Don't Interrupt My Immortal Cultivation

Chapter 253: The fifth divine power

The fifth divine power is activated!

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Fairy air is like tide, white clouds are like mist, in the blink of an eye, the scene before me is like a fairyland.

A golden light falls from the sky and spreads instantly in this watery fairyland.

Three lines of huge white jade characters emerge from the golden light.

"This special effect is a bit different."

Lin Wen is full of excitement.

Does this mean that the divine power has also undergone a qualitative change?

Looking closely, I saw that the three divine powers are:

【Guarding the Soul at Night】

The divine power of fate.

No objects have the same heart, and fireworks cannot be cut.

An inch of lovesickness, the soul returns to the nightless city.

In this world, there is one person who misses, one person who does not forget, and one person who secretly thinks. Even if the soul flies away, it will be reborn between heaven and earth.

【Only If We Meet Again】

The divine power of reincarnation.

The wind and snow have turned into floating duckweed, and the mud lotus is entangled with tender lotus roots.

The crimson river is clear and shallow, and the bright moon is graceful.

Only this and nothing else, leaving behind only regret.

The first use of the spell is enhanced. After reincarnation, the effect is reset and enhanced.

【The Way of Emotions】

The divine power of the heavens.

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The night is dust-free, and the moonlight is like silver.

Floating clouds turn into snow, and the taste of the world becomes tea.

After obtaining a certain amount of good fortune, you will receive a "path" (运道).


As the king of multiple-choice questions, Lin Wen first ruled out 【Guarding the Soul at Night】.

This divine power looks very powerful, but in reality, it's a huge pit.

In this world, no one can erase his existence, so if he dies, there will definitely be someone who misses him, someone who does not forget, and someone who secretly thinks of him.

So, he will definitely be reborn between heaven and earth.

Being able to be reborn means that you haven't died in essence. If you haven't died, how can the cause of death be determined? That can only be called a setback.

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Choosing this divine power means that no perfect reincarnation plan will work, and only a good fortune reincarnation can be used.

Although it's a pity, Lin Wen decisively gave up.

This divine power should not appear at this time.

Similarly, 【Only If We Meet Again】 should not appear at this time either. Lin Wen's current list of spells is incomplete, and there are not many spells that can be used, so the usefulness of this divine power is very limited.

Only 【The Way of Emotions】 can be chosen.

With a determined mind, the other two options are hidden, and the four large characters of 【The Way of Emotions】 turn into a pure white stream of light, flying into the divine power interface, and are listed in the fifth grid, next to the 【Body of Fate】.

The pure white jade-like characters light up one by one, presenting a sharp contrast with the four golden characters in front.

It really has entered a new stage, Lin Wen thought.

Beside 【The Way of Emotions】, another number lights up.


The sixth divine power will be obtained after 80,000 good fortunes.

He still lacks about 27,000 good fortunes, which is not unattainable.

The divine power returns to its place, but Lin Wen does not leave.

He stares at 【The Way of Emotions】.

Above this divine power, another line of numbers appears.


The number trembles for a moment, then melts, and a golden water drop falls and hangs at the bottom of the divine power.

The number above immediately becomes 5011/10000.

Lin Wen understood in an instant.

The effect of 【The Way of Emotions】 is that for every 10,000 good fortunes he obtains, he will receive an additional "path" (运道).

The 15,011 good fortunes he just obtained is just enough to activate it, so it also counts.


Lin Wen shifts his gaze to the water drop.

It seems that this is the so-called "path" (运道).

He concentrates, and the water drop immediately displays its detailed information.

"The Sound of the Phoenix", increases the recovery speed of the primordial spirit, lasting for two days.

Not bad.

But it's not the method Lin Wen wants most to reduce his bad fortune.

With a thought, Lin Wen shatters the water drop, and "The Sound of the Phoenix" turns into a line of small characters, engraved under 【The Way of Emotions】.

Let's see the effect first.

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Lin Wen thought.

He immediately began to meditate.

It's time to meditate.

The strengthening effect of the 【Body of Fate】 occurs every three days and lasts for three days each time.

So Lin Wen must meditate at least once every three days to ensure that at least one divine power is in a strengthened state.

This time, the line of fate is still thicker than normal, although not as thick and large as the previous two times.

It seems that the huge amount of fate power from the previous two times has been left behind.

Lin Wen spent seven hours and caught a relatively large blue fate star.

Blue corresponds to the divine power of fate.

【Yosuga No Sora】 and 【Half-Fate Cultivation】 are both divine powers of fate.

According to common sense, he should add it to 【Yosuga No Sora】, but this time he did not choose to do so.

Because as soon as the second phase of the refugee plan is activated, a large group of refugees will rush into Changshan County, and a large bundle of lines of fate will come with them.

Now Lin Wen is very clear that for every one million people, he can increase the upper limit of the primordial spirit by up to 15%, as long as they are influenced by Lin Wen for a long time, they will continue to approach this value.

To surpass the limit, a special relationship needs to be established, which requires Lin Wen to personally establish it.

But the reason why manual labor is replaced by industrialization is efficiency.

So Lin Wen has always focused on saving more people.

For refugees, the greatest fate—rescue, at the moment of realization, the growth of the primordial spirit is the fastest.

So, during this period, strengthening 【Half-Fate Cultivation】 can maximize the gain of the primordial spirit.

There is no doubt that this is the best choice.


When it comes to practicing and becoming stronger, no one can compare to me.

Lin Wen happily let the blue star fly onto 【Half-Fate Cultivation】, watching this divine power ripple into a quiet sky blue, turning into a sky as clear as water.

Strengthening: greatly enhance the sensitivity to fate, and the efficiency of strengthening the primordial spirit is higher. To achieve this effect, indirect good fortune must be settled over a longer period.

Indirect good fortune. Lin Wen was stunned for a moment, and then understood that it referred to daily good fortune.

This thing can be adjusted.Lin Wen immediately exited the divine power interface, focusing his attention on the "Good Karma" at the top of the screen.

Below "Good Karma," most of the karma being settled had been cleared, leaving only the daily good karma from Changshan County.

Peaceful Livelihood +420

Prosperity and Strength +50

Justice and Law +20

Equality and Freedom +25

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Happiness +21

Democracy +0

Civilization +5

Daily Good Karma: 541

Lin Wen felt a headache coming on. When he wasn't in Changshan County, democracy ranged from 3-5, but as soon as he returned, it dropped to 0.

How could this happen to someone as democratic as me?

Forget it, it's just a single digit anyway.

Lin Wen's gaze returned to the daily good karma, and sure enough, the text began to tremble, revealing several lines of ethereal text.

Weekly/Monthly/Annually/Centennially/Eonically/Every Immeasurable Kalpa.

Lin Wen immediately chose weekly.

What a joke, the faster the good karma, the better. Weekly would do. Monthly already felt too long for Lin Wen; what if he reincarnated midway and missed out?

As for the latter options, they were even more nonsensical. Immeasurable Kalpa? By then, he would be the master of the Great Dao; would he still need such a small amount of good karma?

Soon, the daily good karma turned into weekly good karma.

The enhancement effect of "Half-Karma Cultivation" officially took effect.

Only then did Lin Wen have the time to glance at his primordial spirit.



Lin Wen rubbed his eyes and looked again.

It was really full!


Before meditating, there was only 1% left, and it filled up after just one session.

Based on Lin Wen's past experience, one meditation session could at most yield 10%, which was even less efficient than sleeping.

Lin Wen immediately shifted his gaze back to the fifth divine power, "If the Dao Has Sentiments." Underneath the divine power, the line of fine print, "Phoenix's Cry," was shimmering faintly.


Lin Wen felt as if his whole body was on fire.

This effect was explosive!

No, I must implement my plan as soon as possible.

"Phoenix's Cry" only had two days left, and the countdown had now become 40 hours, 31 minutes, and 19 seconds.

The continuously decreasing numbers pricked Lin Wen's heart like needles.

He had to act fast!

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Every minute and second wasted was a waste of the primordial spirit!

Wasting the primordial spirit was wasting good karma!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Lin Wen leaped up, sprinting out amidst the astonished gazes of countless officials in the county government hall.

Once out of sight, he used "Riding the Clouds," flying directly to the southern Tai Xu Mountain Range.

With his primordial spirit now overflowing, Lin Wen decided to execute a bolder plan; his previous plans were too conservative.

He now had to address the most critical issue at hand—

The housing problem for the refugees.

And not just a temporary solution like tents, but a permanent one.

Lin Wen quickly found a suitable location.

It was a relatively flat mountain range, with a cliff on one side and trees on the other side that had been chopped down by the people's party.

Most of the base was granite.

Lin Wen obtained a set of high-rise blueprints most suitable for the current situation from "Immortal's Guidance."


He pressed his five fingers to the ground.

"Turning Stone to Earth"

His spirit guided the green light, following the blueprint's layout, avoiding all architectural structures, and eroding the empty parts of the building plan.


"Turning Earth to Mud"

All the earth turned into muddy water, flowing out from the riddled rocks.

Moments later, what was once a rocky cliff suddenly became a cascade of mud, tumbling down the cliffside with a deep rumble.

To avoid being too shocking and to conserve his primordial spirit, Lin Wen deliberately did not make the architectural structures very detailed. He only corroded a mold, rougher than a roughcast, even leaving some structures like stalactites, making it seem as if it was naturally eroded.

The detail work could be done by manpower; Lin Wen only did what human labor could not.

The primordial spirit dropped at the speed of light. This hard rock consumed a lot of magic, and one "Turning Stone to Earth" could only erode about a thousand cubic meters of rock, "Turning Earth to Mud" a bit more, transforming over three thousand cubic meters of earth.

To be honest, it would have been more economical for Lin Wen to dig manually with magic, but that was far too slow. Moreover, the rock structure was not very resilient, and violent demolition would damage the cliff's structure, turning it into a dangerous building.

Using magic, there were no such worries, and a spell took no more than 1 minute to complete, the shortest being half a second, all depending on Lin Wen's proficiency in guiding his spirit.

A single spell actually consumed 25% of good karma. After using five spells, Lin Wen's primordial spirit was insufficient for another spell.

Lin Wen immediately entered meditation.

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