Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1705: 1705

Chapter 1705 Executive Function

Date- 15 April 2321

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Time- 16:12

Location- Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Dungeon Highway, Barren Lands, Central Tower, Blood Rock Cave Gate Dungeon, Seed World

Executive Function given to the VVIP members of the Infinity Library was sought after by many devils/demons as it cannot be bought with any amount of money and influence like the VVIP membership of the Infinity Library. Therefore the status of a VVIP member with Executive Function was more revered than that of a regular VVIP member. This was mostly because of the authority granted to the VVIP members with their Executive Function active. 

Having a membership with an active Executive Function was like being a representative of the Infinity Library instead of a member. Most importantly the members with executive function were now entitled to use the many exclusive privileges available to the Infinity Library. This was the reason why Wyatt wanted to activate the executive function of his VVIP membership to the Infinity Library. This way he could make use of the Infinity Library's exclusive privileges when was going to meet Devil Muth Diya and the only devil merchant of the card world, helping him continue to hide his identity. 

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However, activating the executive function of the VVIP membership was not as easy since it was not based on wealth or influence but on contribution toward the Library's wealth of knowledge. 

This was another way for the Infinity Library to gather knowledge from across the myriad realms. The best part was that the member would get a royalty every time someone paid to read the book they contributed to the Infinity Library. But this royalty can only be collected when they unlock the executive function. It was an amazing program however not everyone was allowed to do this. The executive function was only open to those who have VVIP membership. 

This was puzzling, as the maximum benefit of this initiative would be achieved if all were allowed to contribute books to the Infinity Library but for some reason, this was only possible for VVIP members of the Infinity Library. 

There were many rich demons or devils out there who could afford a VVIP member subscription but not many bother to buy it unless they read quite often. But because of the executive function being available only to VVIP members many demons or devils that would not have opted for it were now opting for it. Just to satisfy the condition of unlocking the executive function. 

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This condition should not be a problem for Wyatt since he was already a VVIP member thanks to Zaltan. The problem was the other condition required to be fulfilled to unlock this function. It was that the VVIP member's total reading hours should be more than a million hours. 

A million reading hours meant that a member must have read a lot of books in the Infinity Library. Not only that, if one needed to have a million read yours registered under their membership then it meant that they had been with Infinity Library for quite a while. Showing that they were loyal to the Infinity Library. 

The VVIP members could read all the books in the Infinity Library for free but not everyone could afford the VVIP membership. Now that was just another way of saying if you were not truly rich then you cannot afford to unlock the executive function, to represent the Infinity Library. 

A VVIP member having a million reading hours was equal to a person spending more than a century of their life reading. Now that was just another way of saying if you were not truly into reading then you cannot unlock the execution to represent the Infinity library. 

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'Zaltan, I understand you, and I do not have any problem with fulfilling all the conditions but I think that the last condition of having a one million reading hour for a VVIP member to unlock the executive function is not fair to people like me who are young and have the ability that help them to read fast. 

Using my membership I have read over a hundred thousand books from the Infinity Library in the short period that I have been a member of the Infinity Library but I have not even registered a single reading hour during my membership so far. The library requires me to spend a century reading books when I, myself, am not a few decades old. This condition is not fair on many levels. I would like you to review it,' Wyatt informed his issue with conditions for a VVIP member to unlock the executive function. 

'Not fair, who said these conditions to unlock the executive function were meant for fairness? Wyatt, have you not read the conditions properly? Nothing about them is fair. Let me tell you what the executive function is for, it is for the Infinity Library to recruit strong individuals with interests aligned to that of the Infinity Library,' Zaltan explained that the conditions for a VVIP member to unlock the executive function of the Infinity Library were not meant to be fair as it was not meant to help the VVIP members but for the Infinity Library to recruit strong individuals that agreed with Infinity Library's way. 

"..." Wyatt was without words listening to the Zaltan. Understanding that the Infinity Library was not about charity but through and through capitalism. It was his fault that he thought he could get Zaltan to bend the rules for him by crying to him about the unfairness of the conditions to unlock the executive function of a VVIP membership of the Infinity Library. 

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The executive function was only available for the VVIP members and above, Wyatt should have guessed right then that the executive function was not a privilege for the high-level members of the Infinity Library but a way for the Infinity Library to get rich and influential drones doing their best to satisfy the conditions for unlocking the executive function. The conditions were simple but they were very predatory in nature, Infinity Library was exploiting its high-level members by getting them to fulfill these unreasonable conditions.

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