1859 You Can’t Even Defeat My Clone! (2)

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“Hahaha, Councilor Wu De, no wonder you hold him in such high regard. This Wang Teng junior truly is a remarkable person.” A member of the academy’s arbitration association burst out laughing.

“I’m not the one who thinks highly of him,” Wu De shook his head and smiled. There seemed to be a hidden meaning behind his words.

The members of the academy’s arbitration association nearby seemed to have realized something and a hint of curiosity flashed in their eyes.

“Wang Teng, I admit we underestimated you, but don’t think you’ve won just yet,” Shen Yanfeng stared at Wang Teng with a deadly gaze. He wished he could tear Wang Teng into pieces.

“Then let me see how you can turn the tables,” Wang Teng extended his hand and gestured at the other party, curling his finger provocatively.

“Come, bring it on!”

This gesture wasn’t offensive but it carried strong implications of insult.

Especially when combined with his taunting words…


Shen Yanfeng trembled and his face turned ashen. He let out a roar and stomped his feet on the ground. He couldn’t bear it any longer.


A terrifying explosion resounded and he charged fiercely toward one of Wang Teng’s clones like a cyan arrow.


He swung his battle blade viciously, unleashing a fearsome wind-element technique aimed directly at Wang Teng’s head.

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This was Wang Teng’s wood-element clone!

This time, he created a total of five clones based on his five basic elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. With the other element Forces in his true form, he was completely unbeatable.

“Tenth-level Wind Ultima!” Wang Teng’s wood-element clone’s eyes lit up.

Indeed, any talents who entered the Stellar Academies should not be underestimated. The majority of them had grasped the tenth-level ultima.

Normally, only cosmos-stage martial warriors could grasp the power of ultima.

Many normal martial warriors at the peak of the cosmos stage might not even be able to reach the tenth level.

However, these talented martial warriors had mastered their Force Ultima to the perfected tenth level even though they just advanced to the cosmos stage.

One had to admit that their talents were exceptional.

Moreover, Shen Yanfeng was a wind-element martial warrior. Wind Force was a special element. Martial warriors with such a talent wouldn’t be weak.

At this moment, the cyan blade light was already right in front of him.

Wang Teng’s wood-element clone raised his head. He swung the wood-element battle sword in his hand with a resounding crash.

This wood-element battle sword was a heaven-level battle sword. It was exceptionally good but certainly better than ordinary weapons.

He was just using it because it was convenient.

Above the battle sword, a green sword light burst forth. As Wang Teng slashed the sword, streams of green sword light shot out like leaves in the wind.

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Tenth-level Wood Ultima!

Green Essence Sword Skill!


In an instant, the attacks from both sides collided. The cyan blade aura and the green sword aura swept across the stage, fiercely clashing and creating a thunderous roar.

Wang Teng’s Green Essence Sword Skill was obtained during the League Of Talents. It was a universe-stage sword skill with formidable power. Combined with his 10th-level Wood Ultima, the resulting power was undeniably impressive.

Shen Yanfeng’s cyan blade light was shattered directly. The fierce expression on his face froze. He found it unbelievable.

“This is his true form!” Suddenly, he thought of something and a sharp glint appeared in his eyes. He shouted at Shi Tianyun.


Shi Tianyun, who was charging towards Wang Teng’s fire-element clone, was taken aback by Shen Yanfeng’s words.

However, he was already in front of Wang Teng’s fire-element clone so he couldn’t turn back immediately. He could only continue attacking the clone.

Initially, he thought that this fire-element clone was Wang Teng’s true form because, during their previous confrontation, this fire-element clone had engaged him directly and displayed significant strength.


The sword in his hand radiated blue sword light, forming numerous blue swordfish in the air as if they were condensed from water ripples. They shot towards Wang Teng.

A powerful power of ultima exuded from it.

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Tenth-level Water Element Ultima!

Shi Tianyun was using his full strength. He had no intention of holding back now.

In his previous encounter with Wang Teng’s fire-element clone, he gained no advantage and had even lost quite a few members of the Feng Yun Alliance to this fire-element clone. Therefore, he didn’t dare to show any complacency.

Even though Shen Yanfeng said that the one he was fighting with was the true form, what if the one in front of him was the real one?

Regardless, he decided to eliminate one of them first.

With this thought in mind, a strong malicious intent surged in Shi Tianyun’s heart.

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange. Were they serious?

They randomly chose two clones and claimed that they were his true form.

When Shen Yanfeng shouted so confidently, Wang Teng almost burst out laughing. But, he managed to hold it in.

Shi Tianyun also seemed to have mistaken his fire-element clone for his true form. He was attacking quite aggressively.

In that case…

Let’s play with them.

A smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips. The battle sword in the fire clone’s hand suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a fiery red spear.


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The fire-element clone stomped fiercely and soared into the sky. Facing Shi Tianyun’s attack, it didn’t retreat but advanced, thrusting the spear forward and unleashing an endless blaze of flames.

These flames were emerald green, clearly different from ordinary fire.

The Emerald Glazed Flame!

At the same time, a powerful ultima erupted from the flames.

Tenth-level Fire Ultima!

Roaring Flame Lion Spear!


A loud explosion was heard. The emerald green flames congregated into a majestic and imposing giant lion, engulfed in flames. It roared into the sky and charged toward the blue swordfish-like sword light coming from the opposite side.

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