Chapter 1795 A Simple Deal

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With the help of the zombie clones, the cracking efficiency was greatly increased.

In just an hour, the spatial trap inside the sarcophagus was completely cut off from the internal trap.

Lu Yanlong heaved a sigh of relief and took half a step back.

The crisis had been resolved.

There was still a small portion of the spatial traps sealed in the sarcophagus, but it was no longer affected and would not cause a large-scale spatial collapse.

Lu Yanlong looked at Fang Heng, who was standing in front of the sarcophagus in deep thought, and asked, “Mr. Fang, let’s open the sarcophagus?”


Fang Heng nodded.

He was just thinking about the Federation’s intention of collecting the sarcophagi.

Who cares!


After spending so much effort, the target was this thing!

Open the lid and take a look!

Fang Heng reached out and pressed the lid of the sarcophagus, slowly pushing it forward.

“Ka ka, ka…”

The corpse’s body was gradually revealed from under the opened sarcophagus lid.

Halfway through pushing the lid of the sarcophagus, Fang Heng suddenly exerted force and pushed the lid of the sarcophagus back heavily!


The heavy sarcophagus lid fell to the ground with a thud.

The spatial barrier that had been sealed in the sarcophagus suddenly exploded!

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The corpse lying in the sarcophagus was stimulated and its eyes suddenly opened.

The resurrected corpse sat up straight from the sarcophagus and immediately pounced toward Fang Heng.

Fang Heng’s pupils contracted.


The metal long rod in his hand was swung at the resurrected corpse.


The corpse’s head was hit by the metal rod, and it made a muffled sound. Then, it was sent flying heavily and landed on the wall behind it with a loud bang, creating a shallow pit on the wall.

Fang Heng frowned as he stared at the resurrected corpse that was struggling on the ground and trying to stand up again.

Something didn’t seem right.

This guy was so weak?

Wasn’t the difference in strength a little too great compared to the resurrected corpse he had encountered in the main mausoleum?

After falling to the ground, the corpse rested on the ground for a moment before slowly standing up and pouncing on Fang Heng again.

Fang Heng observed the corpse.

The posture of the resurrected corpse was very strange. It felt that its limbs were extremely stiff.

Before he could get close, the skin on the upper body of the corpse suddenly flipped up, revealing the silver-white metal below.

What the hell?

Fang Heng’s pupils constricted.

“Ka, ka, ka ka…”

Dark holes appeared on the white metal layer under the skin of the corpse.

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“Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!!”

In an instant, more than ten yellow beams of light shot out from the mouth of the mechanically modified gun!

The beam cannon had already locked down Fang Heng and the surrounding area!

All attacks were concentrated!


Even Lu Yanlong, who was standing behind Fang Heng, was affected. His heart skipped a beat, and he could not help but curse softly. He quickly retreated into the secondary projection space to dodge.

Fang Heng also took a step back and merged into the secondary space projection to avoid the beam weapon’s all-round attack.

“Boom! Boom Boom Boom!!!”

The light beams penetrated Fang Heng’s position and exploded on the wall behind him!

The entire lower level of the mausoleum shook violently.

Fang Heng appeared from the secondary space projection again. His figure appeared beside the resurrected corpse, and at the same time, he swung his rod forward.


The corpse was sent flying again!

More than 30 Lickers immediately rushed up and entered the room from the back. They gathered around the corpse and devoured it.

The revived corpse was extremely stiff, and it would take one to two minutes to stand up after lying on the ground.

After being surrounded by the Lickers, he could no longer get up.

Lu Yanlong also appeared from the secondary space projection and walked to Fang Heng’s side. With a puzzled expression, he asked softly, “What’s going on? This guy’s also a mechanical creature?”

“Swoosh, swoosh swoosh!”

As they spoke, the cannons under the skin of the resurrected corpse that was surrounded by the Lickers opened up once again.

However, this time, the cannons were blocked by a large number of Lickers!

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“Boom! Boom Boom!!!”

The beam weapon exploded on the Licker’s body at close range!

The explosion dealt a huge amount of damage to the surrounding Lickers, as well as the resurrected corpse.

The second wave of Lickers fearlessly continued to surround the revived corpse.

“Boom! Boom Boom!!!”

The revived corpse was unable to break free from the attacks of the Lickers. It could only continuously use its beam weapons.

After a few consecutive explosions, the resurrected corpse’s HP was low. It fell to the ground and completely lost its movement.

A game notification appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: The player has killed a special life form-unknown modified body. The player has obtained 30 survival points. The player has discovered a Tier 1 mutant crystal*1.]


Wasn’t it a little too simple?

Lu Yanlong also received the game notification and could not help but look at Fang Heng.

The resurrected corpse was a modified semi-mechanical creature?

At first glance, the mechanical body was indeed quite powerful.

When they really started fighting, the shortcomings of the mechanical body were revealed.

The attack mode was simple, and the stability of its movements was still poor.

Other than the initial shock from being bombarded by the full coverage of the light beam, the follow-up was relatively easy.

Fang Heng also found it strange.

He was still looking forward to killing the Boss to earn the Tier 3 mutant crystals.

This was the result?

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Only one crystal?

Fang Heng walked forward and squatted down to check the condition of the corpse on the ground.

[Hint: The player has discovered an unknown corpse. The corpse has been modified by machinery.]

[Hint: The corpse belongs to an unknown object and cannot pass through the spatial passage.]

[Hint: The player can study the corpse to obtain more information through scientific research.]

“So that’s how it is…”

After checking for a moment, Fang Heng seemed to have understood something.

He had misunderstood it earlier.

At first, he thought that the virus in the corpses of the spawns had a reaction to the Hila virus in his body, stimulating the corpses of the spawns to revive.

In fact, that was not the case.

The corpse hidden in the sarcophagus had undergone a half-mechanized transformation by the spawns.

The resurrection of the corpse was because the sensor device installed in the corpse sensed the aura of the virus in his body and was activated into combat mode.

The principle was the same as the Void Stalkers.

Lu Yanlong listened to Fang Heng’s explanation and sighed, “They even said that they were honoring the brave warriors who fought bravely for their spawns. In the end, after they died, they ended up being transformed into living beings. They’re not good either…”

Fang Heng shook his head.

He could understand why he did this.

By modifying the corpse, he could control it better and avoid accidents.

Fang Heng pondered and thought of the experiments the spawns had done on the virus.

If the corpse lost control completely, would it still be controlled by the spawns’ semi-mechanical modifications?

Lu Yanlong saw that Fang Heng was silent and asked softly, “Mr. Fang, let’s bring this thing back for research?”

Fang Heng shook his head and replied, “Don’t be anxious. It’s just the beginning. You should step back a little. It might be very dangerous next.”

When Lu Yanlong heard this, he immediately felt that something was wrong. He shut his mouth and did not ask any more questions. He quickly retreated until he reached the entrance of the mausoleum.

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