Hold His Hand

Chapter 198: 198


Lu Yanzhou was always painting when he was young, but as he got older, he had less time to paint and began to learn other things.

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In this world, he is much older than Xie Chengze, but he has always been with Xie Chengze. It was not until Xie Chengze’s death that he left with Xie Chengze’s soul and entered the next world.

This is a modern world.

Lu Yanzhou was staying in a small but clean room. When he got up from the ground, he found that he smelled of alcohol and was stink to heaven.

His current state is somewhat similar to the state he was in when he first woke up in the last world. However, the original owner’s poor state in the previous world was due to his career, while the original owner’s poor state in this world…was due to a broken heart.

This time, Lu Yanzhou didn’t become a scumbag, but rather a first-class infatuated man, the ultimate dog-licker.

It’s just…it wasn’t Xie Chengze who he was licking.

The original owner of Lu Yanzhou’s body was born in a very miserable family.

His parents were both gamblers and hung out in casinos all day long. Later, they owed a large sum of money, so they abandoned the original owner and ran away together.

The original owner could only live with his grandma, but the original owner’s grandma didn’t like the original owner, so it didn’t change much. When the original owner was twelve years old, the original owner’s grandma fell ill and passed away.

The original owner entered the orphanage and met the person he loved deeply who was two years younger than him.

The man’s name was Jiang Mi, nicknamed Mimi. He was sent to the orphanage after his parents died in a car accident and lived in the same room as the original owner.


Jiang Mi was frail, thin and pitiful. The original owner took good care of him out of sympathy in the beginning, but taking care of him…The original owner fell in love with him.

However, the original owner felt that it was not right to like men, and he didn’t want to bring Jiang Mi down, so he didn’t show anything and only focused on taking care of Jiang Mi.

Life in the orphanage is pretty good. They have enough food and clothing, and they can go to school normally.

However, if they want to live like those children who have both parents and are loved by their parents, that is obviously impossible.

For example, they have very little pocket money and few snacks.

The original owner had lived a hard life since he was a child, so he wasn’t really greedy for these things. However, although Jiang Mi’s parents did not leave him any inheritance, they loved Jiang Mi very much when they were alive. Jiang Mi had never lacked anything before, so from time to time, he will want this and want that.

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At first, the original owner just pity Jiang Mi so he used his own pocket money to buy various snacks for Jiang Mi. But after he fell in love with Jiang Mi, he couldn’t wait to give all the good things to Jiang Mi.

When the original owner was in high school, his grades were neither good nor bad.


He was actually very smart. Although he had already started working during the summer and doing various part-time jobs, his grades were not bad.

If he hadn’t fallen in love with Jiang Mi, he would have been admitted to an ordinary university, then relied on the tuition-free policy for poor students and student loans to finish college, he could then find a good job in the future.

The original owner could endure hardships and is also smart, so he wouldn’t do anything bad.

But the original owner fell in love with Jiang Mi.

The original owner had nothing since he was a child and no one loved him, so he took the person he loved very seriously.

He wanted Jiang Mi to live a carefree life, so he gritted his teeth and decided not to go to college after graduating from high school.

The original owner, who graduated from high school, found a sales job, served tea and water to his seniors, then smiled at all kinds of clients…After a few years, the original owner actually mixed pretty well. By the time Jiang Mi went to college, the original owner was only 20 years old but he was already able to earn 200,000 yuan a year.

After getting rich, the original owner wanted to give Jiang Mi all the things he thought were good.

Some parents had a hard time when they were young, so after having children, they will spoil their children without limit.

The original owner was similar to these parents. He had nothing, so he wanted to give Jiang Mi everything he could.


In addition, in the sales circle he works in, everyone is willing to spend money to decorate their appearance, so he spends money lavishly, always spending as much as he can.

Other college students wear sneakers that cost two or three thousand? Of course Jiang Mi needs to have it too!

Other college students’ watches cost thousands? Of course Jiang Mi must have one too!

A computer costs more than 10,000 yuan, a mobile phone costs 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, and his clothes and shoes should not be inferior either…

Jiang Mi is an orphan, but in school, his life is better than some children from middle-class families. He had plenty of money and was very carefree.

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Jiang Mi’s classmates all know that Jiang Mi has an older brother who is rich and loves him. Who knows how much they envy Jiang Mi, so they naturally think that Jiang Mi’s family is well off.

When Jiang Mi was a senior in college, the 24-year-old original owner was already earning three to four hundred thousand a year through sales, but he didn’t have much savings — most of his money was spent on Jiang Mi.

Then…he learned that Jiang Mi was in love.

Jiang Mi went to a large company for an internship and accidentally met the young and promising president of the company. After going back and forth, he fell in love with the president.

After confirming their relationship, Jiang Mi immediately told the original owner about the incident. The original owner was furious after learning about it, but gritted his teeth and blessed Jiang Mi.

He feels that Jiang Mi deserves the best, and he also feels that he is not worthy of Jiang Mi.

In order to prevent Jiang Mi from being embarrassed in front of the president, the original owner continued to send money to Jiang Mi.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” He knew why the original owner was like this. He was simply a person who lacked love and valued relationships too much.

But most people really can’t be as ‘selfless’ as the original owner.

And this is just the beginning.


The living environments of Jiang Mi and the president are very different. They always have conflicts and quarrels, and every time they quarrel, Jiang Mi will cry and come to the original owner for comfort.

The original owner…of course he comforted Jiang Mi well and accompanied Jiang Mi.

When the relationship between Jiang Mi and the president was getting better and better, the original owner once invited a client to dinner, and saw the president intimately holding a woman to the meal. The original owner’s client also told the original owner that the woman was the president’s fiancée.

The original owner was very angry and told Jiang Mi about it. Jiang Mi had a big quarrel with the president, broke up, and moved to live with the original owner.

The original owner comforted Jiang Mi and helped Jiang Mi get over the pain of broken heart, thinking that he might have a chance to be with Jiang Mi, but the president came again, pursued Jiang Mi, and chased Jiang Mi back.

Besides that, the president also hated the original owner and had someone set up a trap for the original owner. As a result, the original owner made some mistakes at work and had to pay a large sum of money and was fired from the company.

The original owner didn’t know that it was the president’s manipulation. The original owner, who loves face, didn’t want to tell Jiang Mi about it and took it all on himself. However, he couldn’t help but go to Jiang Mi to get some support from Jiang Mi.

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As long as Jiang Mi is willing to talk to him and have a meal with him, he will be satisfied and have the motivation to face everything next.

But when he went to find Jiang Mi, he not only saw Jiang Mi making out with the president, but he was also insulted by the president’s eccentric anger.

The president even told Jiang Mi that if Jiang Mi continued to hang out with people like the original owner, his parents would not accept Jiang Mi.

The original owner had several conflicts and even fights with the president because of Jiang Mi. Although the original owner was angry at being looked down on by the president, he could tolerate it.

What the original owner couldn’t bear was that Jiang Mi didn’t help him at all and seemed to want to draw a clear line with him.

At this time, the president also revealed that the original owner owed a large sum of money and had lost his job, saying that he was worthless. After hearing this, Jiang Mi believed it and stood by the president, urging the original owner to live a good life and not make borrow money indiscriminately…

The original owner was deeply hit, and then…forgave Jiang Mi.

Ignoring that, when the original owner was looking for a job, he saw the president entangled with his fiancée again. He was worried about Jiang Mi and told Jiang Mi about it again.

As a result, the president denied the incident, and also pointed out that the original owner liked Jiang Mi, saying that the original owner did this to destroy his relationship with Jiang Mi.

Jiang Mi was shocked and looked at the original owner in disbelief, saying that he had always regarded the original owner as his brother and felt that the original owner should not have such thoughts about his younger brother…

Jiang Mi even asked the original owner not to look for him.

Then the original owner bought a lot of wine and went home, getting himself drunk.

After he passed out drunk, Lu Yanzhou came.

Looking at the wine bottles on the floor, Lu Yanzhou didn’t know what to say, because if he hadn’t transmigrated, the original owner would have continued to lick Jiang Mi.

After all, the original owner is the ultimate dog licker.

The president is still entangled with his fiancée, but he doesn’t like his fiancée.

The president coaxed his fiancée into getting a lot of secrets about the company run by his fiancee’s family, and then stole a lot of business from his fiancée’s family’s company.

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Besides that, he was ruthless and tampered with the medicine that his fiancée’s sick brother, the man in charge of his fiancée’s company, usually used. After his fiancée’s brother fell ill and was hospitalized, he annexed his fiancée’s company.

The president’s fiancée loved the president deeply, but when her life ended up like this, she went crazy and kidnapped Jiang Mi.

The original owner got the news and rushed to save Jiang Mi, but eventually died at the hands of the robbers.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” The death of the original owner was really a great thing for that president!

The love rival is gone, and through the death of the original owner, his fiancée can be sent to prison, and then he and Jiang Mi live happily together!

What the hell is this!

The original owner was really wronged!

Of course, there is another person who was also wronged, and that was Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze’s identity in this world is the president’s fiancée’s brother.

He was the unlucky guy who was put in the hospital by the president and the company went bankrupt.

Later, Xie Chengze’s sister went crazy and kidnapped Jiang Mi, and even killed someone…he doesn’t know what happened to Xie Chengze!

And there’s also Xie Chengze’s body…

The original owner is just an outsider after all, so he doesn’t know how the president annexed the Xie family’s company, and he doesn’t know how the president sent Xie Chengze to the hospital.

He didn’t even know what illness Xie Chengze had.

Thus, Lu Yanzhou naturally didn’t know anything.

However, these things will be clarified sooner or later. The first priority is to contact Xie Chengze to see if Xie Chengze’s illness is serious.

It’s just that he is now an ordinary person who owes a lot of debt and has not read many books after graduating from high school. How can he get to know Xie Chengze, the boss of the company?

Go and wait in front of the company?

This is a good idea…Lu Yanzhou entered the bathroom, planning to clean himself up first, and then go squat to wait for Xie Chengze.

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