s underground garage, waiting for Xie Chengze to arrive.

Now in the company, so he smiled and called, “President Xie.”

“Come with me.” Xie Chengze unconsciously smiled when he saw Lu Yanzhou.

He really liked this young man and was very willing to take care of him.

This is the person he likes, and he hopes he won’t have to endure even a little bit of wind and rain.

Lu Yanzhou followed Xie Chengze into his business car.

He had seen this car before, it had driven slowly past him before.

Was Xie Chengze…in the car at that time?

Xie Chengze came downstairs alone yesterday. Did he come to see him?

Lu Yanzhou felt that Xie Chengze might have come to talk with him yesterday. Unfortunately, Xie Chengze was in poor health and fainted…

“How do you feel about the company today?” Although they had already chatted on the phone before, Xie Chengze still asked.

“The company is very good and everyone takes good care of me.” Lu Yanzhou smiled.

After chatting, Xie Chengze asked Lu Yanzhou some moving matters and asked Lu Yanzhou if he wanted to find a moving company.

Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were bright: “Brother Xie, actually I’ve already packed everything up. I didn’t really need help moving, I just wanted to talk to you.”

Xie Chengze’s heart thump when he heard this, he felt like he was being flirted with.

It must be his misunderstanding. How could Lu Yanzhou flirt with an uncle like him when he can have constant girlfriends?

As Xie Chengze thought this, he felt that what Lu Yanzhou said next was normal again.

There was a driver in the car. He and Xie Chengze had just met, so Lu Yanzhou was still very restrained.

He felt that he should reach a goal before confessing to be with Xie Chengze again.

Lu Yanzhou had already packed his things. He carried two suitcases and went to Xie Chengze’s residence.

Xie Chengze lives not far from the company. His house is located in one of the most famous communities in the city. It is a large flat floor of more than 500 square meters.

Xie Chengze showed Lu Yanzhou around,

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“Brother Xie, your house is so big! I have never seen such a big living room! The two-bedroom and one-living house I rented before was not as big as the master bedroom you have here.” Said Lu Yanzhou, a face full of admiration.

He had lived in a big house before, but he had never seen such a big house in this world.

When Xie Chengze heard what Lu Yanzhou said, he felt an strange sense of satisfaction in his heart. He couldn’t help but say: “This place is not big. I also have a villa in the suburbs with an 800-square-meter garden…”

Xie Chengze stopped mid-sentence, fearing that Lu Yanzhou would think he was showing off.

He was also a little helpless. He was already very old, but he still showed off his assets to a young man like a peacock.

But…Xie Chengze was vaguely looking forward to it. If Lu Yanzhou liked his money and was willing to be with him for money…

Although Lu Yanzhou was praising his house, his eyes were clear and not greedy at all…Xie Chengze sighed and gave this thought.

The nanny had already prepared the meal, so Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou had dinner together.

He had already told Lu Yanzhou about his illness…Xie Chengze injected himself with insulin in front of Lu Yanzhou.

He always felt a little sad when doing this.

What’s his image in Lu Yanzhou’s eyes? Is he just an old and sick man?

After dinner, Xie Chengze felt that he should let Lu Yanzhou unpack the room and give Lu Yanzhou some personal space.

However, he didn’t want to be separated from Lu Yanzhou, so he hesitated.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Brother Xie, I like to take a walk after eating dinner. Do you want to go downstairs with me for a walk?”

Xie Chengze’s physical condition means strenuous exercise is definitely not acceptable.

But he had been sitting in the office all day and going for a walk would be good for his health.

Once again, his wish came true…Xie Chengze said: “Okay, I also have this habit.”

The environment of this community is very good. The two of them walked around the community while chatting. The smile on the corner of Xie Chengze’s mouth never left.

Chatting with Lu Yanzhou was really a pleasure.

Lu Yanzhou turned his head to look at Xie Chengze. When he met Xie Chengze’s gentle gaze, he felt so much love in his heart that he couldn’t look away.

“Xiao Lu, why do you keep looking at me?” Xie Chengze felt a little uncomfortable when Lu Yanzhou looked at him.

“Brother Xie, you are the most handsome person I have ever seen!”

“I am so old…”

“Brother Xie, a man in his forties is a flower in bloom1Meaning men are more mature and successful in their career when they are 40, you are the most charming now!”

Lu Yanzhou is not lying.

The Xie Chengze of this world doesn’t look very healthy, but he doesn’t feel greasy at all. He has a straight back and handsome appearance. He has a kind of precipitated nobility, steady and charming, he is full of tolerance when he looks at people.

Lu Yanzhou believed that he could kill people of all ages with ‘homo’ sexuality.

Now, he even wanted to kiss Chengze.

There was an inexplicable ambiguity between the two. Xie Chengze even wanted to ask, ‘Do you think I’m attractive?’ But as soon as the word flew out, he changed his mind and said, “Xiao Lu, you are really good at talking.”

Lu Yanzhou said, “I’m just telling the truth.”

Xie Chengze couldn’t help laughing.

His life had been bleak, but when he was with Lu Yanzhou and talked with him, he suddenly felt much younger.

The two of them walked until after eight o’clock before going back. After returning, Xie Chengze took a shower and stood in front of the mirror again to look at his appearance.

He is a bit too thin, but he does look good. When he is not smiling, the lines at the end of his eyes are not obvious.

Lu Yanzhou went to bed early that day and got up early the next day to steal the nanny’s cooking job.

Then, when he finished cooking, he saw Xie Chengze coming out of the room.

Lu Yanzhou was a little surprised to see Xie Chengze — Xie Chengze had dyed his hair.

Xie Chengze looks a few years older in this world than he does in other worlds at the same age, but in fact, standing next to other thirty-eight-year-old men, he doesn’t look old at all.

The only problem may be that Xie Chengze in this world has gray hair a little early, so there are a lot of gray hairs mixed in with his black hair.

Now that Xie Chengze has dyed his hair black, he looks like he is only in his mid-30s.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou staring at his hair, Xie Chengze coughed lightly: “I usually dye my hair.”

1Meaning men are more mature and successful in their career when they are 40

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