Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2610: 2610

Chapter 2610: Massacre

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Translator: Legge

In Tianhuang Mainland, almost all the Buddhas, divine dragons and divine elephants conjured by Monk Daming’s Buddha Dragon Elephant were phantoms.

As for Shi Wunian’s divine power before him, the Buddhas had already materialized, as though their true bodies had descended.

It was the same for the divine dragons. They circled around the Buddhas and rode on clouds, no different from true dragons.

Only the divine elephants beside the Buddhas did not materialize although they looked lifelike. Instead, they were phantoms that were less robust and agile.

Su Zimo was certain that Shi Wunian had extremely deep attainments in the Dharmic Dao of the Buddhist monasteries and the Dragon race.

However, he did not have a deep understanding of the Dharmic Dao of the Elephant race and did not meet the requirements.

Therefore, his Buddha Dragon Elephant merely touched the threshold of a peerless divine power and was not considered a true peerless divine power!

Su Zimo was delighted when he deduced the secret of the Buddha Dragon Elephant.

The Green Lotus True Body cultivated the Taboo Mystic Classic of the Buddhist monasteries, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra. Therefore, he definitely had no issue with the Dharmic Dao of the Buddhist monasteries.

As for the Essence Spirit of the Green Lotus True Body, it was synthesized with the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit to begin with and controlled many divine powers and secret skills of the Dragon race.

In terms of comprehension of the Dharmic Dao of the Dragon race, he had even surpassed many true dragons!

He had dabbled in the Dharmic Dao of the elephant race as well.

His innate divine power, the Six Tusk Divine Strength, came from the Elephant race.

Furthermore, back in the Emperor’s Tomb, after killing Fang Xuan, he obtained a high quality cultivation technique, the Divine Elephant Breathing Technique. It also contained many Dharmic Daos of the Elephant race.

Back then, Fang Xuan relied on this cultivation technique to attract the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation to ascend. He even cultivated the bloodline of the divine elephant and was extremely strong.

After the Green Lotus True Body obtained this cultivation technique, he cultivated for many years as well and comprehended something.

In other words, the foundation of the Buddha Dragon Elephant that he cultivated even surpassed Shi Wunian. There was a high chance that he could cultivate Buddha Dragon Elephant into a peerless divine power!

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In the eyes of others, Shi Wunian and Desolate Martial were in a stalemate.

However, nobody expected that Su Zimo was deducing and comprehending the Dharmic Dao of Buddha Dragon Elephant in that few breaths!

On the battlefield.

Shi Wunian looked at the clear and bright eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body beneath the silver mask and suddenly felt an indescribable sense of familiarity.

He did not think too much about it and sneered, “That’s all there is to the

Supreme Perfected Fiend. You’re still restrained by my peerless divine power!”

“Your Buddha Dragon Elephant is not at the level of a peerless divine power.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said indifferently.

“So what?”

Shi Wunian said, “A single quasi-peerless divine power is enough to defend against you! ”

“You’re way too naive.”

A mocking look flashed through the eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

When he saw that gaze, Shi Wunian suddenly felt uneasy.

“Everyone, wnat are you waiting torc Hurry and attack and JOIn torces to Rill this fiend!”

Without hesitation, Shi Wunian growled.

Right then, the voice of the Martial Dao Prime Body suddenly sounded in his mind. “Shi Wunian, if you want to discuss Buddhism with me, do it in your next life!”

“You are…”

As though he recalled something, Shi Wunian’s pupils constricted and he was shocked!

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He had only told a single person that he wanted to discuss Buddhism.

Rank 1 of the Heaven Ranking, Su Zimo of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain!

Instantly, as though he understood many things, he looked at the Martial Dao Prime Body with shock and fear.

His mouth was agape, as though he wanted to shout or say something.

Unfortunately, he no longer had the chance.

After Su Zimo deduced the secret of Buddha Dragon Elephant, Shi Wunian was no longer of any use to him!

Suddenly, the Martial Dao Prime Body exerted strength and his initially idle fist released a shocking divine power once more, shattering Shi Wunian’s Buddha Dragon Elephant with ease!


The Martial Dao Prime Body smashed Shi Wunian’s head with a single punch and a blood mist spread, destroying his Essence Spirit on the spot.

The Supreme Arhat, Shi Wunian, was dead!

At that moment, the divine powers, secret skills, spirit treasures and weapons of the immortals and monks beneath the Builder Tree had already descended, attacking the Martial Dao Prime Body in an overwhelming manner.

Apart from Yun Zhu, MO Qing and Lin Lei, almost all the Perfected Immortals and Arhats released their strongest attacks.

Sword shadows appeared one after another from the Dustless Sword and its sharpness was revealed. It was filled with a pure sword intent, as though it wanted to cleanse the world of all dust!

Shi Ge gripped his gigantic dagger-axe with both hands and charged towards Su Zimo.

Yun Mubai summoned his Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Spirit Treasure, a silver-white umbrella that could be used both offensively and defensively. It opened up all of a sudden and the sharp edge of the immortal umbrella spun rapidly, slicing towards the Martial Dao Prime Body!

The experts on the Arhat Ranking summoned their sentient Dharmic treasures one after another and released their divine powers and secret skills with ferocious attacks!

“0m… Ma… Ni… Pa… Mi… Hom!”

Many Arhats chanted Sanskrit of the Buddhist monasteries at the same time, forming an incomparably vast sound domain secret skill. They interacted and resonated, causing their might to increase as they surged towards the Martial Dao Prime Body.

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Suddenly, the Martial Dao Prime Body opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar in the direction of the many Arhats!

Instantly, millions of living beings seemed to appear behind the Martial Dao Prime Body and shouted at the immortals and monks present in a deafening manner!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of cultivators beneath the Builder Tree could not defend against the impact and were shattered by the roar of the Martial Dao Prime Body. Broken limbs flew everywhere!

Some cultivators were shocked to death on the spot and their Essence Spirits were destroyed!

The cultivators beneath the Builder Tree were the top 200 paragons of the two domains and the strongest Perfected Immortals.

Even so, none of them could defend against the impact of the sound domain attack!

A single roar had already destroyed the attacks of the immortals and monks!

Of course, under the deliberate control of the Martial Dao Prime Body, Yun Zhu, MO Qing and Lin Lei were almost unaffected.

The attacks released by the cultivators almost collapsed before they even landed on the Martial Dao Prime Body!

By the time the Dustless Sword approached, the sword technique was already flickering and its strength was depleted.

The Martial Dao Prime Body grabbed the Dustless Sword in reverse and exerted strength in his palm!


There was a crisp sound.

The Dustless Sword was shattered into pieces by the palm of the Martial Dao

Prime Body and scattered on the ground!

Zhuo Wuchen’s expression changed starkly!

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The Dustless Sword was a Grade 9 Pure Yang Spirit Treasure. To think that it would be snapped by Desolate Martial’s bare hands!

What sort of power was that?

After the Martial Dao Prime Body broke the sword, he punched in reverse! Zhuo Wuchen’s eyes widened and he could not dodge the incoming punch no matter what.


Zhuo Wuchen was turned into a blood mist by a single punch from the Martial Dao Prime Body. Before he could splatter on the ground, he was burned to ashes by the searing heat contained in the fist of the Martial Dao Prime Body and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

At that moment, the Arhats closed in as well.

Without even looking, the Martial Dao Prime Body punched back!


That punch caused the void to collapse!

Five Arhats fell into it and could not break free, enveloped by the fist force of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

All five Arhats died, killed by a single punch of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

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