Academy Genius Extra

Academy Genius Extra is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Action genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Academy Genius Extra and can be read for free.


I was dragged into the game <Records of Superhumans>. From that day on, I was forced to carry out my academy life as a first-year in Superhuman Academy.


To make matter worse, the department I was assigned to was the <Department of Spirit Bonding>. It used to be a department where triumphant heroes reigned supre….but these were all past stories from a bygone era. At that time, it was a declining department with all its glorious days far behind it. But what?? The Spirit Bonding Workshop had been neglected for months? There was not even a professor in charge?


But I was all right! I played <Records of Superhumans> so many times, I even memorized all the lines! From the Spirit Bonding Workshop, covered in dust and decay, I began my playthrough!