Trouble With Horns

Trouble With Horns is a popular light novel written by QuietValerie . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Drama, Gender Bender, LitRPG, Mature, Romance, Sci-fi genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Trouble With Horns and can be read for free.


More than a hundred years into the future and the world has been through hell and back, not that ancient history matters to Terry as his girlfriend of three years dumps him in the middle of a park. As a way to distract him, his twin sister convinces him to dive into the newest fantasy VRMMO with her. Reluctantly agreeing, neither of them could have known the adventure of self discovery Terry would find himself plunged into.

A mishap in character creation leaves him stranded far from his sister, with a randomly generated character and plethora of problems. The first problem, of course, is the fact that he appears to be a demon girl, and the second? A gorgeous redhead with her sword at his throat.