Divine Path System

Chapter 1345: 1345

Chapter 1345 Violence Is The Way To Inner Peace

“One more?”

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“This should be the last batch.”

“Then excuse me for a moment,”

Isadora inclined forward and she blasted off into the distant space where three silhouttes wearing the standard Orion armor made an appearance.

Though the uniform was standard, they weren’t. They were still novices who were in incubation period. They’d be taken into Orion once they hit high rank 7.

They had patrol duties in low-risk areas for that reason. But with the arrival of certain foreigners, it all turned messy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fabric of space-time was ripped apart and shockwaves after shockwaves swept into deep space.

Hazel shivered behind Varian while Varian sighed watching Isadora going bombastic over these recruits.

Her gravity power violently ripped them apart, the darkness seeping out of her fingers smashed their body parts into a mush and her mind power didn’t let go of their souls until they were fully obliterated.

Due to his own soul power, Varian was able to hear the agonizing screams of those souls and even vaguely percieved the pain they felt.

It was enough to break a thousand-year old monster.

But Isadora didn’t care.

Hell bent on violence, she ripped them apart again and again even as every piece of them began to be ripped into tiny bits.

“I-Is she normally like that?” Hazel asked with a whimper.

“No,” Varian shook his head, “She’s, let’s say, frustrated and confused. She is trying to find some inner peace.”

“Wh-What?” Hazel looked at him like he had a few screws missing.

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In which world did this brutal violence that would scare even the worst barbarians bring inner peace?

“Don’t give me that look, lass. Violence is an excellent tool.”

“For governing organizations, even regions, it is. But for inner peace?” Hazel’s voice was filled with distrust.

“Obviously. It vents your emotions and clears up your mind space.” Varian shrugged.


Isadora returned, swinging her arms like she’d just finished a work out and nodded at Varian.

“Feeling better?”

“Yeah, a couple more targets would’ve been better.”

“Nice try. I’m not giving you my share. If there is a next batch, it’s mine.” Varian snorted and they resumed their travel.

As they continued teleporting for hours on end, they ended up encountering a few more patrol units.

Since this was a remote region to begin with, Orion had a hard time finding them.

After sufficient distancing, they disguised themselves as travellers, got into a couple of space gates and ended up at the edge of the galaxy.

To be precise, in a very precarious location filled with multiple black holes.

Compared to the twinkling stars from all other directions, there was only pitch darkness in the front.

“How do over a dozen black holes stay in balance like that?” Hazel gasped in amazement.

“Gotta ask the 7th Prince. This was his graduation project.” Isadora shook her head.

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“And why are we here?”

“We could’ve headed back at any time, but it’d have left traces. This is the best place to delete any possible leads.”

Varian waved his hand and a potent space power enveloped the three.

Like taking a stroll in the garden, the three walked into the region surrounded by fifteen black holes.

The thin but resilient layer of space barrier, that could withstand even attacks of strong rank 7 began to crack.

Hazel panicked until Varian reinforced the layer. But she couldn’t sit still when the man simply closed his eyes and started meditating.

“Wh-What are you doing? We need to escape already! The Orion must’ve already guessed our location! They’ll be here any moment!”

Without even opening his eyes, Varian replied. “To be honest…this place is really too good to pass up without taking the benefits.”

“What do you mean?”

“He wants to progress in his divine paths using the black holes.” Isadora said with a sigh.

“But that’d take decades at his rank!” Hazel cried in indignation.

“Decades?” There was a disdainful smile on Isadora’s lips. “Try hours.”

Thirty minutes later, Varian opened his eyes.

With a gentle flick of his wrist, the space barrier was reinforced again. This time, it did not even crack.

“No way…”

“Not even an hour!”

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Both Hazel and Isadora were shocked for their own reasons.

Varian’s focus remained the update.

[Adept Rank 6: 4999/5000 (+999)

< Fighting space awakeners melee? Who does that? You, My Host! You! >

Assimilator Rank 6: 4999/5000

Binder Rank 6: 4500/5000 (+1000)

< If Isadora learned that a big reason you let her even fight was to observe her usage of soul powers, would she be

A. Angry

B. Very Angry>

Energy Rank 6: 4000/5000 (+500)

Matter Rank 6: 4000/5000 (+500)

< You’re behind in these paths despite having the literal slivers of order and chaos. Should this System hang itself? >

Space Rank 6: 4500/5000 (+1000)

Time Rank 6: 4500/5000 (+1000)

< Using Veyans and the other patrol units to study their paths. You’re a cunning one, host. >]

Ignoring the banter from System, Varian turned his awareness toward his divine paths.

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A substantial growth was witnessed despite not fighting many intense battles. Why was that that case?

“—nd is a monster for sure.”

Looking at Isadora rambling on the side with a dissatisfied expression, Varian smiled.

The big jump he got from rank 5 to rank 6 was thanks to her. But there were still many insights left.

By watching her fight up close, he was able to break them down further and learn more.

This wasn’t the reason he asked her to come. He genuinely wanted her to take some time off with a fresh place. But if this was so benficial to his growth, then he’s definitely not going to say no.

“It’ll be a bit rough to open the door here.” Varian said.

As he did, there were already beams of starlight shooting towards them from the far distance.

The Orion.

Heading them was a peak rank 8.

“You sneaky bastards! You’re done!”

As the orders were issued, a space door opened behind Varian before it distorted violently due to the black holes.

The trio were sucked in and the door quickly closed.

Moments later, the peak rank 8 Orion reached their location. His space sense furiously scanned for any traces leading to their teleportation location. But all he got was a chaotic mess of space marks.


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