Hold His Hand

Chapter 199: 199


After Lu Yanzhou took a shower, he looked at himself in the mirror.

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Jiang Mi started to entangle with the president in his senior year, so it has been two full years now.

Jiang Mi is now twenty-four years old and the original owner is twenty-six years old.

26 is not young, but the original owner is very particular about taking care of himself. The person in the mirror has sword eyebrows, bright eyes, and smooth skin. He looks like he is in his early twenties at most, like a young college student.

As for why the original owner pays attention to his appearance…

The original owner entered society as a salesperson at the age of eighteen. He didn’t know anything at the beginning. He was able to sell things only because of his handsome appearance and sweet mouth.

This face can be used to make money, so he naturally takes care of it.

In addition, Jiang Mi is a beauty addict…For Jiang Mi, the original owner was very concerned about his body and appearance. Other salesmen around him smoked and drank, but he didn’t do it and insisted on exercising.

He looks much more handsome than when he first awakened in the previous world, so Xie Chengze should like him?

The original owner has been living alone these years. The house he lives in now is also rented, but in order to facilitate the sales, he has a few outfits.

Lu Yanzhou found one, put it on, then took the subway to the area near Xie Chengze’s company. By the way, he sorted out the information related to Xie Chengze in the original owner’s memory.

Jiang Mi and his president get together and break up a lot, and the original owner is also involved too, but after all, the original owner was still a small figure.


He has never spoken to Xie Chengze, and only met him once from a distance when he accompanied Jiang Mi to find his president.

Fortunately, because of Xie Chengze’s sister Xie Ruanxin, the original owner inquired about the Xie family.

Xie Ruanxin is only twenty-two years old this year, two years younger than Jiang Mi, and is the daughter of the Xie family. Xie Chengze is sixteen years older than Xie Ruanxin, and is already thirty-eight years old.

It has been ten years since Xie Chengze took over the Xie family’s company and has developed the Xie family’s company prosperously.

Unfortunately, he was in poor health, so he never got married and rarely appeared in front of others.

He wonders what kind of illness Xie Chengze has in this world.

If Jiang Mi’s boyfriend uses commercial means to compete fairly with Xie Chengze, and the Xie family loses in the end, then Lu Yanzhou won’t say anything.

However, this person is a scumbag. He not only coaxed Xie Ruanxin into telling him the Xie’s company’s secrets, but also tempered with Xie Chengze’s medicine, causing Xie Chengze to go to the hospital…


This is no longer a business competition, this is breaking the law!

Lu Yanzhou’s impression of Jiang Mi and his boyfriend were extremely bad.

Even he felt that this girl, Xie Ruanxin, was disgusting.

Xie Ruanxin was young and was deceived into having a relationship by a scumbag. This made people sympathize with her, but later on, she actually knew about Jiang Mi’s existence and also caused trouble for Jiang Mi several times.

For this reason, the original owner even went to Xie Ruanxin to ask for an explanation. Xie Ruanxin only visited high-end places so the original owner could not find her.

As a result, everyone knew about the scumbag’s cheating, then Xie Ruanxin stole her company’s secrets and gave it to the scumbag.

There is also the kidnapping that killed the original owner. At that time, Xie Ruanxin made up her mind to kill Jiang Mi, wanting the scumbag to regret it for the rest of his life…Ordinary people would not be able to do such a thing!

Xie Chengze was quite unlucky to have such a love-minded sister.

Xie has an office building.

Lu Yanzhou is very poor now, with only a few hundred yuan in his card. He did not go into the high-end coffee shop next to Xie’s office building. Instead, he sat on the flower bed near Xie’s front door and stared at Xie company while playing on the mobile phone.


Lu Yanzhou is getting familiar with the world and trying to find ways to make money.

The original owner was carrying a debt of 800,000 yuan!

This debt is not much for the rich, and for the original owner who had a job before, he can pay it off in two or three years with a little savings.

However, the original owner is unemployed now. Because of Jiang Mi’s boyfriend, he repeatedly encountered obstacles in finding a job.

If he wants to make money now…Lu Yanzhou plans to write a few small programs and sell them.

In order to avoid being ostracized by the small world, without collecting enough merit, he could not make too much noise or let people around him doubt him.

For example, the original owner doesn’t know how to paint at all. If he directly sells paintings to make money, he may run into trouble.

But programming…the original owner learned it before.

In fact, the original owner has always been very regretful about the fact that he didn’t go to college. In addition, Jiang Mi, a college student, had disliked and unintentionally said that he had low academic qualifications…

The original owner later secretly learned adult education, first from an associate, and then to a bachelor’s degree, during which he studied programming, which is very popular.

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The original owner was very busy and was not very good at studying, but Lu Yanzhou had a lot of knowledge in this area and could use this to make money.

The problem is who to sell it to…This requires finding a way.

Lu Yanzhou was multitasking, looking at Xie’s front door from time to time.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Xie Chengze.

A black business car drove from a distance, turned a corner, and entered Xie’s underground garage.


Lu Yanzhou seemed to feel something and looked up, but because the car was covered with privacy film, he couldn’t see the people in the car at all. He could only lower his head and continue to read the forum posts on his mobile phone.

In the business car, Xie Chengze stared blankly out of the car window.

He didn’t come back to his senses until the car drove into the underground garage.

The car stopped in Xie Chengze’s exclusive parking space. Xie Chengze got up from the airline seat, opened the door and got out of the car.

His two assistants quickly followed, and one of them was carrying a small box.

It was a portable cooler.

When Xie Chengze was very young, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which was very serious. Even now, his pancreatic islet function is lost.

When he goes out, he always carries insulin.

But even though he was very concerned about his body…Ever since he passed the age of thirty, he began to feel that he was unable to do what he wanted. His health became worse and worse, and some complications also appeared.

Xie Chengze entered the elevator and asked casually, “Do you know the man sitting at the door of the building?”

Xie Chengze’s two assistants didn’t react for a moment, they were stunned. One of them asked: “President Xie, which one are you talking about?”

Seeing the confused faces of the two people, Xie Chengze said: “It’s nothing. I just saw a young man sitting at the door.”

Xie Chengze also saw the young man accidentally. After seeing him…He couldn’t describe his feelings.

He almost asked the driver to stop so he could look at him a few more times.

Thinking of this, Xie Chengze felt a little helpless.

He had always felt that he had no desires, but just now, he was seduced by beauty.

The young man sitting on the flower bed in front of his company playing with his mobile phone is really good-looking.

He wonders if he will have a chance to see him again in the future.

Thinking that he might never see this person again in the future, Xie Chengze even had the urge to go back and look for this person.

But he didn’t do that. Instead, he went upstairs and worked in his office.

If he was still young, he might go up and ask for his contact information, but although the young man was wearing a suit, he looked like he was in his twenties.

What about him? He is almost forty.

Xie Chengze stood up unexpectedly, went to the lounge next door and looked in the mirror.

In the mirror, there were already fine lines at the corners of his eyes, and there were white hairs in his hair.

His health is also not good and his face looks unhealthy.

Smiling at himself in the mirror, Xie Chengze sat down at his desk again.

After handling company affairs for a while, one of Xie Chengze’s assistants hurried in: “President Xie, the young lady is here.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Xie Chengze rubbed his eyebrows tiredly.

The young lady the assistant mentioned was his sister Xie Ruanxin.

His sister was the daughter of his father and his stepmother. She had been doted on since she was a child. After his father passed away seven years ago, his stepmother spoiled her daughter even more, so she got used to her bad habits.

Originally, although this sister had many problems, she couldn’t hinder Xie Chengze.

But since she returned to the country with a degree from a foreign university and clamored to join the company, Xie Chengze has been in constant trouble.

When he was young, he concealed his identity and entered the company, but Xie Ruanxin was different. She revealed her identity as soon as she entered the company.

For this reason, no one in the company dared to offend Xie Ruanxin, but she still kept arguing with her colleagues, and then yelled that she wanted to make them look good and fire them.

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This is simply treating the company like a child’s play.

“The young lady is clamoring to be your secretary…” Before the assistant could finish speaking, Xie Ruanxin had already opened the door and walked in: “Brother! What do you mean by this? Send me to a messy department and sit on the bench? Before my father died he asked you to take good care of me, what about you? I wanted to see you but someone stopped me!”

Xie Chengze looked at Xie Ruanxin indifferently and asked directly: “Do you want to be a secretary?”

Xie Ruanxin said: “Yes!”

Xie Chengze said: “Go find Secretary Zhang and ask her to guide you.”

When Xie Ruanxin was about to join the company, Xie Chengze asked her what she knew, it turned out that she knew nothing, not even Excel.

Xie Chengze could only find a casual job and stuff her into it.

As a result, Xie Ruanxin was never satisfied. She had several troubles and changed positions several times.

Now that she wants to be a secretary, let her be it. It also saves her from troubling others.

“Brother, you won’t teach me?” Xie Ruanxin was very dissatisfied.

Xie Chengze said: “I’m not in good health and I don’t have time.”

Xie Ruanxin curled his lips, muttered a few words, and left dissatisfied.

The assistant was helpless: “president Xie, do you really want the young lady to be your secretary?” What can this young lady do? She can’t even figure out how to use a printer!

In fact, it’s not that she can’t figure it out, she just doesn’t want to learn.

“What about it?” Xie Chengze asked back. Before his father passed away, he divided his shares equally between him and Xie Ruanxin. Xie Ruanxin held as many shares of Xie Corporate as he did.

He was also very tired and too lazy to talk to her.

After the others left, Xie Chengze took a deep breath, stood up and came to the window.

Due to his illness, Xie Chengze’s eyesight has declined a lot in the past few years, but when he lowered his head and saw the figure sitting by the flower bed…

He was inexplicably certain that that person was the young man he saw when he came to the company.

He thought that this person was passing by accidentally and sat on the flower bed to rest when he was tired. He did not expect that this person actually sat on the edge of the flower bed for so long.

What happened to him? Still waiting for someone? Wait, are they from the company?

Xie Chengze stood by the window for a long time before returning to his seat. After thinking about it, he asked his assistant to buy him a telescope.

Xie Chengze didn’t get the telescope until he got off work.

However, when his car drove out of the underground garage, Xie Chengze said, ‘Drive slower.’

Xie Chengze’s driver always drove slowly and steadily, but now that Xie Chengze said this, he drove even slower.

Xie Chengze went out and saw the young man still sitting by the flower bed. He no longer played with his mobile phone and was staring at Xie’s door. When his car drove by, the man also stared at his car for a while.

Xie Chengze knew that this person couldn’t see him, but he could see his appearance clearly.

His heart beat faster, and a strange but beautiful emotion suddenly appeared in his heart.

There seemed to be a flower blooming in his heart, a flower that exuded a sweet scent and was bright and dazzling.

20 years ago, when he was eighteen years old, he had never fallen in love at first sight with young girls like the people around him.

Now that he is thirty-eight years old, he has fallen in love with a young man whom he has only seen twice.

Xie Chengze’s mood was indescribably complicated. After sighing secretly, he did nothing.

Lu Yanzhou was still sitting by the flower bed at the door.

In fact, he didn’t sit here all the time today. He went to chat with Xie’s security guard too.

He was good at socializing and got to know other security guards, but he didn’t find out more about it — they wouldn’t tell him what kind of car Xie Chengze usually drove.

The phone was almost out of battery…Lu Yanzhou finally got up and left, returning to his residence.

The original owner made a lot of money in the past few years. There is no shortage of everything at home, including two computers.

One belonged to the original owner, and the other was discarded by Jiang Mi after using it for several years.

Lu Yanzhou opened the original owner’s computer and started writing small programs that could be sold for money.

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He plans to sell a few simple ones first, and then sell complex ones when he finds a way.

As for Xie Chengze…he plans to wait there again tomorrow.

He didn’t expect to be able to find Xie Chengze on his own. After all, when Xie Chengze came in and out, he most likely took a car.

But after Xie Chengze sees him, maybe he will come to him?

It won’t take long for Jiang Mi’s boyfriend to steal the secrets of Xie Chengze’s company, and then tamper with Xie Chengze’s medicine…Lu Yanzhou is anxious to get to know Xie Chengze and stop all this.

It’s a pity that the original owner used to be in sales, so his job was to help the factory sell various products. Although he knew many customers, they couldn’t get to know a big shot like Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou went to squat at Xie company’s door early the next morning.

When Xie Chengze came to work, he saw the young man who made his heart beat again.

He had been sick since he was a child. He was always in poor health, sp he had few friends. When he grew up, he was busy with work and had no one close to him.

Not to mention the relationship aspect, he has never liked anyone in his whole life.

But now, he wants to get close to someone.

He didn’t expect to develop any relationship with that person, he just wanted to get to know that person.

At noon, Xie Chengze put down the telescope in his hand and finally made up his mind.

He didn’t allow his assistant to follow him downstairs and walked out of Xie company.

As soon as Xie Chengze went out, he caught the eye of the young man sitting on the flower bed. When the young man saw him, he immediately got up and walked towards him.

Xie Chengze suddenly realized that this man knew him.

Is this person here to wait for him?

Many thoughts flashed through Xie Chengze’s mind, and then when the man approached him, he fell forward.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t expect that he only waited at Xie company for a day and a half before he saw Xie Chengze.

When he saw Xie Chengze, he was very surprised, but then he was extremely worried.

The Xie Chengze of this world doesn’t seem to be in good condition!

Lu Yanzhou knew that Xie Chengze in this world was older, but he was only thirty-eight years old. For a person like him who had lived for who knows how many years, thirty-eight years was nothing.

Moreover, in those previous worlds, when Xie Chengze was in his forties, he was actually very handsome and did not look that old.

But the Xie Chengze in this world…

The original owner met Xie Chengze once a year ago. At that time, Xie Chengze seemed to be in good condition, but now Xie Chengze…

He has gray hair on his temples and fine lines on the corners of his eyes.

His body…Come to think of it, he’s really in bad shape!

Just as Lu Yanzhou was thinking this, Xie Chengze fell towards him.

Lu Yanzhou hugged him quickly: “Mr. Xie, Mr. Xie, are you okay?”

When Xie Chengze closed his eyes and pretended to faint, a thought came to his mind — this person should be here to find him!

Xie Chengze suddenly fainted. Lu Yanzhou did not dare to delay. He quickly picked up Xie Chengze and found a taxi to take Xie Chengze to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately, Xie Chengze woke up when he arrived at the hospital.

“Mr. Xie, how are you feeling? Are you okay?” Lu Yanzhou asked while hugging Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze in this world is very thin. He is not short, he’s nearly 1.8 meters tall, but he weighs at most 120 catties(~158.7 lb).

“I’m fine. It’s just an old problem. Thank you.” Xie Chengze chuckled and asked, “Do you know me?”

“Mr. Xie, I’ve met you before,” Lu Yanzhou didn’t hide it, “I was waiting at the door for you.”

“What do you want from me?” Xie Chengze was a little surprised. He had no impression of this person at all. What did this person want from him?

“I know something and want to tell you, Mr. Xie.” Lu Yanzhou looked at the people coming and going around him and did not continue.

Xie Chengze did not ask further questions and changed the subject: “I usually take care of my health at a nearby hospital. Please send me there.”

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Xie Chengze has been receiving treatment at a nearby private hospital, so he gave the address of that hospital to Lu Yanzhou .

Lu Yanzhou immediately sent the pale Xie Chengze to that hospital because Xie Chengze had already called in advance. As soon as they arrived, a doctor came to greet them: “Mr. Xie, what’s happened?”

Xie Chengze smiled weakly. “I suddenly fainted just now.”

“I’ll get you checked out right away!” the doctor said. After saying that, someone pushed Xie Chengze into the hospital.

Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou quickly followed in and couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Xie, are you not in good health? What illness is it?”

Xie Chengze glanced at Lu Yanzhou: “It’s diabetes, it’s reflectively severe.”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t need to think about it, he knew it must be serious.

Xie Chengze’s symptoms were all present at birth. If it was congenital diabetes…then Xie Chengze had to inject insulin since he was young?

Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help but feel sad just thinking about it.

The doctor prepared a ward for Xie Chengze, drew blood and left. Xie Chengze told the nurse that he wanted to talk to Lu Yanzhou alone, and the nurse also left.

Xie Chengze smiled gently at Lu Yanzhou: “Young man, what do you want to say to me?”

Lu Yanzhou was called brother, Lu Lang, and many other titles by Xie Chengze, but he was not called ‘young man’ by Xie Chengze before.

He was a little uncomfortable with it.

But Lu Yanzhou still said: “Mr. Xie, my name is Lu Yanzhou. I’m looking for you because I learned something…President Tan, Tan Shoujun, wants to take action against Xie.”

The president who entangled Jiang Mi is named Tan Shaojun.

Xie Chengze was stunned when he heard this.

In fact, Tan Shaojun was malicious to Xie, and Xie Chengze had known it for a long time.

He had reminded his sister before not to get entangled with Tan Shaojun.

But his stepmother wanted to marry his sister to Tan Shaojun, and his sister also had a soft spot for Tan Shaojun. He advised them to stay away from Tan Shaojun, but they didn’t take it seriously at all, and thought he was the one who couldn’t tolerate his sister.

In this case, he stopped persuading.

However, he didn’t expect that the person he couldn’t help but feel moved after seeing it came to him to talk about this matter.

Lu Yanzhou added: “Mr. Xie, it’s like this. I have a friend who is in love with Tan Shaojun. They always have conflicts and break up but they always get back together too. I helped my friend stand up for himself and accidentally offended Tan Shaojun. Tan Shaojun designed to frame me and made me lose my job. I am very disgusted with Tan Shaojun, then I overheard him saying that he wanted to get Xie’s secrets through your sister, so I just wanted to tell you.”

The matter of tampering with medicine is not here yet, so Lu Yanzhou didn’t say anything about it right now.

Lu Yanzhou has been checking the information of the Xie family and the Tan family in the past two days. He found that the Xie family controlled by Xie Chengze was much larger than the Tan family and had a good operating condition. He did not understand how the Xie family was finally swallowed by the Tan family.

Is it because Xie Chengze is ill?

No matter what, the Xie family belongs to Xie Chengze, and Lu Yanzhou wants to help Xie Chengze keep the company.

Xie Chengze observed Lu Yanzhou and felt that what Lu Yanzhou said should be the truth.

This is indeed what Tan Shaojun would do.

But letting his sister steal secrets…this must be overthinking, his sister doesn’t have this ability.

However, it’s hard to say for others.

Xie Chengze smiled and said, “Little Lu, thank you for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Yanzhou wasn’t comfortable with the name ‘Little Lu’ either.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou, but the more he looked at him, the more he liked him: “Little Lu, you said you have no job? Do you want me to help you find a job?”

Lu Yanzhou agreed without thinking: “Okay! Thank you Mr. Xie!”

If Xie Chengze wants to arrange a job for him, he should let him enter the Xie company. If he can enter Xie company, he can get close to Xie Chengze.

Well, even if he doesn’t join Xie company, he will still stick to Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze said: “Little Lu, if you hadn’t sent me to the hospital today, I don’t know what would have happened…You don’t have to call me Mr. Xie so unfamiliarly…”

Lu Yanzhou’s eyes lit up, could he call him ‘AZe’?

Xie Chengze, with a kind look, said: “I’m much older than you, you can call me uncle.”

Lu Yanzhou: “…” What?!

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