Don't Interrupt My Immortal Cultivation

Chapter 254: Sheriff Lin is not human

In order to achieve the effect of restoring the primordial spirit, meditation or sleep must last for more than two hours, otherwise the primordial spirit will not move at all.

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Two hours later, Lin Wen opened his eyes.

Primordial spirit: 144.11%

Damn it!

Lin Wen pounded his chest in regret.

It's full again.

With my depth, I still can't contain it!

How much has overflowed?

I'm at a loss.

I should have strengthened Yosuga No Sora and always strengthened Half-Edge Cultivation.

With a sense of anger and compensation for losses, Lin Wen continued to use spells.

After a few minutes, 5 spells were used up, and the primordial spirit was left with 19%.

Lin Wen casually put on the Spirit Cat's Agility, then reopened a Qiqiao Exquisite Heart to store it, and then entered meditation again.

Repeatedly, after 16 hours, Lin Wen had cast all the spells that could be cast on himself, updated all the spells that could be stored, and used Ask the Way of Heaven and Immortal's Guidance to ask many questions and obtain a lot of information.

And under his feet, the world's largest miracle had been completed.

The cliff, over a hundred meters high, had been corroded inside and out.

Although at first glance, it seemed nothing special, but upon closer inspection, the mysteries hidden within would be revealed.

It's just that because the building is currently connected to the mountain, the inside is pitch black, and there doesn't seem to be any obvious signs of artificial planning.

Due to the large number of residents, the entire building is not in the format of commercial housing units, but a collective dormitory that maximizes the use of space.

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The drawings given by Immortal's Guidance are somewhat similar to the Steyr-style public home designed by idealists in the past, but more adapted to the current environment, so it's a bit like the legendary Kowloon Walled City.

This building, embedded in the mountain, has a total of more than 400 rooms, with a total area of about 50,000 square meters, and is expected to accommodate 30,000 people. All public spaces are extremely compressed, with corridors only wide enough for one person to pass through.

Undoubtedly, it is very cramped and crowded.

However, the facilities here are complete, with public toilets, kitchens, canteens, and bathhouses, and the drainage system is also in place, just lacking water and electricity.

Of course, in terms of living comfort, this is definitely not the best, but it is the most suitable.

At least it's much better than sleeping outside, exposed to the cold wind.

It's already late autumn, and as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops sharply, and the nights are very cold.

So having a place to live that shelters from the wind and rain is very important.

Lin Wen walked around inside and felt very satisfied. The utilization efficiency of the space is very high, and there are many areas that can be processed and improved in the later stages.

When the war is over and the situation allows, reducing the building to accommodate 3,000 people will make it much more comfortable.

After the first building was completed, Lin Wen immediately found Yang Shaohu and Huang Mingxiao, and only said, "There is a place under the Tai Xu Mountains where people can live. Hurry up and organize it, and start the second phase of receiving refugees immediately."

After saying this, Lin Wen disappeared.

He really disappeared.

He ignored the two people's rapid-fire questions and ran into the woods, and the two thought that Sheriff Lin had a stomach ache and asked if he needed toilet paper, but after waiting for a long time, he didn't come out.

When they went to check, he was already gone.

Yang Shaohu was still inexperienced and couldn't help but panic, saying, "How could Sheriff Lin disappear like this? We need to call someone to find him."

Huang Mingxiao, however, had long known the Sheriff's style of appearing and disappearing, and shook his head, saying, "Perhaps Sheriff Lin is very busy. Let's just do as he said for now."

The two of them, along with their entourage, got into an off-road vehicle and set off for the location Sheriff Lin had mentioned.

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They went south all the way, and finally reached the southeastern corner of Changshan County, where Sheriff Lin said there was a place for people to live.

It was a cliff over a hundred meters high, with holes corroded all over the inside and outside of the cliff. There was mud and water everywhere, with the sound of rushing water constantly, and mud and water were constantly flowing out of the cave and falling to the ground.

The group looked at each other, and a worker who had just arrived from out of town exclaimed, "Did Sheriff Lin make a mistake? Can people live here?"

Lian Mei was least willing to see anyone question Sheriff Lin, and immediately said, "Sheriff Lin can't be wrong. He must have a reason for saying so, we just haven't understood it yet."

The man muttered, "Yes, yes, the leader is always right."

Lian Mei was a little angry and was about to retort, but was stopped by Yang Shaohu.

He said, "Sheriff Lin is undoubtedly wise, but we also need to make our own judgments."

Huang Mingxiao also nodded and said, "The facts will prove everything."

Lian Mei smiled. Of course, the facts will prove that Sheriff Lin is right, so she thought that these two were speaking to her.

Since coming to Changshan County, Lian Mei's thinking and beliefs had changed significantly. After hearing the organization's slogan shouted by the Organization Department, she was immediately infected and ran to the front line of refugee resettlement to work as an ordinary worker, contributing her meager strength to Changshan County.

For her, as long as she stepped on the land of Changshan County, as long as she walked behind Yang Shaohu, she felt calm, peaceful, and happy, and the nightmares of the Evaluation Council would not appear.

So, Sheriff Lin must be right.

He will never be wrong, never fail, and never be defeated.

Lian Mei firmly believed this.

A group of six people moved into the cave, and after passing through a narrow passage, their vision darkened.

The worker lit a lantern and quietly complained, "It's so narrow, people can't live here!"

Although the voice was small, it was clearly heard in the quiet cave, and Lian Mei snorted, not bothering to argue with him.After walking about ten meters, the group began to wade through the mud.

Clearly, the mud inside had not yet drained away and was deeper than outside.

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Yang Shaohu exclaimed in surprise, "Where does this mud come from? It's very strange."

No one could answer; there were no geological experts present.

Even if there were, they wouldn't have an answer.

After walking a bit further, Huang Mingxiao suddenly raised his hand, "Something's not right, everyone go back, we've missed something."

The group turned back and quickly discovered two dark cave entrances on either side.

Shining a lantern inside, the light seemed to be swallowed by the darkness, unable to find the bottom.

The worker hesitated for a moment, then Huang Mingxiao took the lantern and led the way inside.

The others followed him into the cave, where there was even more mud, and the sound of squelching underfoot, but the space was very wide.

Huang Mingxiao estimated, "This place is at least 1200 square meters, spacious and with a flat floor. With proper lighting, it could definitely be made livable."

Yang Shaohu quickly simulated the layout in his mind and after a closer inspection, he marveled, "This is a hexagonal layout, with the exit right at the node. It's an excellent topological structure."

Lian Mei also shouted joyfully, "Look, there's a fireplace here!"

The worker said sourly, "That's just a hole, you can't burn coal for warmth in this enclosed space."

"That's not right!" Huang Mingxiao immediately retorted, "I can clearly feel a draft, and it's not stuffy at all. There must be air circulation here."

Lian Mei called out, "Shaohu! It's hollow here, seems like there's a duct! Director Huang is right, I can feel the wind blowing from inside."

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Her voice was filled with joy.

The two hurried over and after their own investigation, Huang Mingxiao exclaimed, "Miss Lian is right, this is indeed an excellent settlement point. With a little cleaning and processing, we can accommodate many refugees."

Yang Shaohu noticed more details, "This natural rough-housing is very rare. There's a lot of potential for later processing. Once the war is over and normal life order is restored, this place can be turned into a great public rental dormitory, providing cheap and quality accommodation for those coming to work in Changshan County."

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Huang Mingxiao laughed, "It's just a pity that it's a bit remote."

Yang Shaohu smiled slightly, "Not far. Old Zhao told me that Changshan County's roads will be built to every corner, and Changshan County's buses will reach every residential point."

The newcomer's teeth were almost sour with jealousy, even though he knew these two were his superiors, he couldn't help but say, "This one room can't accommodate many people, what about the millions outside! I really don't understand what you're thinking, taking in so many people, aren't you afraid of overextending?"

Lian Mei angrily said, "How can you be so negative! You're not proactive in your work, always slacking off and complaining everywhere. Shaohu, fire him!"

The man's face turned pale; he knew his mouth was his downfall, which was why he had been kicked around.

"I, I...," he wanted to apologize but couldn't find the words.

Yang Shaohu wasn't angry at all; he gently patted Lian Mei's head and said softly, "Don't be angry. Sometimes it's good to have someone raise doubts and objections."

Huang Mingxiao smiled, "A true worker isn't afraid of being questioned, only of not being questioned. If he basks in a flawless victory, unable to see any faults, unexpected problems may arise."

"Oh, except for Sheriff Lin, I always feel he's not human."

This comment provoked laughter, and Lian Mei corrected, "Sheriff Lin is not an ordinary person; he's like an immortal."

Yang Shaohu nodded with a smile, "Right, Sheriff Lin is an immortal, we are mortals, we can't compare, we can't compare."

Lian Mei then showed a smile and gently pinched the back of Yang Shaohu's hand.


Huang Mingxiao's expression turned serious again, and he said to the new worker, "You can raise opinions, but don't maliciously slander, curse, attack, insult, or deliberately disrupt the work atmosphere."

"If that happens, we will indeed fire someone. If it leads to serious consequences, you could be charged with crimes against humanity by Director Fang or taken by Director Qin to be 'evaporated' from the human world. Remember this, Xiao Zhang."

Xiao Zhang's face turned pale as he repeatedly said, "I know, I've got it."

Yang Shaohu said, "Let's go and check out other places; we might find a few more caves that can serve as additional rooms."

Huang Mingxiao nodded, "Such rooms are rare to come by in a thousand years; we must make good use of them."


They discovered that the entire cave was filled with such rooms.

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